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Thanks a Bunch.(25Ld & FREE).

I’m banished off our sim as it does a sim restart and so here I am wandering lost and lonely but damn I’m looking good lol.

Ignore the dress it’s the bunch of Gypsophila which is the 25Ld Tue offer from the “Gumi’s Flower shop”. I’ve shrunk it a little bit as it just looked a better size slightly smaller.  You only get the one non-copy but trans so it will be a sweet gift to send a loved one or at least someone you can stand.

You will find the 25Ld offer in the usual place, at the LM on the stall but behind it on the stall is this freebie of a rather large and dramatic, my word for the day, bunch of Poppies.  You get 2 versions this large bunch and a smaller one consisting of just a couple of stems.

Gumi’s Flower Shop

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So…she said…and I laughed until I hurt

Do you ever wonder how a designer comes up with an idea? Yeah I do…I see things all the time and think to myself “ did they dream that up?”…Sooo yesterday I was flapping my jaws with Swan Ling of Argyle Anonymous and she showed me the new owl vase she has out..I really loved the flowers in it and said thennnn…she says “I made this flower that you wear ..have a look”, and I did…its super sweet and has squillions of colours for the petals and big fat juicy leaves that stick to your body..then I got to thinking how she had decided to make it. Apparently it was a “happy accident”, shed been making the flowers for the vase and this leeetle voice in her head whispered “put me on your head” she did…and voila ! Hoooray for the voices in swans head !

Also a new gift bag is out for a limited time..inside it are these adorabubble rolled leg jeans…two pairs of her neww fabbolicious socks ..and a pretty welcome mat for your sky home (seriously gorj) If you havent got into the new range of socks yet..go check them out…addictive and prittty! More news is Argyle Anon also now have a thrift store …prices range from 33L (the cupcake tee I’m wearing is there woot!)…if you wanted to stock up dash over and fill yer boots…thankyou swanners xx

Pretty flower & gift bag: Argyle Anonymous

cupcake tee: Argyle Anon thrift store