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SOS @ The Home Store

Slept on Sales@The Home Store

Some great deals on at The Home Store this weekend for the SOS sale. I’m showing just a few of the items – there is more ! The lounger is rather fab – you get three shades for the actual chair, more for the blanket and cushion. Details are just superb – check out those brass castor wheels – love ❤ 9 li for the lounger. Its got a fully loaded menu – including adult – all for just 99L. The plants come as a pack of three for just 99L – 2Li each.

Items are out for you to try !

The Home Store

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Free & Sales Synnergy Has it All

Synnergy FREE back drop & Swing pose (M and F)

Lets start with a free gift! This is the latest group gift from Tavis Synnergy – group is free to join and I suggest you stay in it as they always have some fantastic offers for you budding photographers. This is the Garden Pergola such a pretty scene with a low wall, plenty of flowers and of course the flower covered pergola right at the centre – do you see the ginger kittycat wandering along the wall ? Its going to be SO handy for a lot of summertime & spring pics plus you get one without the swing too – the swing is the other group gift – pose for males and females just rez it and edit into position – et voila! This scene is just 84Li.

Synnergy Back drop

I bought this “Oak Cottage” backdrop in the sale for only 90L its their offering for wow weekend, I also bought a pose for holding a chicken or a basket – same price – gosh its So pretty I even zoomed inside the house to see if I could move in ! The whole scene is just 111Li – I’m now pondering if I could build an inner set of walls and move in – gorgeous! (I’m not wearing the basket pose in this pic as I haven’t unpacked it yet!) Go check out the store there is lots to see this weekend, pick up some bargains.

Thanks Synnergy<3


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Weekend Sales – Oo

Cyber Factory 30L, Synnergy back drop 75L

I’m off to a flying start with the weekend sales – saw this brilliant cyber catsuit from Cyber Factory for just 30L ! Its got bright shiny Patches and looks uber cool – Sizes for Maitreya & Legacy. My backdrop is by Synnergy and is also in the w/e sales – just 75L and only 25Li – sadly I already owned this one but they have quite a few out on offer from 50L upwards.


Cyber Factory

30L Saturday Gallery –

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Free For Friday

Free corset &amp; shorts with multi colour Hud

Get yourself over to Well Made ! I had forgotten just how many group gifts there are plus a few more from my last visit. This corset top and shorts seems to be the latest group gift (group is free to join). Huge variety of sizes and a Hud giving you plenty of colours.

Free dress with multi colour Hud

Another Well Made gift is this super little knitted dress, slight flare to the hemline give it extra sweater dress ooomph. You get a Hud with a selection of colours also. My back drop is one of the weekend sale offerings from Synnergy, just $75L!

Well Made


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W/E Sales – what have I bought? (So far!)

Ascendant - Carol Striped Blazer $75L multiple colours available

I started my w/e sale shopping early today – wow what a load of great buys!! Above is the Ascendant – Carol Striped Blazer – choices of colours available , naturally I plumped for peeenk! Just $75L LOVE it. Im using one of the three backdrops I bought today from Synnergy – fantastic backdrops and sale prices ! This one was $75L.

Blonde Queen $59L - $99L, Synnergy backdrop $69L

Blonde Queen lured me in to buy this three piece set – couldn’t resist as they are seperates and I know Ill use them all with other pieces. Various colours on offer – was really tempted by the beige option! Another Synnergy backdrop, also $75L for the w/e.


Blonde Queen


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Snuggly & 35L

35L Sunday Camping Barrell 2Li multi poses and textures

Its time for another round of 35L Sunday ! Lots of offers this week, something for everyone. I knew Id be buying this as soon as I saw it. This is the “Chiara Camping Barrel” by Velvet Whip its $35L and just 2prims. You get multiple single poses and four choices of quilt pattern. It really is the perfect little hangout spot in all weathers. Might place mine in my Linden Home garden with a fire and kettle – bliss ❤

35L Sunday Gallery

Velvet Whip (item is inside)

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What Did I Buy ?!

What did I buy we sales - Loki sweater

Well I looked and I looked and found not-a-lot to buy in this weeks w/e sales *faints*. However as soon as I saw this sweater @ Loki I zipped over to grab it. I actually bought the 50% discounted fat pack I liked it THAT much! Its got a sweet fuzzy texture that just oooozes cosiness.

sweater Hud

This is the fat pack Hud and as you can see there are some exclusive patterns and a ton of colours and options for the sweater and for the Turtleneck – love it ❤ You’ll find a few colours are in the weekend offer for $60L each or the discounted fatpack for $450L.


Faith is wearing:

-Pretty Liars- Butt lift + Enhancements LEVEL 8
Beloved Jewelry : Spine Piercing-Gemstone (Maitreya)
IKON Promise Eyes (left) – Denim
IKON Promise Eyes (right) – Denim
[Z O O M] Butterfly Heart Septum – Left Nostril
Kibitz – Rona’s bracelet – left – gold
N-core LOVE ANKLETS “Gold” Maitreya L
[Cinoe] Wizard’s treasure – Small drop Ring (R)
Kibitz – Isobel’s earrings – right – gold
Kibitz – Isobel’s earrings – left – gold
L&B * LARAfit Heels* Swear Cassie Jeans v1.2
Loki – Penelope Fluffy Sweater – Maitreya
Exile:: Arista
Kaithleen’s Sparkle Maitreya Lara
[Gos] Tamara Ankle Boots – Black Suede