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Get Hairy.(Hair Fair & Free Mina).

First the freebie, btw ignore my top as it wasn’t a freebie which is a shame.

But at least you can score this fab free hair from Mina’s shop/stall at the Hair Fair event.

UPDATE.  The “Lily” hair I’m wearing is the one I already own but when I went over to Mina’s shop at this event I spotted that this hair comes not just with a MASSIVE colour Hud but the colour are jaw-dropping so of course I grabbed it but the shade I’m wearing is not one of them.

You may have spotted this hair “Annie” in my past couple of pictures.  When I get a new Mina hair-do I like to wear it for a while just to work out what I think about it and I’ve thought about it and I LOVE IT! But believe it or not this hair and the one in the picture underneath is the SAME HAIR and it’s not just because of the different hair colour.
Annie comes with a “Style Hud” which allows you to change the fringe(bangs) from a sharp cut to the softer style PLUS the back of this hair is done in a French Pleat.  In the picture, I’m wearing the larger more pronounced french pleat so you can see it more as the other version is smaller and smooth against the head.  You will see what I mean if you try the demo out for yourself.  Although I’ve chosen 2 of the most unusual colours when worn in a classic brown, blonde shade this is an elegant updo but this blonde/ginger shade to me is just so good!  Mina does the best ginger hair shades in SL, she calls them “reds” though.

Again look at this shade and whats even better is how it brings out all the work that has been put into the details of this hair.

There is another hair in the Mina shop at this event and yes I have forgotten what that’s called but I do remember that both of these hairs are priced at only 300Lds which is now a standard price BUT what’s not standard is that each colour pack is a massive 30, yes THIRTY shades!  So in the brown pack, you get everything from a light brown to the darkest, the same can be said for the blondes etc.  Years ago before Huds were around I bought a Fat Pack from a shop, long gone now, and I had about 300 shades to choose from which sounds fab but 80% of those shades so almost identical! that’s not the case with Mina’s shade packs.

As Faith has said this for once seems to be a lag-free event and with freebies to be had a nice way to kill some RL time in SL but also think about buying something because a lot of these shops inc Mina’s are donating a percentage to a worthy cause called “Wigs for Kids” which I should imagine we have all heard of.

UPDATE.  I’ll put the link to the blog which shows you all that is for sale, I don’t know if it’s showing you any of the gifts though, it will save you so much time.


Mina’s Main Shop.(as always for you to try the demo out for yourself).

Mina@The Hair Fair(I don’t think the LM will take you directly to her shop so veer to your left and it’s the far row of shops, second one up and so easy to find when you’re there)

Hair Fair

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It’s going to get hairy! (New Mina’s@The Hair Fair).

I am one lucky cow and trust me I know it, getting my sweaty paws on Mina’s hairs for free is an absolute treat and does save me money because if I didn’t get them for free and so many of them just “sing” to me, in the end, I would spend a fortune on them.  Although when you think about it, you really do get a lot of Linens for RL money. I’ve always said that skin and hair are the 2 things you cannot scrimp on and although occasionally you get a stunning freebie this isn’t often enough for a Cheap B* like me.  So this is the time to splash the cash and in this case, it’s for a truly worthwhile cause.

“Wigs for Kids” is the charity and who hasn’t heard of that cause and I’ve put the link down the bottom to check that out for yourself but really the title of this charity and the fact it’s been around now for a lot of years means most people will have heard of it.  I’ve also had a look at the pictures of what’s on offer at this event and I’m going over when it’s started to calm down and check out a few hairs and if in the end, they don’t look as good as I hope then I will simply donate and count my blessings and not my Lindens.

When you TP in there is a big sign that shows you the layout of the shops it doesn’t tell you which shop is where but the LM I’ve given does take you close to the Mina shop, walk forward and it’s the start of the left-hand row it’s actually easy once you’re there.  always looking at other hairs even if it’s just to compare them to Mina’s.

A nice touch is that when you land you get  sent the usual notice but also the option to have ALL of the demos sent to you and I will be doing that on my next visit as we have till the 16th to treat ourselves.

Now for 2 of the 3 New Mina’s and this is “Miss Mouse” ok that’s not her name she is called Emma and the first time I put Emma on I thought simple, sweet, understated. You wear this hair this hair doesn’t wear you.

Then we have THIS!

Check out that colour! I’m not big on colours and usually use chose from the browns/blonde/reds palette that I relate to but Woah this is just one of the many juicy Ombre Colours you can choose from.

Luna is the name for this very unique hair.  She like a lot of the New Mina hairs comes with not just the new 15 shade palette in each pack but you get the Material and Non-Material option in the Hud.  The “non-material” version is simply the same hair but just a bit less, and I’m not sure what I’m assuming a bit less texturing or mesh because to me I can’t see any difference but check it out for yourself.  A lot of the other hairs I have I also love but as soon as I put them on my …rockets up and so I have to wear them with caution as they can affect not just yours but other SL experience especially in busy areas.  Not many other hair makers offer this and now instead of having the 2 hair options in the pack Mina has loaded them into the Hud so super easy to change.  Also now more and more hairs are coming with other “options” so in this case with Luna you can have the full fringe and tendrils or just the fringe or no fringe and no tendrils.  So 1 hair 3 looks.  It’s the same with the third hair which isn’t being shown in this post but if you check out my last post and the hair I’m wearing is called Fiona and she is another Hair Fair hair.  With Fiona, the plaits can be changed to accommodate a more generous boob lol.  So basically when you get a Mina hair check out the “options” tab as you may be missing a little extra touch.

PS Can I just say that if you like Plaits which I absolutely adore make sure to check out the Mainshop.  Again you can try the Hair Fair demos out there first but Mina has some gorgeous plaited hair and you need to try the rest before you make your mind up.


Mina’s Main shop

Hair Fair Blog

Hair Fair

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So tempted. (Freebies).

I popped into a new shop to me called EmilyC and I was so tempted to spend Lindens! but I’m now making a new rule that when I see something that I think is worth spending Lindens on I will go away and think about it and if the next day I still think it’s worth it then go back and treat myself.  So tomorrow I might just be going back to EmilyC’s and buying two skirts one of which is full priced and the other is upstairs in the discounted section.  Till then I’m so happy with the FREEBIE(S)!


Time for confessions.  I’ve played fast and loose with the editing so the colour of the dress has changed but it didn’t need it.  This is such a quality, basic, wearable dress in all the mesh and some mesh bod sizes.  As soon as I put it on it was my Saturday “yesss” moment.  I know that this shape is pretty standard but it’s always good to have something that ticks all the boxes with the fit,texturing etc.

My second confession is that I am not showing you everything that is there for us to grab.  Somehow in my eagerness I managed to get 3 copies of the same outfit and none of the other dress I wanted to show you and what happened to the jeans I have no idea and although in this picture I’m using I am also wearing the free shoes which are worth a post on their own I forgot to cam down and take a picture..DOH.

But at least my carelessness means that I’ve left some surprises for you and I can assure you that even if you don’t want another dress of this shape you won’t be disappointed by what else is on offer.  Free to join Group.

PS if you’ve been patiently or impatiently waiting to get into the Hair Fair event it’s finally calmed down.  This is a massive event over a few sims but fortunately there is a blog site for you to check out whats on offer plus LM’s direct to each shop.  I did a post about the 3 new Mina hairs and I’m wearing one of them, Pippa, in this picture.  So if you want to see them again either scroll back to older posts or even better just use the Mina LM and go try the inworld demo.  Even better is a certain percentage of each sale goes towards an amazing charity called “Wigs for kids” so you can treat yourself to a new hair and give a little back in charity.



Hair Fair Blog