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Total sh*te.(50Lds Group Gifts).

The group gifts from Granola are most certainly not “total sh*te” in fact they’re brill.

This washtub and washing line set is outside of the shop, you buy it inside in the reception area, so you can see the quality before you decide to join the group.

What is “sh*te” is the pictures I took of the rest of the Group Gifts.  Once I’d grabbed these I took a wander around the shop and found that there is a GROUP gift room in the back with a few more gifts which are just as good as these ones.  I particularly loved the seedlings in tin cans with such detailed misters they look so real but the pictures I took were useless.  So I’m going to post this and then when I log back in I’m going to give it another try as I’d hate you to miss them.

BTW This shop has a Gacha up at the Arcade and although I’ve not been to the Arcade event yet this is one of just a couple of Gacha’s I’m going to take a chance on as all of the prizes look so good I don’t mind what I win.  They have a picture up of the prizes in the shop as well and I think you will see what I mean.


I’m happy with these so here is a couple of pictures to show you some more of the Group Gifts.  There are more there, some shelves, a sideboard and I can’t remember if there were any more gifts.

These 3 items are in the same delivery hud and as you can see from the baubles they’re the Christmas gift.

See what I mean?  Detailed and adorable.


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Washer lady Low Primmed Low Priced!

I spotted this washing line outside someones home and a few clicks later I managed to hunt it down to the Marketplace.

wahing line

This is so good I’ve actually removed my washing line from a well-known shop and put this in its place instead.


10Lds and just a single prim! I’ve also got loads of sheets I can hang off it if I wish.

Although this item was bought off the Marketplace there is an inworld shop which isn’t very big tbh neither is the Marketplace shop but it’s one of those little treasures.  “Monohoshi” isn’t the name of the shop but it’s in Japanese lettering which of course my keyboard doesn’t have so I think “Monohoshi” means clothes stand?

Check out my next post for what I found next door!