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I’m BACK in my fat pants and sloppy bra but at least I come with a FREEBIE.

OH Lord I’m a PIG and even my “fat pants” are straining at the seams but I have NO REGRETS…ok just a few but come Monday it’s going to be low carb, low cal, and healthy food choices.(that’s because all the remaining biscuits and choccie will have been eaten by then, I’m no fool).

So easing myself back into SL just like I did my fat pants, one inch at a time, I started off on the Marketplace.


It’s a start at least LOL.  If you remember we’ve stripped the sim back to bare bones, apart from our homes, and as soon as we can we’re going to give the sim a new and fresh late summer early autumn makeover and this well is a great starting point for any homeowner.XXXWellcA close up and if it wasn’t for the fact my AV was naked and I was too lazy to put some clothes on I would have stood next to it so you could get an idea of the size which is pretty realistic.  Big enough to make a lovely garden feature but small enough to not overpower a small garden and ONLY 2prims!

Actually, I’m just reading the blurb about it and Talnis Zane, the owner of Naked Design says “Well folks (pun intended!) Here it is, the updated version of my old mesh well. This I wanted to release as a gift. It’s not perfect, but it’s the first mesh I have made in a while so I am getting back into the swing of things. I hope you enjoy this gift from Naked Designs.” The only thing is I can’t actually see what’s not perfect about it, great texturing, prim count etc and once you’ve softened the base with grass, plants etc it’s perfect.

Even though I was naked I did TP over to the LM given with this giftie but ended up TPing into someone’s home and once I’d hauled naked SL ass out of there I rechecked the MP and I don’t think there is an inworld shop anymore.

Naked Design (Marketplace)