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My new best, dead, friend.(10Ld Giftie).

Meet Fred, I found him on the Marketplace, God knows what I was searching for but as soon as I spotted him it was love at first sight.

“Fred” is the wearable skeleton as for the shameless hussy’s in the background I have nothing to do with them.

As you can see from my clothes so far nothing new and I’m going to spend some time wandering around the inworld shop as although this is shop geared towards Medieval, RP etc etc it looks packed with some interesting stuff and I’m having a serious RL struggle here not to go all spendy!  I know I’ve chucked a couple of Pumpkins down at my home but I don’t go OTT with this sort of thing but at this moment I’m looking at stuff and just mentally going “Nooooooooooo RESIST!”.

PS.  There is a Freebie on the MP of a really good Witches hat so check that out as well.

Medieval Fantasy Marketplace Shop

Medieval Fantasy

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Free and wooly tights!

Head off down to Luxe Paris and collect your FREE witches outfit! Its called “Boo” as across your derriere is written in BIG bold letters BOO! Great selection of mesh body and standard sizes included, plus the rather fabulous witches hat. I really scored at G Field, I re-found this store through the Shoetopia event and decided to head over and check it out for newness. Then I stumbled upon a range of dead cool wooly tights. I’m wearing one of the twenty-one tones in the photos above – YES twenty-one tones for just $30L mmmhmm, I also snapped up the more traditional pack same price plus some fancy smancy lacey style @ $80L. My poses is from Nantra, and is one of their offerings for $30L Saturday. Fab pack of Halloweeny poses and props – amazing value. (this offer is for today ONLY!)

Luxe Paris

G Field



The FUN Bubblezzzz !

New Bubblez Halloween Lucky Board Prize!

Arrrrrgh ! The giant killer kittycat is gonna get meee !!! Just showing off the new Bubblez Lucky Board Prize…and its magnifico! Just in time to help you look awesome for the big day is this halloween outfit. Its stufffffed with “treasures”…the witches hat is purrrfect, flashing orange cuffs on each arm (yes REALLY!) Superb little earrings…and a gorgeoussss frilly net skirted dress. I adore the lacing up the bodice..and the stripey socks are such fun !  Glamour and silliness all in one package *grins* This is the newwww Lucky board prize!  (Click each pic for a closer more detailed view ) 

oh and by the way….it also comes with……drum roll pleeeeeeease… 

Bubblez Halloween outfit yay!

A wickedly detailed broomstick to make your GRAND entrance on ! I had sooo much fun zooming about on it …this whole outfit just made me laugh and smile…absolutely  the most fantastic Halloween outfit everrrr ! In all the fun I almost missed one very special tiny detail…the necklace..its so cute..and beautiful…I shall wear this long after Halloween is over… 

Go get lucky! : Bubblez