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So many options !

Neve - Circa - TMD 1

I’m so excited to share the new releases from Neve with you ! Some really innovative features that will make your hearts smile and your wallets fuller – I swear! So so so here I am relaxing in a gorgeous chair from Circa that’s on offer at the latest round of Genre. Thirty two sit poses and you can also change the wood colour – brilliant! Lots of colour choices to be had so shoot over and take a gander. Nowwww my outfit, yes yes yes dontcha love fiddly stuff? I do, and this ticks the boxes. I’m wearing the “Dreamer doily” combo set, you get four colour options plusss the ability to remove the skirt completely so you’ve got a scrummy sweater, orrrr remove the bottom layer and have a shorter skirt – fab huh?! Of course the HUD also allows you to mingle the colours as well as being able to wear the set ones.

Neve full skirt & HUD

There are three different versions of this style, I really liked the softness of the sweater on the doily set – the other two are delicious in a chunkier knitted sort of way. Go grab a demo, have a play and see what you think. As always I am wearing this over my Slink Physique mesh body – included are sizes for Slink,Maitreya and Belleza plus the standard mesh sizes of course.

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Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Scary Hammies! (tons of free Hammy stuff)

TrackFree and Squee in fact on her Marketplace it seems that everything is free and she has oodles and oodles of Hammie and Hippo AV accessories.  This is the wearable shower and as you move around you leave a trail of sparkles!  As adorable as this is you should see what else she has everything from winter woolies, scary Halloween costumes, Santa outfits, snow boots for your Hammie!! and  even a tiny Space hopper! and all FREE!  (that of course doesn’t inc the actual Hamster AV).  She also has an equally as generous selection of Hippo Av accessories.

track1Not free but this only cost a single Linden and in the pack you get a variety of Halloween themed goodies to be worn with your Hammie AV.  It’s a flying Cuppa Chup instead of a broom stick! For 10Lds she has an adorable Rudolph outfit inc the most important bit, the nose.