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Secret garden.

I’ve had this walled garden in my invent for absolutely ages I’ve just never got round to blogging it but then I had a really lovely time wandering around a very unique and interesting shopping and fun sim and picked up a whole load of odds n sods which inc a free house.  Instantly I knew that this walled garden would be the perfect setting for the house but it wasn’t.  Basically the house was so big that even though this walled garden is big it wouldn’t fit.


As you can see this has great texturing both inside and out, the door opens and closes.


But check out the size of this place! As you can see from my AV the whole thing is enormous and only 5 prims. The more observant of you will notice that the door in my version and the one on Emma’s Marketplace shop are slightly different.  Not sure if the one on her MP shop is newer or just a slightly diff version or you will get the exact same copy as me but one things sure for 45Lds and 5 prims a real handy garden, house plot, sandbox etc a very useful addition to your invent.  Lots of stuff in her MP shop but make sure to check out her in world shop, I’ve grabbed the box of freebies but there is also a antique cast iron cooker which would be excellent for a RP situation and if you pop upto the roof there is a whole load more of odds n sods including a lovely fabric cloud with a cute face and the rain is it’s tears.  So just the sort of place I love to rummage through.

Emma’s Home and Garden and Whimsical Things

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