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I scrub up well. (MP, Dollarbie).

Showered, dressed and halfway through my second cup of coffee which means I’m ready to log in and go hunting.  Before I do that though I’d forgotten I’d picked these “wellies” up yesterday and had already done the pictures so another easy post for me.

These Dollarbies from Poeme have been around for many years, once they were in the shop but now they’re only on the Marketplace although I do believe there are other colours for sale in the inworld shop.

They are the older standard mesh fits since you can edit them I have tweaked them and although you can see a bit of breakthrough it’s small and forgivable.

If you want to use them as decor then 5 prims rezzed.


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It’s worth a click & more.(MM Prize).

This turned up in my invent this morning and I could not for the life of me remember picking it up.  So I went back to Poeme where it came from and I had forgotten that I’d clicked on the MM Board (Midnight Madness Board) when I was there grabbing the wellies.

This is really GOOD, so good it’s a KEEPER, even though it’s blue lol.  What you can’t see is down the back there is a nice big hood.

I rarely do MM boards but for this prize, I totally recommend you give it a click. It only needs 35 clicks in total and since they also have those fab wellies out I have a feeling a lot of people will be checking out the upstairs and that’s where the Lucky Boards and this MM (Midnight Madness) Board will be found.

The Poeme group does cost 1Ld to join.

PS.  Noooo so as I’m LM grabbing I’ve spotted this design and if you want to buy a different colour texture then it will cost you 199Lds and there is an old rose textured one which is gorgeous!


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Go Fish.


Finally! I’ve been trying to snag a whole load of stuff from the big discount sale which is going on at the LavendaChic Discount room at this very moment so when RL cut me some slack I TPed in and grabbbed a couple of items.  Then I decided to check out the latest FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) offers.

Although as you can see the dress is a very classic SL design I really should have chosen something else which shows off the bright and bold texturing that LavendaChic favours, but even if you’re not into bold texturing there is something for everyone from skirts to jumpers, jeans to handbags and all really discounted.  This dress cost 30Lds and the boots are 1oLds and everything seems to be priced around this mark.  Some non mesh and loads of mesh.  Some seriously cute items such as fruit backpacks and fruity tops and everything is shop quality.

This is the best sort of Discount sale because they’re having a massive clear out to bring in new stuff so I’m looking forward to that.



As I was taking my piccie I realised what a perfect situation to show off my new plushie.   I’m not a big plushie fan and the only ones I have are the Gacha ones that Faith occasionally throws my way although I did cave in and bought last weeks FLF from D-Lab (a freakingly adorably seal) and then when I checked out this week’s  FLF offer from Hyasynth Tiramisu’s shop  Silentsparrow I had to have it.  Love fishy themed things so this adorable fish was going to be MINE! You get 3 in the pack 1 to cuddle, 1 to use for decor and of course 1 to float around you.  Unfortunately by the time I post this Stanley, cute name, will have gone back up to full price but even so at 99Lds the full priced fish are hardly a fortune and of course you may wanted to have chosen a different colour in anycase.

Silent Sparrow

LavandaChic Discount room


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Get Dirty

SF Design Group gift Mesh Welling ton Boots (dirty & clean included)

o.O! Fantastical group gift from SF Design is out for the month of February ! Head over and collect your “wellies”…gawd these are one of  my most worn style of footwear , and I know Swaffette has doggies, so Im betting that they might be hers too …Im always so cheerful once Ive got my Wellingtons on..stomping through mud…happily pottering around my garden or the park…the extra sparkly bit is you actually get two pairs. One like Im showing above…all muddy and worn, or if your not into a little realism…a pristine pair. These boots are mesh, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see them…and there are ooooodles of sizes in the box, so youre bound to get a great fit…thanks Swaffette ❤

WoW Skins Lucy For SL Fashion Week round 3

Also new for you, SL Fashion week is into its third round..WoW Skins has “Lucy” on offer. The skin is 200L quite the steal…(you also get the lola applier and Lucy shape – but im wearing my own shape) You can also buy a set of makeups for Lucy which includes three eyeshadows and four lip colors for just 100L..bargain ! Im wearing the gold eyeshadow above which was my absolute favourite.

Free animated mesh watering can

Last of all a little sneaky freebie for you, I found this darling mouse shaped, mesh & animated watering can on the Market Place…its by meadowWorks, in the box is one you wear, that animates you to water your plants & garden , plus a plain one for decor purposes…and just 1 prim !

SF Design

WoW Skins at SL Fashion Week

meadowWorks free mesh watering can