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A sweet treat, 50Ld Group Gift & Mention of Freebies.

I always say, save your Lindens to spend your Lindens and at only 50Lds for this adorable “Fluffy” sweater even I, Cheap B* that I am loves that price tag.

I’ve had my eye on this, I’m just going to call it a sweatshirt as that’s what it looks like to me, for a long time and the 50Ld Group price tag wasn’t putting me off I was just waiting for the seasons change on our sim.

This is one of the paid-for Group Gifts and there are others but they inc this sweatshirt are Maitreya fit only and that meant I had to bin the other gifts but I ain’t mad as this one was the main one I wanted to fit.

You get I think 7 shades in total and apart from the black they’re all pastel.  As you can see you will need to Alpha out your arms and hands as it comes with the preset hands in pocket style.

There is a small selection of free for all gifts which I have either shown you, the simple jumper is a recent blog, or told you about them so I won’t show you them again, I’ve done enough “reblogging” for the day lol.


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I decided to check out the shop next to Meander and it’s a name I do recongise but I’m not sure if I’ve ever bought anything from this shop and so when I get back inworld I’ll type the name into my invent and see what pops up (I did that but apart from the demos and these shoes nothing else popped up).

This is a big shop and it’s stuffed with temptation.  Oh my Lord, I only bought the one item but I could easily have lost control.  As it was I just picked up a load of demos, which I will probably bin without even trying them on because it will be like punishment as I know they will look great but do I need more jumpers, pants etc?  Nope but I can never have too many shoes and these come with a very reasonable price tag of 60Lds.

As soon as I spotted them, and the price tag, they were going to be mine as I honestly do not have this style of shoe in my invent…yeah I know I’m fishing for excuses for yet another pair of shoes.  Anyhow, because the demo is only for the fit and its colourless so I’ve taken this picture just in my nams setting so you can see the colour/texture as I see it.

There are more discounted items but when you look at them don’t turn around because on the other wall are the Group Gifts.  The cost of joining the siss boom group is 500Lds but there are a lof of gifts, 34 I believe in total and some really good pieces.  For that initial free you really do get a lot so check them out.  Go on be brave and check the rest of the shop as well, there is some lovely sweaters in the Winter section.

siss boom

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It’s mahoosive! (Freebies & Sale).

Taking a landscaping break because I seriously think I’m starting to suffer from snow blindness.

I was most surprised that Amiable was so quiet since it has a New GG out plus a sale going on but it made my quick visit nice and lag free.

Most people will recognise the jumper and skirt and maybe the bag although I don’t recognise the bag but then again I don’t usually snag accessories.  Amiable keeps out all of the old GG’s so there is now quite a few of them and most people will probably have or still have some in their invent but the scarf is deffo new.  You get 2 versions, rigged and unrigged which is pretty good because this thing is “mahoosive” and the unrigged version has a simple sizing menu in it.

I will say I had wanted to show you the very pretty polka dot skirt but it didn’t really go with the look I was trying to create but when you’re there just grab away.

Anyhow it was a nice break so I’m feeling refreshed enough to start landscaping again.


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Layer it up

Neve Fireside NEW! Many options!

Neve have a new sack full of new releases for you yay! I have to say that this one “Fireside” is like my ultimate seasonal outfit. Not only a fine-looking bit of meshy goodness but also very flexible . With the handydandy HUD, you can remove the scarf and shorten the sleeves. Plus you get four colour versions, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Neve NEW Fireside - many options included! bauwerk 22769 FREE rocker

I so love the texture of the knit on this piece, its closely woven so it looks sooper cosy and great with woolly tights I have to say! There are four versions of this style, neutral (as above) , lively, stripes & blocks – each set has four tone options and a variant on the scarf. Head over and check it out – don’t forget included are sizes for Slink Physique (which I’m wearing) Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies plus the usual standard mesh. Thanks Neve team ❤

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve Blog

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So many options !

Neve - Circa - TMD 1

I’m so excited to share the new releases from Neve with you ! Some really innovative features that will make your hearts smile and your wallets fuller – I swear! So so so here I am relaxing in a gorgeous chair from Circa that’s on offer at the latest round of Genre. Thirty two sit poses and you can also change the wood colour – brilliant! Lots of colour choices to be had so shoot over and take a gander. Nowwww my outfit, yes yes yes dontcha love fiddly stuff? I do, and this ticks the boxes. I’m wearing the “Dreamer doily” combo set, you get four colour options plusss the ability to remove the skirt completely so you’ve got a scrummy sweater, orrrr remove the bottom layer and have a shorter skirt – fab huh?! Of course the HUD also allows you to mingle the colours as well as being able to wear the set ones.

Neve full skirt & HUD

There are three different versions of this style, I really liked the softness of the sweater on the doily set – the other two are delicious in a chunkier knitted sort of way. Go grab a demo, have a play and see what you think. As always I am wearing this over my Slink Physique mesh body – included are sizes for Slink,Maitreya and Belleza plus the standard mesh sizes of course.

neve market place

neve store

neve blog




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Quelle surprise!

I thought this freebie was going to be a “vest” and again I almost didn’t unpack it, what a fool I would have been.


Since in my previous post I managed to recolour the clothes I decided to keep this post KISS  (keep it simple stupid) and just use my sim setting and I’ve even used one of my Saintly poses LOL.

The “vest” has turned out to be this dress/cardi combo.  Sadly my arm position is covering up the simple thin wrapped around belt.  It comes from Wicked but even though the full priced ones are 349Lds this one is a single Dollar as it’s one of the prizes in the WOMENStuff Hunt.  There is another hunt item to be found and sorry I was so rushed that I’ve forgotten what that hunt is called however the details are in the entrance and the prize is easy enough to find.  I did try them on and they’re a pair of shoe/boots with an unusual “galaxy” texturing.  Actually although from the description might put you off I did think they were pretty nifty and if you don’t like that particular texturing the same styles shoes are for sale in the shop at full priced but with a whole range of shoe colours.

The scarf/snood which is what it’s called in the shop is a lovely freebie from a shop called League which I’ve never seen before.  You actually get 3 designs in the pack and each has 2 attach options.  Sadly my SL time is short so I’ve not been able to have a good scout around but I’ve spotted some Sheepskin gloves not far from where I am standing so I’m leaving my AV here and when I relog into SL I’m snagging myself a pair of them and then having a good look around.

RL is screaming for me so I hope everyone has a good day.



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Wanda & Buffy(& small cute freebie).

Holy Moley I checked my bank account and I have money! so time for treats.

Treat timeIn RL I can’t get away with shoulder less tops, I have a tendency to look as though I’m a rugby player with my shoulders and as for mini skirts! so basically SL allows me to dress in ways that RL won’t (yes that also included walking around with coochie cutters and nip flashing).  I got the skirt first and my first thought is damn it’s so summery and I don’t feel summery then my second thought was ooo look at that pattern and I was determined to find a top to match or in this case a contrast.  The mix of coloured dots on the (cowl)?) neck and the brown body means that this top can be worn with many colours, shorts or trousers.  The top is called Wanda and comes from Leri Miles Design which is a shop I’ve been popping into on a daily basis to see what the newest Advent Calender is. It’s nice to see that if you’ve missed a day you can still pick it up not free but she had items priced from a 1Ld to a 100Ld and the more expensive items come with demos.  Everything is very Christmassy themed.

The skirt is called Buffy and comes from Misteria which is a small shop but it has a bit of this and a bit of that which sometimes means you end up buying more than you planned for.  So there is some SLink nails, a little bit of furniture, some crying tattoo layers (bought them), bags and Gachas, some clothes and some poses one of which I’m actually using in my picture.  The lovely hair bow is also a Miseria Gacha item but the cute freebie is the arrow through the head.



The cheat is because I’ve just used this picture previously but it was the wreath I was blogging  but because I loved everything about this picture from the colour to the clothes I snapped off a couple more photos of the new Noor hair from Mina’s.


Each hair colour pack comes with an easy to use hud and those hairs which come with accessories (not this hair) usually can be changed with the hud as well as the sizing.  Thinking about it my head must be the perfect size for Mina hair because I’ve never had to adjust the sizing.

Hair 22

AARRGGHH How did I miss this it’s SALE TIME at Mina’s hair a massive 50% off so time to start clicking and grab those bargains!  Mens hair and petites also so something for everyone.

Leri Miles Design (LMD)

miseria(Skirt and Freebie)

Mina Hair