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You Never Know What You’ll Find..

Culprit Punkin wearable ride !

So there I was skulking around one of my favourite stores Culprit…and I spied this !! A wearable “Batty Punkin” – ohmygerd I HAD to have it…plenty of colour choices but of course I went with peeenk. Just add it and off you go – if you run you go faster, if you fly you go faster still. If you hold down the left mouse button you barrel roll! The wings flap about and its just a whole lotta fun for just $100L. Have a good poke around the store, there are demos out of all the rideable stuffs…I promise you wont be bored ❤


Blogging SL, Virtual Fashion Feed

Its Finally here ! Tag Gacha

Culprit Tag Gacha NEW!

Ever since I saw these delectable little wearable mopetta vehicles by Culprit, I’ve been wanting to pound on the doors of the Tag Gacha event ! It starts today yippeeee!  At $50L a pop they are totally affordabubble and so desirable. Nine to collect in total – two rares and one superduper mystery , o.O I woder what it is ! Above I’m driving the “popo” police one, its adorable and whizzes along at a nice pace that even I can control. The light at the front blinks on and off – don’t forget these are wearable vehicles, so no prims taken up.

Culprit Tag Gacha NEW! (Many more variants available!)

Heres a few more of the collection to wet your appetite, gotta love the dotty spotty one. Ohhh must mention they also have a resize function, so you can get a really perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Thank you Eku ❤ I will be along ASAP to see if I can get my paws on the mystery one !

FYI: Tag gacha isn’t your every day gacha event, please read the blog site for further info on how to play Tag Gacha Blog

Culprit for Tag Gacha

Tag Gacha starting point (get your HUD here – you MUST have one to play)


I don’t think I’ve had as much fun as this for agesss ! I admit I did spend quite a lot as I went round the stores but it was all stuff I SO loved. I even managed to strike lucky with a clawtooth RARE coupon *squeee*. I crashed a coupla times but its getting busy out there. No worries though, your HUD will store all the places you’ve been too – go get your HUD and set off on your Tag Gacha adventure ❤