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Worth every Linden.

The only reason I was hesitant about changing my side of the sim to full snowy winteriness(sic) was because it meant I had to either cover up my beloved Skye Zen Garden or even worse pack it up!

So when I checked the Syke Marketplace shop and couldn’t believe my luck that now you can buy a “4 seasons bolt on pack” for the Zen garden. This means not only do I get to go full snow with a couple of clicks I can change my beloved garden to whatever season I want and keep it out as a permament fixture.

My only concern was that in this case it’s drop in scripts you get and I’m just so unteccie. So I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it and at first I did struggle…then I reread the instructions and understood where I was going wrong and once I’d worked it out it was so easy! Just a bit time consuming as you do have to do each individual part of the build which is a shame as the actual Zen Garden comes in an easy to rezz rezzer…but if I could do it you can as well.

I took a break and you can see that half of the garden has been changed to snow and the other half is still green.

Sorry as usual the Zen garden and seasonal bolt on are seperates purchases. I paid 899Lds for the garden and 499Ld for the bold on season pack. I save money on so many things so I can spend it on the things which bring me visual joy such as this.

I will put the LM for the Skye inworld sim but you all know the Skye builds/landscaping as its used extensively however to buy the items you do have to buy them from the Marketplace shop.

Skye Marketplace.

Skye Inworld.

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Chrismassy !

It’s no secret that I get a bit overly festive between November to December 25th…and this year is no different. Second Life’s creators are feeding my frenzy of excitement with some amazing new releases in the decor department ! Cleo Design is participating in the “Home For Christmas Hunt” and above is the gift you can find . Its traditional and snuggly…with single poses and couples..the oversized chair is perfect for settling down beside the roaring fire in…touch the shadow underneath for some colour change choices too ! You also receive the little side table complete with steaming mugs of cocoa & biscuits..the lammp is soooo pretty, ohhh mustn’t forget the jolly wreath !

SUYS – Spruce Up Your Space…is in full swing and Cleo Design has this utterly to-die-for set out called “A Night In Paris”…I was so thrilled when I opened it all up. Not only is it the perfect colour for my new home but..its just absolutely stunning…the chaise has a faded design, old pictures of Paris on the cushions…I just adore the fat tassels on the arms that dangle down…and and and ohhhh the side table…with two glasses of wine..a single cigarette ([probably a Gauloise no?) burning in it…the lamp is made of rose petals. You also get the framed prints…the floor cushions…the pretty screen and the lilies in a vase…

I kicked my shoes off and had a lounge for a while (the shoes you see on the floor are included in the set btw…cool huh?!) Totally lovely…SO romantic…treat yourself…

One last bit of info…Cleo Design is also in the Royal Living Great outdoors Hunt…and there is a gorgeous Winter Garden up for grabs…its pretty big…so Im showing an interior shot on the lounger (there’s also two chairs), it’s a wintery greenhouse, stuffed with green plants…very pretty ! Btw..check out the two new gatha machines at the store …one is naughty, one is nice…and seriously…get the naughty one ! It made me laugh and laugh ! Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design

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Christmas Cheer Hunt

Ohhhh my first Christmas hunt of 2012 ! The Christmas Cheer Hunt is on..I just had time to do a couple of locations and I’m so thrilled with the prizes. Above I’m wearing the gift from Cupcakes Clothing…its a fantabulous mesh holiday apron, with mixing bowl and spoon which is wearable and contains a pose…plus a jolly Santa hat. I’m standing in the Winter Garden from  Emma’s @ blue moose…at 41 prims it wont break the prim bank and its sooper lovely…

Snow gently falls….and the trees are gracefully scattered about in the snow laden grass. There is a gazebo to shelter in with a warming fire, a blackbird sings from the safety of the fence….its such a peaceful scene…and it can be all yours if you find the prize ! Youre looking for a mini stocking…more info and hints on the blog, good luck !

Christmas Cheer Hunt blog

Cupcake Clothing

emma’s @ blue moose