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Just for you (a freebie for our followers).


I blog Follow Us stuff because it’s Idiot proof and I mean that most respectfully, although his furniture will appeal to both sexes if you’re a man in SL and you want to furnish somewhere with simple lines, great colouring, unfaffyness and some great poses for yourself and a partner then this is the perfect place for you.  If your man or woman and you appreciate clean lines, simple use and those added touches then this is a perfect shop for you and add to all of that some absolutely great pricing which means no matter what your budget is there is tons here for you.


The top picture has a few items from my invent which are from Follow Us ie the screen, the beauty basket mirror on the wall but the newest item to my invent is this wash stand.  Comes all linked which is pretty handy when you see all accessories on it.  Nice touch is the pale pink vase and twigs which set off the antique washed out colouring of the stand.  Can’t actually believe that this is a Gacha item for only 29Lds and this isn’t even the rare one as it’s packed with nothing but the washstand the difference is the items of decor and when some of them again are just as suitable for men or women and some just women some men so try your luck and although the Follow Us is a quiet group if you find you have a wash stand you don’t like I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find it hard to find someone to make a swopsie.

A whole new load of Summery and Decor items at Follow Us so if you’ve not been there recently time to pop back and esp since there is a new Group Gift out of a sweet sandcastle with couple poses in it.  Group isn’t free to join but at 40Lds a token price and as I always say a whole wall of old shop quality group gifts and some seriously discounted items waiting to be grabbed.

PS the Gacha and the Group Gifties are to be found in the same room when you rezz turn to your right walk through and enter the dark brown room but Follow Us is a much bigger store so have a walk through the rest of the shop and check outside for the garden goodies.


Dayum this is a FREE GIFT from me to you (that’s anyone who follows our blog).  I recently went to the This Seasons Story and “won” 2 Junbug skirts and I don’t want them I wanted one of the corsets and frilly knickers the corset I’m wearing is one of my own. It’s not because they’re shabby, they’re absolutely gorgeous, but I’m never going to wear them again. So I’m going to pack this one up, blush is the colour, and the other one which I believe is a light blue and I will set them out on our sim for anyone to come and pick them up.  When you rezz there you will land at our cafe area and they will be just on the table boxed up and ready to be bought for 0Ld.  I will box them seperately so you can just take 1 or even 2 if you wish.  I have been thinking for a while now that it might be a nice idea to box up all the old Gacha items I’ve bought but will never use again and set them out for anyone to come and take. This appliers to only what we’ve paid for though I keep ALL of my Follow Us items because I just use them too often to discard.

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