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Keeping in budget!(50Ld & Mention of Freebies).

If you remember last month I gave myself a 500Ld spending limit and it went so well I decided to do the same thing this month, I seriously wish I could do it in RL as I went and spent way too much when I was away!

Outside of the Arcane Spellcaster, the shop from my last post, I spotted an amazing old stagecoach which is how I ended up at “LOVE” a landscaping/decor shopping sim and although I’ve not found that horse and carriage set look what I did find.

I threw my 50Lds at the sign and rushed home and just slapped this paving/water feature down on our sim and snapped away.

I know you can’t make out the size from this picture but this is a perfect size for any courtyard, garden or patio for any sized home and it is mod.  As it’s rezzed only 3 prims.  You get 2 colours a stone shade and this brown shade.

The water effect is EXCELLENT, the way water moves in SL has just become so much better over the years, it’s subtle and yet at the same time distinctive but you will be able to see that for yourself as there is a rezzed example at the LM given.

I can hardly wait to incorporate this into my new home when the seasons change it’s going to look awesome.

There are freebies in this shop but they’ve not changed so I’m not showing you them but if you don’t know this shop

Love Homes and Garden Sim Wide Store

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Pottering about (Free items)

FREE garden water feature (limited stock)

I’ve been pottering around my SL home the last couple of days, my holiday to Spain invigorated me . I’ve been  trawling the shops and the market place to find pretty things for the garden. I was totally surprised to find the water feature above for free ! It’s by Two Moon Gardens and is a limited time offer – so if you like it grab it fast. All mesh and super sweet, it comes on a grassy pedestal to make it easier to blend in with your own land – and has flowers and butterflies attached , plus a water effect sound ball which is a lovely touch.

Hunt gift FREE

I also found this darling little bird in a cage from the I do wedding network in the “Finding the Fairytale” hunt, all prizes are just 1L. Touch the cage to make the birdy sing. It is mesh but isn’t ever-so-low in prims at 14Li but I’m going to make room for it in my home anyway.

Two Moon Garden market place

I do wedding Network

Finding the fairytale blog for all URL’s and info

Gift previews


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Three little birds

Three little birds, all in a row..isnt that how the rythme goes? Anywayyyyy here are three little birds….sat around a sweet low prim fountain…each bird moves and the water flows soothingly…such a lovely piece to place in your garden or on your patio…its also a free gift that I found while hunting at Spargel Antiques for their AGS hunt prize (never did find it !) However…I came away with a big smile and a new fountain for my home …The box is located just outside the main entrance of the store…easy to spot…go grab one up !

Spargel Antiques