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FIRST! (Lots of Freebies ‘n’ New Mina).

“First” is what people seem to love to put in youtube comments when they’re the first to make a comment…simple things simple minds I say lol.  Some may say the same of me about this headdress but it was the “first” of sooooooo many freebies at the latest round of “We Love RP” that I unpacked and as soon as I opened it and put it on I knew I was going to go for it and do a post.  You will find it on the F&M stand.

The other “First” is the Mina hair because this is the first time one of her hairs has been sold at Collab88!!!!!! Yes and about time.  Remember my last posts about small shops growing up to be big brands in SL well to me Mina’s is one of those shops although the first time I bought a hair from her shop it was pretty established already but since I’ve been a buyer and then a blogger of her hair for all of these years I’ve seen her brand name grow and grow.

As always you can try the demo out at Mina’s main shop first before you try to squeeze your AV into the Collab event because that place is usually busy esp when it’s just recently opened.  BUT I’m not going to put the Collab LM here because I really want you to go to Mina’s first and not just to try the demo out for this new hair but because Mina not only does the best range of red shades in SL but she also has a nice amount of plaited hairs, one which is very Rapunzel in style, short plaits, thin plaits, single plaits, double plaits etc so really try them out first.  This isn’t just what you see though as this newer plaited hair comes with the newer “options tab” and if you click on that you get 3 ways to wear your “bangs”.  I’ve got the fringe version on then you can wear it without and have it just fringeless or fringeless with lots of strands.  Go on try it first and with ALL Mina hair if the Hud has an “option” tab always check that out as well because more and more of the newer hairs come with “options”.

I almost forgot just another reminder that at the “We Love RP” event there seems to be a Freebie on each stand so make sure to pop over but this time I was actually pleased to see that they have pictures on the wall of the different RP sims and you just click n buy and you get the LM to the sim.  Some of these RP sims have so much imagination and thought put into them that they’re well worth a visit even if you just want to pop over to take some pictures.  If you do

PS. Never trim rampant ivy bushes with a smile on your face and a short sleeve top because your arms will be shredded and your teeth full of bugs.

We Love RP

Mina Main Shop

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I dont know what Im talking about BUT its fun !

bitch Maxwell Graf for WE 3 RP NEW!

I got chatting to Maxwell Graf this morning about his clothing etc, and it turns out that he’s just released some role play items for this “WE ❤ RP” event. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I’ve not really got into any form of role play at all. Its something I’ve always fancied but never got the guts to do? Anywayyy, when I saw what he’d made I got sooper excited to try it on ! Above I’m wearing the chain maille doublet top, its mesh and comes in various sizes and colour tones. It’s also made in the new materials mode, which makes it extra fab to look at. You can wear this on its own, or with a set of the arm bracers that are sold separately and in various materials.

bitch. for WE 3 RP - chainmail sleeved doublet and armour arms rigged & non rigged NEW!

Have to say, I enjoyed the look, and after touring around the event I was sensing a need to spend a lot of cash. Theres so much variety of role play represented. From Gor to fairies, mermaids, elves, and more ! Go take a peek, it’s a pretty place to mooch in and the shops are spread out in separate builds amidst the trees. Thanks Maxwell ❤