Tuesdays post on Monday.

I literally decided to kill half an hour in SL and stumbled on this FREEBIE and I really wish I had something as warming as this coat is in RL because it’s so cold in the UK.


So OK I’ve had some Windlight fun but I’m allowed to especially when this coat even without Windlight is still bold and bright, thick and snuggly, The sweater, attached, comes with it’s own colour changing Hud, 3 plain like this dark one and 3 brightly coloured textures. Comes from a shop called Amiable and you do have to join the Group to grab it but thats as free to join.

Make sure to have a wander outside.  Amiable is set in an unusal sim of weird shops, lots of cheap tat, lots of fun stuff and some real hidden treasures in the shops on this sim.


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Essential coat

ArisAris NEW!

Tis the season to buy new coats! Isn’t that how the song goes? The Frozzen fair is now open, lots to see, lots to buy and heaps of gifts. ArisAris has their new essential coat up for grabs, you actually get two coats for the price of one. The black has an almost velvety feel to it, the white is more faux leather look. A HUD is in the box to make switching between the two simple dimple! ArisAris also has a dollarbie out, a lovely hounds-tooth check coat , plus a pair of white high heeled boots – get yourself along and check out the goodies.


The Frozzen Fair


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Hi Style Lo Price.

I was very surprised that this shop, DIRAM, which seems to sell High Fashion outfits should not only have a FREE to join group.  However you do still have to pay a single Linden for each item which is just a token price.


OK so I have had fun fiddling with the effects on this picture, I only really do that when the item is either free or a Dollarbie, but this hasn’t really changed the texturing as much as you think.  This looks great in all Sim settings and the same can be said for the 2 coats I also picked up.  As you can see from the exaggerated styling this stands out from the rest.  Jacket only the breast-plate I’m wearing is mine.

If this is too outlandish for your taste then check out this amazingly wearable Autumn/Winter coat.


Yup this is another GG from DIRAM although again you do have to pay a single Linden for it.  WOW and not only do you get this red one but a patchwork one.  More GG’s here.

If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the GG’s then you will have to do a bit of hunting, if I remember correctly when you land it’s in the shop to your left and you should be able to see bags through the windows.  If you have any probs don’t hesitate to contact me inworld and I’ll show you in person.


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Woah! (Freebies& a Dollarbie).

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this SL issue, the one where you go to sit somewhere and find yourself in the netherworld of the corner of the sim!  So I’ve struggled a little bit with taking some new pictures so I dug some out of my “trash” and here they are.


The top comes from the Show Me On The Doll shop and cost a Linden. It is a mesh blouse called “Miss Cordelia’s stripey Blouse” if you want a bloody version for 50Lds you can buy that one. Lots of blooded boots and shoes etc here if that’s your thing.  Special mention is that the prices on the pictures doesn’t seem to match the actual price you pay.  For example I’m looking as a pair of boots and the picture says 99Lds but when you click on it it’s actually only 50Lds.

I found my Boyfriend at the Cirque De Seraphim.  An event held in aid of ASPCA (American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?).  We have the same sort of organisation in the UK and how sad that we desperately need these people. I like many SLers have my beloved Pets and just thinking about others being neglected or abused makes me sick.  Lots of the items here are market that a certain amount of the proceeds from that sale will go towards the ASPCA so not only can you pick some great stuff you can also contribute to such a worthy cause.


OK I have a feeling that this look is in fact a rehash so I scrolled back through my Flickr pictures and our blog, I even check out Faiths in case it’s something she’s blogged before but I gave in.  So if it looks familiar to you then sorry but tbh too good not to reblog.  I’m not showing you the shoes but Faboo has GG’s out for men and women.  I grabbed the Wedge shoes (SLink High) the funky mesh shorts and the non mesh bikini.  The bikini comes in many styles such as bikini, hipster, bandeau top etc AND matching bows and strings PLUS Appliers for Phat Azz, SLink Pysique, Tangos and Wowmeh so it turns out this simple bikini is packed with so many options.


From one extreme to another.  Some of us are still in SL Summer mode but personally I’m praying for snow.  More freeness, I’ve only just blogged Sugar Button Boutique but as soon as the note came out for this new Group Gift of a pink coat I TPed over accepted the group offer you get as you land and grabbed it.  You will also see a balloon on the counter, click it for a free bit of daftness (sillyness) a fun balloon hat.

Show Me On The Doll (Blouse)

Cirque De Seraphim Event

Faboo (Summer Outfit)

Sugar Button Boutique (Coat)

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coldLogic bale NEW! Argrace new!

Decided to take a walk along the beach yesterday and it was a little bit windy, infact I was glad Id wrapped up in a coat . This is “bale” a new coat by coldLogic, and it comes in a range of dead snazzy colours to brighten up the season. Im as guilty as the next girl of resorting to browns and gold tones in Autumn, so this was a great way to shrug off the wind chill. The coat comes with a shirt and skirt insert, which is optional to wear. If you grab yourself a quantum pack you can play around with the colours – brill !

coldLogic bale NEW! Argrace new!!

My hair is by Agrace and is perfect for those of you who love to take photos and want a little more movement to be evident in your tresses. Windblown to purrrfection. You can also see the rear of the coat in this shot. It always seems a shame to me not to show of the back of a coat, especially when  creators like coldLogic put so much effort into making them gorgeous all around ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

Argrace store

Argrace market place

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Just perfect

coldLogic coat NEW - Argrace beret hair

I’m still rummaging through the latest releases from coldLogic and I found this, its such a scene stealer and so feminine. Do I detect the light touch of Janie Marlowes hand in its design – I reckon so ! Its elegant but adorable at the same time. Classic cut, it wont ever go out of fashion. This is a timeless piece, if it were a real life buy, it would be an investment garment. Id SO buy it ! Its called Koby and comes in some sugary pale colour tones. This is the blue, so you can see its the merest wash of colour. (Do you have any idea how much its killing me not to show the PINK one!)  A little nod to the military styles that was so prevalent last season with its rows of buttons down the front. You get a lot of options with this, a shirt and skirt insert to wear with it if you wish, or just the coat on its own. I’m wearing both inserts so it’s a complete look without worrying what to wear underneath – yes, I’m lazy.

coldLogic cot NEW! Agrace hair & hat

Look at the rear, the detailing is carried round with two straps to pull it a little tighter, but not overly – this coat isn’t about a cinched waist. Finished off with perfect fitting arms and epaulettes, and a sweet pleated vent . Something about it reminds me of my childhood, you know – that “coat for best” that your mother bought you? You can buy these in single colours or a fantastical quantum pack of all four tones. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Hat by Argrace

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Winter Coats

Bubblez somali winter coat
I’ve got two new releases to share, same coats – different creators ! Above is the Somali coat by Bubblez. Heavy tweed fabric with grey trimmed fur cuffs, a matching collar with a sweet bow, plus a co ordinating fur hat. Check out the tiny gothic crosses around the waist…and the mock white skirt beneath – lovely details.

Bubblez seed bag Frost Fair

The “seed” bag is available at the RMK Gothic Frost Fair, SO darling! sheer material, so you can see the objects inside – pine cones and a dainty pocket watch.

ArisAris NEW!

ArisAris have also released this style of coat but it’s so different from the more Goth inspired one by Bubblez above. This one is a houndstooth check material, with mink fur trimmings and a matching scarf. For the record Id wear both and LOVE both, just goes to show how different creators have differing visions of the end product huh?!

RMK Goth Frost Fair