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Working from home. (Dollarbies).

Is it just me or is TPing borking again?  Sick of having to log out and log back in to unfreeze myself I decided to rummage in the Marketplace instead and found something I don’t think has been blogged before.

This dress is a “wearable demo” which basically means it’s a lovely summery dress for just 1Ld. For once you may have spotted I’m wearing a necklace, 2 necklaces in fact.  The more prominent one is an extra little gift which has been added to this already great dress.  Normally I don’t bother with jewellery at all but it has such a bright and yet light little sparkle it’s a really pretty addition.

This is from the “Shar’s Design” marketplace shop and I know that name, it says there is an inworld shop which I do believe there is and I’ve visited it but this offer is as far as I know a Marketplace offer only…since TPing is borking I can’t check that.

I almost forgot to add these shoes to this post.  Again another Marketplace find, I still have 3 more items to unpack, and again another Dollarbie and I’m really pleased with them.

The second necklace is a choker I’m using to cover up that NASTY neckline between my mesh head and my Legacy Perky body.  So basically when you see me with either a necklace, slashed throat or tattoo on my neck you can guarantee it’s because I’m wearing my Legacy body.

Shar’s Design (Marketplace).

Triumph. (Marketplace).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

What a drip.(Wearable Demo, Marketplace).

A nice simple freebie from the Marketplace.

That sign behind me is how I think we should treat every AV in SL as if you cannot be free in SL where can you?

You get 2 versions of this sweater with either a black or white drip. Although it has trumpet cuffs I don’t mind them.  Pretty pleased with it so I checked out the inworld shop and although there are freebies, on the balcony, they are creepy eyes and this top isn’t there.  I didn’t get the inworld LM but again since this is only on the MP that’s the link I’m giving you.


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Totally Wearble.(10Ld Wearable Demo).

I swear once I click “Publish” I will be logging out of SL and logging into RL as I do have work to do but damnit when something as good as this drops into your shopping cart for just 10Lds what is a girl supposed to do?

This is a “Wearable Demo” with a price tag that matches the birds on the ground, CHEEP!

Lots of fits inc.  As you can see it’s a Maxi Dress with lots of folds and attention to detail.

I don’t know if this is the same price in the ShuShu inworld shop but for now it will be easier to log into the MP and get it from there.

ShuShu(Marketplace only, I think).

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Demo this.(Freebie).

I’m having fun checking out old LM’s and old shops I’ve not visited in a long time and that’s how I ended up back in a shop called Kiwi.

I’d spotted a wall of this design but in so many colours I couldn’t make my mind up which one I liked best so in the end I just grabbed the demo just to make sure it would fit and when I put it on I spotted that this “demo” is a WEARABLE DEMO, Woo Hoo because not only doesn’t have any demo signs/texturing on it but also when I logged back in today I was still wearing it so it looks like it doesn’t even have a time limit.  I love finding wearable demos it’s a bit like finding a fiver in your jeans or pound coins down the back of the sofa it’s rare but when it happens it makes you smile.

Now that some time has passed I’m about 99% sure I have blogged this skirt before and the fact that it comes in just the standard mesh fits with an alpha suggests to me that it was years ago but it sure as heck has stood the test of time so much so I went back and I’ve just bought the same skirt but in a lovely green shade for only 55Lds.

Kiwi Mainstore (Back of the shop, easy to find)