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It said “buy me” so I did.(Super bargains & mention of Freebies).

I’m not being lazy but I spent so much time at Bazar I ran out of SLing time I’m using the picture I took in the Bazar shop.

This wall hanging bike not only cost just 35Lds I do know because as soon as I grabbed it and TPed home to check it out that you get this wall version AND also a standing one and each is only 2prims!  Then I TPed back to Bazar as I really wanted to check the whole shop out and ended up buying quite a lot of the smaller decor items, ie plants, and bags and I think the most expensive item was this bike so it shows you how many bargains there are but of course they’re mainly the smaller items but check out the larger pieces as they’re most reasonably priced as well.


There is a whole wardrobe set which is so tempting to me.  You can buy it bit by bit or buy the fat pack, I would find it so handy to use as a backdrop but I do believe you can have a whole wall of wardrobes stuffed with bags, shoes, clothes for ONLY 14Prims! in your home, if you like a touch of realism to your SL life.

Then I decided to check out the builds, the TP to the rezzing platforms is to the right of the LM and it was the “new” Windmill that made me go “ooo” but of course I already own at least 1 windmill so I didn’t buy it but I was very impressed with it.  It comes with a reasonable price tag, under 1000Ld but check it out for yourself if you’re in the market for in interesting home..

PS.  The freebies have been out in this shop for quite a few years so I know for sure we have blogged them at least once, probably a few times so I won’t blog them again.  You will find them in the main entrance and there is also a dollarbie.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Gotta love a SALE.(Discount, bargains and some Freebies).

A big Thanks to Improlibra for the heads up about the “retirement sale” going on at Serenity Style and now I’ve finally got my paws on the sewing box I’ve wanted for ages (bottom right hand in the picture) and since most things are dirt cheap ie 5, 10 and a few items are 15Lds I didn’t hesitate to treat myself to more.  I did also spot a few freebies but I’ve forgotten which ones they were.

Amongst all that stuff is a wardrobe, ground cover leaves, chair swings, bench, picnic suitcase etc and I can’t wait to get inworld and unpack the lots.  I do know I didn’t pay more than 5 or 10Lds for an individual item. The place was busy, unsurprising, but not laggy but I will be going back to make sure I haven’t missed anything else.

PS.  Thank you, we only got a light blasting but my poor Lilac tree is looking worse for wear!

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