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Guess what? (Freebie).

Turns out I’m not finished decorating for Christmas because I’ve only just realised I’ve spent so much time decorating the sim n stuff I’ve forgotten the inside of my house and there isn’t a single string of tinsel or a bauble to be seen, going to be a pleasant afternoon rezzing stuff I think.

xxxneverelauseA super wearable dress/cardie combo from Neve you may as well go get it because I know this outfit and every gift from Neve ends up in all of the blogs in any case and in the end you will cave into temptation and go get it.xxxneverelause2

Just look at the texturing in this picture.  With the Hud you get 4 options for the skirt/top/cardie and the last one is to change the pattern on the cardie as well.

Don’t panic the Group Joiner says “VIP” but were all VIP’s at Neve’s and it’s FREE….damn I rhymed again!

Comes in all the standard mesh bod and non mesh bod sizing.


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More for your cash

ArisAris complete outfit NEW!

Ah yes, after Christmas day we all start to count the cost huh? Well, if you’re looking to make your Linden Dollars stretch further, grab this little beauty from ArisAris. A complete look in one easy touch, skirt, sweater, shirt and jacket ! Love the glove shaped pockets and feathery collar .

Aris hud

Soooo just to make it that extra bit more flexible, you actually get five, yes FIVE versions of this outfit for the price of one ! Heaps more splash for your cash .  I’m wearing mine over the Slink Physique mesh body , a size specially for it is included plus five more fitted sizes, so you should be able to get the purrfect fit.

ArisAris Store

ArisAris market place

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Its Time…

Yes, its time…frost gathers overnight, I can see my breath as I walk my dogs…for me…Winter starts here!

“WinYan” is a complete look…for only 250L you get : Duffle coat, jeans, turtleneck sweater, (5 sizes of jeans, 5 sizes for adjusted jeans coat, 5 sizes coat collar, 5 Sizes Duffle Coat, 5 Alpha Layers)

I really appreciate the amount of variations on the alpha layers, for example, you get a separate alpha layer for each piece of clothing that’s mesh…plus variants of alphas that cover the jeans & coat together etc…VERY handy. This set is gorgeous all together..but also can be broken up into seperates…I just know I will be wearing the coat with a lot of my other wardrobe items…flexible, love that. Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris market place

ArisAris inworld store