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21Shoe – KoiKoi hits the spot


21Shoe KoiKoi coldLogic brat sweater & scarf kokolores hair NEW

Only four more days to go until 21Shoe begins ! Twentyfour hours to dash around and snaffle up those two for one deals. KoiKoi has a really lovely surprise for us, not only two pairs for us chicks but also two for the guys yay! I’m wearing the “soft boots” above and these little beauties are just what I’ve been looking for. You can wear them over your ordinary feet, no slink required.

21Shoe - KoiKoi NEW!

You also get a HUD that allows you not only to switch the sock tops on or off but also gives you a choice of some snazzy sock colours. (Different colour options for the guys)

21Shoe KoiKoi coldLogic brat sweater & scarf - kokolores hair_001

The second pair is just SO me ! I bet most of you have a pair of shoes somewhat like these in your cupboards right? I admit that I wear these a LOT, they kinda are my slippers, my dog walking shoes and general all-purpose bestie ever footwear. Ohhh must mention my newww hair ! It’s by KoLoReS and is on sale in various colour packs at the CosplaySL event that runs from 15th – 30th November. Its called Kimiko and is a pretty funky ruffled style.

21Shoe - KoiKoi

There is a HUD included so you can fiddle with the pink and black, button,strap,sole etc. Not sure what colours the guys get but I reckon it isn’t pink !(I just checked and its black and a really gorgy blue)



coldLogic (for jeans,leggings and sweater)