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I scrub up well. (MP, Dollarbie).

Showered, dressed and halfway through my second cup of coffee which means I’m ready to log in and go hunting.  Before I do that though I’d forgotten I’d picked these “wellies” up yesterday and had already done the pictures so another easy post for me.

These Dollarbies from Poeme have been around for many years, once they were in the shop but now they’re only on the Marketplace although I do believe there are other colours for sale in the inworld shop.

They are the older standard mesh fits since you can edit them I have tweaked them and although you can see a bit of breakthrough it’s small and forgivable.

If you want to use them as decor then 5 prims rezzed.


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Tough Mudders ! Omg FREE wellies !

I seem to have worn my “Wellies” for about 2 months – it hasnt stopped raining here in Blighty and dog walking every day means they are my go-to-item ! Neve have a new version of their “mudders” out FOR FREE for the Shop Your Heart out event – I am STILL trying to get in ! Anywayyyy gotta love a Wellington Boot – especially when its all loved up for V day ❤ Im just showing a few colours – there are more. Thank you Neve ❤

Shop Your Heart Out

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National Velvet

SF Design Riding breeches, Riding jacket - wellingtons

It’s not often that I receive an outfit in Second Life that just forces me to take ACTION…but when I tried out the new Equestrian wear  from SF Design..I had to saddle up and ride ! Absolutely fabbo riding gear…and so very English in style…this is the new range of Equestrian pretties , and I LOVE them. They aren’t just lovely to wear and smexy in the way that only riding couture  is..but faithfully realistic…trust me I ride horses ! The breeches are briiliant..of course because I blog and fiddle with photos and light settings, its hard to see the damned fine details on them, but it’s there, knee creases, the correct stitching detail that makes the seams on these in real life almost indestructible…four colours to choose from, I went for the tone I actually wear in real life.

SF Design NEW!

To get the look spot on…wear your breeches with the Charlotte blouse and jacket….full marks for realism yet again, I can recall a blouse such as this when I did pony club, seriously ! The jacket is beautiful…and its not just for riding…its a winner all round..three quarter length sleeves with a velvet turn back cuffs, nipped in at the waist…five colours in singles or a great big fat pack…this is green. Id wear this with a pencil skirt, its got a lovely retro feel to it. The blouse is a simple to wear affair…complete with neck stock and tiny silver horse shoe decoration on the collar…just perfect. Single jackets are just 100L, fat pack of all five is OHMYGOD only 350L …breeches are 100L for all four shades, and the Charlotte blouse just 150L for ALL four colours.

Ohhhhh btw, I wont claim this as my idea…cause it was Swaffette who reminded me, the SFD wellies go awesomely with this ensemble…I chose the “dirty” look ones, but you do get a clean pair in the box too ! Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design mainstore

SF Design shoes for wellies

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Janine corneredJust before I was about to log off I finally found this skirt.  I knew I had it, I knew I only paid a single Linden for it and I knew it was brilliant I just didn’t know where I had filed it.  Turns out I grabbed it off Marketplace one day when I was bored and for a Linden I thought it was worth the risk and it sure was. A mesh skirt, creamy colour with black dots and you can even see the frills the last 2 seem to be slightly sheer.  It would be lovely at twice the price (2 Lds kidding) but unbelievably it’s a Dollarbie.


The skirt comes from AAA and as I was checking out the details I noticed that I’d already got the suitcase you can see behind me.  Another bargain because for 20Lds not only get a holdable one but a prop one and at 7 Prims you can rezz one in your home for decoration.

Special mention for the Dollarbie Wellies on the MP as well as the others so if this skirt doesn’t tempt you something sure will.

AAA (Marketplace)

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Eva went stomping in her wellies

even.flow wellies

You know earlier I was telling you about the really fabbo skins on offer at Wow? Well I couldn’t resist showing you one…This is Eva…and for not-sure-how-long…you can  buy it for only 5L !

even.flow wellies_003

I’m also wearing the new Wellington boots by even.flow…arent they just to die for? …I adore wellies (and own many many pairs in real life in ALL colours & patterns) These are currently only available in this weeks round at Acid Lily…65L per pair…bargain ! Lotsa colours to choose from too…(my gorgeous rain mac is also from even.flow…large range of tones…and a steal at 99L)

WoW Skins Eva natural 5L

Close up of Eva for you….such a precious shaped face…and sultry eyes…I really like the soft bloom on the cheeks and the pale 60’s style lipstick…


acid Lily

WoW Skins

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I wear Wellington boots every single day..essential doggie walking attire….so  was chuffed when ArisAris launched their own fabbo pair..theyve got fourteen…YES…fourteen textures ! Neatly stored in an easy to use HUD…just perfect. I chose the red spotty pair, it went sooo nicely with another new release from ArisAris called nicte…a mesh shorts and top combo, easy peasy to wear, great styling ! My music bag is a subscribo gift from label motion, really nifty set of bags with poses….just brill.

ArisAris have opened a new satelitte store on the KV Dream Fashion sim…and to celebrate this there is an exclusive outfit on sale…its called “Rita” and is so so pretty…delicate creamy base fabric with tiny teeny polka dots all over the dress and bolero jacket. I especially like the “winged” sleeves on the jacket…very sleek. Lovely texturing on this….looks like slithery silk…it also comes with its own matching belt…

ArisAris main store location

ArisAris @ KV Dream Fashion Sim (kinda hard to find as there is no teleport board, but..when you land…look behind you and ArisAris is the large corner store)