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Keep on truckin

wingsong bug truck (with teddybear passenger optional) 15L!

Ok, so ive been feverishly buying up a lot of vehicles from wingsong over the last few days. They are just so cute and so inexpensive ! This is the “Wingsong Bug Truck”, its wearable which is fab as it takes up no prims and you can use it anywhere – yes – even in no rez areas. In the back is a bale of hay and theres also a Teddybear passenger to keep you from feeling lonely awww. Plenty of other extras in the box, such as goggles, hitops and a tee shirt too. The lights work, the engine purrrs, wheels turn, read the info note to find out where to click to get more fantasticness ! SO much fun for only 15L. I really should get that cracked windshield fixed huh?

Wingsong marketplace store

Wingsong Store