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Snow Snow Snow


This very traditional “Snow coat” is for sale at the latest round of The Liaison Collaborative from Neve. I say traditional but it’s also got some beautiful little details that make it bang on trend. The back of the coat is pulled in corset style with some dainty lacing and as is usual with Neve – you get four colours per pack! I chose the “plaid” package, so the little cape is in a plaid fabric.  This is exclusively for this event so don’t miss out! (Other varieties/colours available at the point of sale) Thanks Neve team ❤

The Liaison Collaborative

Neve blog for more info/pics

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Wrap up

Neve plaid coat - KC shoes - Sweet tea tights

I’ve been enjoying a little bit of “dress up” this morning, fiddling about with the new Neve coats. I got a bit stuck on blue and pinks lately so I thought Id try the plaid coat & dress on in this scrumptious sage green. I’m not a big wearer of green but this really floats my boat! The great thing with these coats is you get a complete look plusss heaps of options. The dress can be removed completely and there are six texture options for it too, four colours of the coat included also ! Ohhhhh almost forgot the buttons come with six colours – that’s a whole lotta fiddly for your dosh. The coat costs $350L, now let me do the maths *thinks*…that’s $87.5L per colour – wow. I’m also sporting a pair of KC shooz, brilliant value for money at $125L with a HUD that gives forty colour options for the heel, main body,sole and detail section, you can also loose the back of the heel for a daintier feel to the overall look.

Neve plaid coat NEW!

Little closer view so you can make out the buttons, cuffs etc  and below the all important HUD.

Neve plaid HUD

Don’t forget that Neve clothing supports the following mesh bodies, plus of course the standard mesh sizes: Maitreya, Belleza & Slink , I am wearing my Slink Physique btw.

Neve market place

Neve store

Neve blog

KC shoes market place

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Get your free Winter coats here !

Free coat - Ingenue twinke toes socks - Elikatira group gift hair

I begun doing the naughty or nice hunt last night and stopped in my tracks when I found this gorgeous coat by Face Palm. It wasnt actually the hunt gift I was looking for but another gift I had stumble bumbled across. As you go in the door turn sharp right and there is a wall with all the hunt hints, but it was VERY easy to find, as were the other ones I found along the way! Keep an eye out for the lucky boards at the rear of the store, I won prizes from them too ! My socks are sooper nifty and by Ingenue, you’ll find them at the Tannenbaum Market – get them ! Finally I have socks with a cuff that I can wear yippeee! Great selection of colours (20 in total) from the HUD for both sock and cuff – suitable for mesh bodies and traditional legs. My hair is a group gift from Elikatira, dead lovely – but if you’re not already in the group you cant join and get it, you have to wait to join up – don’t forget or you will miss out next time!

Free coat - Ingenue twinke toes socks - Elikatira group gift hair_007

You get a HUD with it for some really lovely patterns and colours – well worth searching for.

Free coat - Nina - Free group gift hair Elikitara

Now the hunt gift I was looking for was this coat called “nina” – gorgeous suede effect coat with a sweet cape top and hood. I really must go back to Face Palm and check out the store a little more closely, have fun !

Face Palm

Tannenbaum Market (pssst DONT even look at the $25L gacha machines for Christmas tree decorations – OMG addictive and totally FAB!)


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London Calling. Hunt items.

In RL we’re having an Indian Summer here which is so much better than the real Summer we had so as soon as I click “Publish” I’m off out.  But then I can’t think of a nicer way to kill time by mooching around Loordes of London and snagging all the hunt items out and of course checking out for any new designs as well.

This coat is one of the hunt items, I will give a list at the end, and it’s shop quality perfect with a great fit and texturing.


Loordes of London is a shop you must slap the Sub board and this way you will get regular updates on all of the special events and discounts that Loordes of London do regularly and that way you can pick yourself up some smashing bargains and know when the hunts are on.


Now for the hair and sorry this isn’t a hunt item.  I have shown you this hair before but I’ve been waiting for the Autumn to start so I can do a repost as this is such a good hair.  Called Alex and you will find it in the mens hair section of Minas but this one, like many of Mina’s hair is not only Unisexed but comes with the male and female version.  As far as I can tell the only difference is that the male version is bigger for their “big heeds” as we say in Newcastle. You get a lot in this hair pack because you not only get a hair and beanie colour changing Hud but you can also wear as much or as little of the hair as you wish.  4 options, hair at the nape and fringe, fringe only, nape hair only or no hair at all and just the beanie.

Back to loordes of London and more hunt items.  TBH very poorly hidden which is a boon for me because I usually struggle to find anything lol.  I’ll put the details about which item is in which hunt and how much they do or do not cost at the end of this post.


For those of you who are going to enjoy Summer all year round then pink jean and shoes are just right for that season bou could of course wear them with a jumper over the top or in my case that great Freebie from my previous post.


A bit of a close up, I actually spotted these shoes in the shop at full price so to get them as a prize was a bonus.

The coat is the Shaun the Sheep Hunt Prize and cost only 2Lds.

The jeans are the Summer Strawberry Hunt Prize and cost only 2Lds.

The shoes are the Womenstuff Hunt Prize and cost 0Lds.

There is another hunt item here which I’ve only spotted now I’ve come inworld to LM grab and it’s the Emeshed Into Fall Hunt item, you’re looking for a little metal pumpkin shaped candle holder, and the prize in that looks like boots.  Cost 0Lds as well.  Going to look forward to unpacking them later.

Here is a big hint for you, stay in the courtyard and then once you’ve found the poorly hidden prizes have a walk around and see if you can be tempted by some of the great clothes and accessories here.

Loordes of London

Mina Mainshop

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Broken hearts (some free)

Heart hunt - dress 25L

Lemania Indigo has a kind of hunt on at the moment. The prizes vary in cost from 1 L – 50L. This little wrap dress only cost me 25L and its a real keeper for sure. Great styling and a sweet all over heart print that isn’t too in yer face. The broken hearts are scattered all over the store and arent to hard to find.

FREE mesh coat - ArisAris boots NEW!

While I was there I also nabbed the latest group gift (free to join). A darling peachy hued coat, with fur cuffs and collar. I slipped on some new boots from ArisAris called “Basic Instinct”, gawd I could lose hoursss playing with these.

ArisAris Boots new! (come with HUD)

They come with a HUD and boy-oh-boy do you get a load of choices ! (These are not for slink feet)

ArisAris AA83 Basic Instinct Hud Pic

Heres the HUD, isn’t it glorious ! I think it covers every eventuality and more. From swish to casual, jeans to dresses, brilliant !

Lemania Indigo


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David Heather – two for one deal

21Shoe - David Heather

Bear with me, I’m on a bit of a roll with shoes ! Two days until 21Shoe opens its doors for another manic twenty-four hours – there are some sweet deals to be had – basically you get two pairs of shoes for the price of one at each designers store. Above I’m showing the rather decadent sandals “Homard”  by David Heather. In the pack you get a midnight blue and a black pair as part of the 21Shoe special offer. These are for Slink high feet – you need the feet to wear these shoes. My coat is by coldLogic, I found it as I was rummaging and boy-oh-boy its a scene stealing look. Great coat, you can choose to wear the skirt and shirt underneath also – “halfred” is the design name and its comes in heaps of colours.

21Shoe - David Heather NEW

Close up look at the shoes, each has a metallic scorpion climbing up your foot, really unique look. Dont forget, 21Shoe is beginning on the 21st January for twenty-four hours only.

David Heather

21Shoe Blog

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Starting where I left off.

I returned to “The Wash” and snagged so many shoes I’m feeling quite guilty but I had also noticed an area packed with not only Freebies on a wall but another fully loaded Christmas tree, the duller brown parcels under the tree contain the goodies and I grabbed and snagged and then went and unpacked.

OK as someone who has an invent stuffed with too much a lot of what I got I binned but that DOESN’T mean you wouldn’t like it esp the cutte skins, but I’m always trying to find that little something that even I go “ooo” at and I found it.


Actually I have to confess I’m only wearing the knitted top.  In my next photo check out the skirt, this top which is mesh comes with a skirt consisting of system pants and a mesh panel, there is also a shirt layer which extends the lovely burnt orange up under the top but it was the top I really want to keep.  Great texturing lovely colours and I’ve simply teamed it with my own clothes.  You of course can choose to wear the full outfit or use them as separates.


I’m still waiting for my RL coat to turn up and yet in SL I seemed to have come across so many.  I was stood in front of a Lucky Board going through my notices and I spotted someone wearing this coat, a quick IM to her and I was off.  Found at Hilly Halen but for this freebie you have to join the SL free’s & offers group which fortunately for me I’m already a member of.  Stunning just stunning, the dark layer underneath at the neckline is part of the coat so now faffing with layers and it goes great with pants but I’m wearing the skirt from the first outfit and you can see it’s a lovely burnt orange colour.


Once you’ve grabbed the SL frees & offers item is then join the Hilly Haalan group.  I snagged these shoes but there are even more goodies there for you to grab.  If you’ve got them all still go over as she has out a Scarlet dropped shoulder boobie baring dress which is divine!  I’m not showing you it because sadly my SL boobies are a little too flat to fill this dress out but when I get back inworld if I find I have some freed up time I might just mod a shape to fill those cups as it’s a sexy long dress.

Both LMs will probably not take you directly to the Freebies but The Wash one is easy as you just walk around till you find the large Christmas tree and for Hilly Haalan just turn right and go into that side of the shop.

The Wash

Hilly Haalan