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Mostly Free & Cheap to Wear

Free & Cheap Wearables

Ohhhh looky what I found ! Yes yes more things to wear, to make those photos pop a little. Actually it all started when I received a mystery gift from Since1975, Im not in the group so wasnt sure why Id received it, so headed over there to investigate. Bottom right is the group gift, little bottles of boys & girls tears to wear, with several different poses included. While I was there I did join the group (its free) and collected a couple more group gifts, the cash fan (brilliant!) and the beautiful bottle of wine with a lush velvet bow. I did spot yesterday the sci-fi tablet at the Cyber Factory for just $25L – and result, it was still out for us today – so I snaffled it up (top left)

Happy wearable Wednesday!


Cyber Factory

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48 Hours.

I was just about to head off to do a Hunt when 2 things dropped on me, the Mina sale and this  Follow Us offer.  For only the next 48 hours these carts have been discounted to less than a 100Lds.  This came with a WOW factor for me because in Faith and PDs home they have a wine cellar and as soon as I saw this I just knew it would be perfect for her home.  So I flew over, disarmed her alarm system, drugged the Alsatian, dodged past the drunk butler, crept downstairs and rezzed a copy in her wine cellar and it looks BRILLIANT!


I can’t believe how well it matches the existing bottles that are there but of course an item like this is very much a stand alone item.


I swear to God I have the self-same glasses in RL.  I’ve taken the pictures in my normal Nams setting and not touched the pictures up at all so you can see for yourself what you’re paying for.


There are other carts available such as a bistro one and a colourful cocktail one or for the tea totalers like me, sad I know, coffee and brownies and much more.

Just like my Mina hair and PumeC skins I have a real reason for loving Follow Us items.  As someone who has been not just an SLer for years but also a shopping whore and at one stage a rental manager the thing I noticed was that great furniture for men was sadly lacking.  Thankfully this isn’t a big issue any more but Follow Us was the first shop that I went into and I thought how much more choice there was for the men in SL and for women who don’t like too much frill and faff.  There is a lot more for us women such as sewing machines, dressing tables, beauty boxes  and yes even kitchens but it is still unfussy and unfaffy.

I was going slightly NUTS because I found them on the MP and then lost them on the MP it turns out that you must be logged into the MP with the adult setting allowed and I wasn’t the second time I went looking for them.  Since they don’t come with an adult menu this is just a little Laurent Blooper LOL.

As usual with the Follow Us Marketplace shop I put the link to the whole shop and not just the items itself as he has oodles of such bargain priced gifties

Follow Us Marketplace

Follow Us Inworld

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Follow me. (Be Quick).

I swear if a SL or RL man, or woman of course, went to all of this bother to stage a romantic evening he would score BIG with me!


OK my first reaction with the new Follow Us Valentines range was OMG so light and white so I packed it all back up and had a ponder and then it struck me…go with the flow.  So I dug out one of my brightest skyboxes and accentuated the purity even more.


The bed and candles are all mine but if you love the whole look just ask and I’ll be more than happy to let you know where they came from.  The table is of course pure Follow Us.  Gold cutlery, rosé wine and a big menu choice.  A waiting setting of a simple napkin, 6 main meals ranging from steak to Sushi, 2 cheese plate options and of course 5 sweet deserts options to choose from.


The oversized heart-shaped ottoman comes with 2 sets of poses, single and of course couples and rezzabables.  I did have a laugh as one of the single poses was checking your phone and just like RL I’d be a bit narked if my loved one checked his or her phone LOL.  Plenty of couple poses which although I’m a singleton and couldn’t check 100% they did look pretty good and I loved the rezzable Champagne bucket.

Make sure to check out the Follow Us Marketplace shop there is a whole load of goodies starting at only 1Ld and that inc some lovely Valentine pressies.  If you’re a Group Member, and it’s only 40Lds to join and there are oodles of Group Gifts waiting to be grabbed, make sure to wear your tag and you get a massive 20% off your Valentines purchases.  This discount doesn’t inc the mainshop or anything from the Valentines shop thats under 20Lds.  As usual Laurent has popped all of the smoochy stuff into a romantic house and not the Mainshop so when you land inworld just turn to your right and it’s there.  If you’ve not joined the Group as yet then go into the mainshop and turn right and then the GG joiner and all the gifts are in the very dark room…easy to see what I mean when you’re there in person.

I’m not going to show you all I’ve gotten from Follow Us in this post as I’ve got some seriously cute and smaller gifts to share with you.  So all of that comes in the next post but here is a quick bit of freeness if you’re after an outfit for the big day.


I had a little laugh with this one because it really looks like I’m the broken-hearted girl on the other side of the door wanting to get in and be wined and dined.

The dress, shoes and pose are freebies.  I saw the dress in Cocoro Lemons shop’s Coco Designs a while ago but this is the perfect time to wear it.  You will have to join the group but thats free and of course there is a whole line of really exc quality GG’s waiting to be grabbed. Then I went over to lindy Modern and Retro Shoe shop to find the “Add some red hunt 2” item and I failed,I did however find a blue crystal which is part of another hunt and it turned out to be the blood-red and NON SLink shoes I’m wearing.  If you have better luck than me and find both shoes then the “Red” hunt item looks like it’s a pair of SLink shoes so there is a pair of shoes for everyone.

The pose if a freebie from EMMEPOSES it even includes the hammer. Now I’m here LM grabbing I’ve spotted some more freebies on the desk inc a couple of sweet Valentine ones amongst them.

DOH time is running out, one of the things I love about Follow Us is that he caters for the SL men as well as SL women.  Laurent has put out this special offer for all lovers of Coffee, a coffee maker reduced from it’s normal price of 129Lds to 69Lds.  Sadly this was only for a limited time but since it and the other colours you can chose from are still there you still have plenty of time to snag this as a gift and best of all you can send it direct to your loved one, or treat yourself to a model, and as always Laurent delivers his goodies in a well packaged box so people will know they’re being treated.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Coco Design

Add Some Red Hunt (Hints and LMs)


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The Beautiful One

TBO Wine Box

Zan Bless her heart sent me a gorgeous gift for our new home, not only is it low prim but it suits the style of our home purrrfectly ! A wooden case that opens to reveal white, rose and red wine. If you touch a bottle you get given a glass of that wine to hold and drink – sweet ! This is from TBO (The Beautiful Ones) so I had to pop over and see what else they had on offer.

kokolores & free dress_004

TBO isn’t big on decor items to be honest but but but I noted a fab group gift by the front desk, so joined up (its 25L to join) and snagged this dress. You pay 1L for it but its refunded straight away. Sunray pleated skirt and a tight bodice in jersey. Ohhhh my hair is by KoKoLoReS and is called “Belinda”, if you pop over to check it out please take note of the new colour HUD’s for 2015 !

kokolores & free dress_012

I also bagged myself these sweet floral jeans for just 10L, you will find them in a vending machine behind the desk right at the front of the store. The top is part of a set that I couldn’t resist, Eva boho – *shakes fist at Zan* . My hair is “Anouk” from KoKoLoReS and is on sale at we ❤ roleplay event at a reduced price of 225L.

kokolores Belinda hair NW - TBO Eva boho outfit 99L

It’s so so adorable how could I not buy it ! Interesting thing is I’m wearing my Slink Physique body and yet I didn’t have to use any of the alphas for the top and only one alpha for the skirt . I did snap up a few home items also while I was there which I will show off later.



Eclectica (for necklace photo 1)



At last …

Ah yes…at last I got around to completing the wearable serving trays I’ve been thinking about for a whole YEAR! I’m quite pleased with the results ..above is the wearable wine tray, it comes complete with an inbuilt AO, one stand, one walk (its ok for males & females) Perfect for partays ! When guests or friends touch the bottle, it dispenses them with a wearable animated glass of wine, it’s also transferable for gift giving.

Theres also a wearable champers set, built in AO again, that dispenses a glass to guests…

Plussss I couldn’t resist adding a fruit punch wearable tray too!…for those who don’t want to wear these items , they can also be purchased to sit on your table or beach…they still give out a drink.

Voila! Pop along to our main store today and take a peek..First floor has lotsa gifties and adorables..(Player has some unique KittyCats also up for grabs *squeee) The new stuffage is up on the second floor…

F.A.B Main store