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I’m Wicked (freebies).


Again the FaMESHed event is not to be missed, I’ve still not unpacked most of the massive amount of freebies but of course I unpacked the Mina hair.  You only get the pink version for free.  If you love the style but maybe not the colour check out my previous post and you will be able to see the same hair but in a dark brown shade, that one however isn’t free.

Then this morning I picked up this simple mesh dress from the Wicked shop based at “The Shops At Sage Isle”.  A nice little shopping sim with small shops and outside the shops stalls set out with some discounted items.  The Wicked shop is a satellite one as I know that there is a much bigger Wicked shop but I don’t know if this group gift is available there.  A lovely dark Khaki green and it comes with a Hud so you can change the colour of the buttons and the tie.

Wicked@The Shops at Sage Isle


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Black again with a Freebie.

Just before I decided to change my look I came across this Hunt item from Wicked and since it is black it teamed up with the black shorts and hair I was wearing.  So I simply threw a pose and 1 click here it is.


I can’t even remember the name of the hunt, I had to log out quickly, but what you’re looking for is a miniature Jessica Rabbit symbol.  The top is what you get, you can see the little hoops and of course the straps and chains.  When I managed to get back inworld I’m going to check out this hunt a bit more but for now you can go snag the top and then see if you want to try to find the rest of the hidden Jessica’s.

PS it’s the same Mina hair and Boom shorts and of course my PumeC from my last post but there are Free Group Gifts at Wicked and I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged them previously and that inc some shorts so if you join you might just get an outfit.


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A Shortie (Freebies).

As I was doing the 70s Hunt I got side tracked by the Group Gifts from Wicked and I’m going to have to go back again because I want the hunt prize as well, a lovely pair of retro wedge shoes.  Not sure if they’re SLink though but certainly worth a try asp as they come with a colour changing Hud.


The back of the top is 2 wide cross over straps and the shorts are cute with the laced up sides.  The shorts are a dark green and although they come with a Hud that just changes the colour of the laces and the rivets.

PS check out the background and see a cutie.


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Black or White ? (hunt gifts)

Black or White hunt - Free dress

I did a little of the Black or White hunt this evening, it runs until the 31st of January. At Wicked I found this sweet little wrap dress as the prize which is the white gift. If I had of had more time I would’ve searched out the black prize – cause it goes with the dress ! Basically each store has two prizes to find (which are totally free), the white prizes are easier to find, the black a little harder. Clues to help you are on the hunt blog listed below.

Black Or White hunt - FREE

I also headed over to Sickly Sweet and found their white prize, which is super little chess set. There are two versions given, this is the 2 Li one, there is also a more complex one that is 18Li, choice is yours. Some lovely prizes in this event, and some new stores to discover !


Sickly Sweet

Black or White Hunt blog

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Quelle surprise!

I thought this freebie was going to be a “vest” and again I almost didn’t unpack it, what a fool I would have been.


Since in my previous post I managed to recolour the clothes I decided to keep this post KISS  (keep it simple stupid) and just use my sim setting and I’ve even used one of my Saintly poses LOL.

The “vest” has turned out to be this dress/cardi combo.  Sadly my arm position is covering up the simple thin wrapped around belt.  It comes from Wicked but even though the full priced ones are 349Lds this one is a single Dollar as it’s one of the prizes in the WOMENStuff Hunt.  There is another hunt item to be found and sorry I was so rushed that I’ve forgotten what that hunt is called however the details are in the entrance and the prize is easy enough to find.  I did try them on and they’re a pair of shoe/boots with an unusual “galaxy” texturing.  Actually although from the description might put you off I did think they were pretty nifty and if you don’t like that particular texturing the same styles shoes are for sale in the shop at full priced but with a whole range of shoe colours.

The scarf/snood which is what it’s called in the shop is a lovely freebie from a shop called League which I’ve never seen before.  You actually get 3 designs in the pack and each has 2 attach options.  Sadly my SL time is short so I’ve not been able to have a good scout around but I’ve spotted some Sheepskin gloves not far from where I am standing so I’m leaving my AV here and when I relog into SL I’m snagging myself a pair of them and then having a good look around.

RL is screaming for me so I hope everyone has a good day.