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Red is the colour

Poppies FREE group gift - Bouquet by E&L - outfit coldLogic - hair clawtooth Temptation

With Spring rushing up to greet us, I have a passion for all things red at the moment ! Player has always celebrated International Lady’s day, and each year he manages to find a beautiful bouquet to present to me (bless him !) This year I received one from E&L, and its magnificent !It has  tulips,  narcissus, mimosa and a big bow to tie them all together. The hold animation is lovely also, just touch the flowers to turn it on and off. My outfit is from coldLogic, one of my favourite’s from them so far. Its called “sowers”, you can wear the shirt and skirt separately or all together. The field of poppies in the background are a free gift from Pure Eggs & Spam ! If you want them, just join the group (its free) and look in the notices to grab a copy. Ive decided to try and make a low prim Garden for the group and will be sending out a piece at a time, hope you like ❤

Ingenue Pickford heels in cherry 50 Off

One thing you cant see because of allll the poppies around my feet, are my new shooz ! I snapped these up at Ingenue for just 147L at the opening of the new Slink West store area. If you haven’t been yet, go take a look, heaps of Slink nails and shoes etc, and stores have 50% off one item – some really amazing deals to be had !

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

E&L market place store

Pure Eggs & Spam cafe (group joiner board location)

Slink West (use teleport board at landing point to get to Ingenue)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Everyday girl

even.flow NEW! Breno bouquet NEW! Monso hair NEW!

Newness from even.flow, its been a while but this was well worth the wait. This is the “everyday sweater”, on sale at the With Love Fair. It comes in a variety of colour tones to choose from. As it’s almost Vday I thought red would be cute ! There is a big fat buckled belt that slides around your waist, and a white trim to the neckline. Lovely loose casual fit. What got me really excited is, you actually have two outfits in one parcel !

Even.flow NEW! monso hair NEW! Shoes by Slink Indra

Wear it as a sweater dress, or as above, with the jeans add-on. It’s all one piece, you just need to change alphas (both in the pack) How über cool is that?! I love that designers are giving us a lot more bang for our bucks these days, buy one item and get more yay. My hair is new from Monso, I love love LOVE monso and despite having quite a small selection of styles, I think I own all but one of them *grin*. This is available at Collabor88 only currently, and the sim is stuffed with people, might pay to wait a few days to go grab it.

[Breno] Collabor88

I HAD to treat myself to the bouquet of chocolate strawberries ! Why wait for a guy to buy you what you so so so want huh? I saw these on flickr a few days ago and just knewww there were for meee. You can use them as decor, my bunch is on a pouffe in my lounge (only 3 prims), or use them as a prop, add them and you’re animated to hold them, purrrfect! These are on sale at collabor88, so head on over and love yourself  ❤

even.flow @ The With Love Fair