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Fields of Elysium

I’ve taken a break from the hunting to head on down to SF Design to pick up November’s free gift which is a pack of two terrific waistcoats.

I usually struggle wearing waistcoats with textures stretching around the shoulders but not with these. That fact, coupled with the gorgeous shiny material and design make these vests a super gift. The Elysium Waistcoats come in two stunning colours: the blue which I’m wearing here and a wicked shade of pink as well. They come on multiple layers giving them a good deal of versatility and really just look fantastic.

This is definitely a gift you should run on down and pick up while you can as waistcoats are always handy to have, especially when they’re free and as cool as these.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Jolbey and Japser get your Goth on

Jolbey and Japser a new-to-me store..I headed over to take a gander and was sooper deelighted with what I saw..and lucky enough that Jodie Jasper  one half of the design team allowed me to show you some of their gear! Above I’m wearing the delicious pinstripe shorts..no actual prims to fiddle around with on these and they look perfect, really lovely detailing on them..underneath I slipped on the fantastique noir winter tights..if you get nothing else get THESE..you will wear and wear and wear them during the colder season ! The low cut waistcoat is so chic..and fits neatly over the cropped white shirt..beautiful cuffs on the shirt (it comes in a few other colours also) I’ve stomped about in this outfit most of the day…love it !

Couldnt prize me outta those shorts ! So I tried on the Midnight long jacket…fabbo belt with this and it just fitted straight outta the box hurrah we love that ! I wore the pinstripe corset underneath..comes with two versions , one showing a sooper cute pocket watch on the fabric..steampunk!

Info: Shirt 95L per colour, fat pack of five 395L – Winter tights 90L (4 tones to choose from) Corset & shorts 180L (various shades available) Midnight jacket 240L each colour orrrr a fat pack of all four shades for just 640L !

o.O almost forgot ! While you’re there mooching..dont forget to snap up the two gifts! To-die-for teal bolero and a matching gothic dress…the look is completed with a miniture top hat…isnt that glorious! thanks Jodie & Jasmin xx

All outfits & clothing: J&J

Poses: Fri.day & hate me eat me

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Super Bargain Saturday !

Super Bargain Saturday isn’t something I’d heard of until today when Faith told me that Argyle Anonymous had put out some brand new guy’s gear out for it. Since I had liked what I had seen from her before, I had to go and get these.

All I can say is wow. This is one super fantastic outfit, absolutely jam-packed full of epic gear. You get the shirt & tie, waistcoat, cord pants and slip ons all bundled together.

I’m loving slip on shoes more and more lately as I think I have mentioned and these are just ultra cool with a great plaid texture, they just look so comfy (texture and colour changing versions of these shoes can be bought separately in store if you like them as much as I do).

As you can see here the colour on the shirt is absolutely gorgeous, a pale, soft yellowy shade, I love it. The creases look great and it also comes with sculpted cuffs that fit perfectly. With this being a special preview outfit, the shirt comes on the t-shirt and pants layer to give it that untucked look over the mocha cords (which come on the underpants layer).

 One of the best features about this whole ensemble is the tie. As you can see from the pics it has a great casual look and features some fab textures that you can pick and choose from plus a wicked little face tie-pin.

What an outfit am I right? You can see the way the two-tone waistcoat just finishes it all off and goes with the cords and shirt so well. There’s not one part of this that I don’t like.

How much does this all cost I hear you say? Well, if you can believe it, for a short while the lot will only set you back L$60! I believe that it will be at this price until sometime Sunday afternoon so you’d best hurry on down and snap it up. Be sure to keep checking back at Argyle Anonymous because the full line of these clothes will be coming soon and from what I here, it will be terrific!

Get the gear here: Argyle Anonymous


DCNY Go Fresh!

DCNY sky button down shirt 125L

Hurrrrahhh!!! DCNY have opened their new store in Copley Square *squeals* I’m mega excited and wasnt disappointed with the new colour palettes & designs.The new store is spacious and lures you in, lots of room to shop and easy peasy to see all the items yay!

 Snapped up this simple yet stunningly made button down shirt in sky for 125L , so affordable and a piece that I will undoubtedly wear over and over again, even better is that it has two versions, long  and mid length sleeves. I’m verrry impressed with their cuffs, they look smoooooth and realistic. Heaps of colours to choose from , the fat packs were awesomely good value ! (but I’m broke as usual booo )

Opening gift contrast tank & roll up capris

As an opening gift DCNY are giving you this super-duper set of a tank & capris. Great details and no prim fiddling required !

DCNY button down shirt and vest & tie 1L

Andddd there’s more! There is also a dollarbie for you at the new store …one of the gorrrjus buttondown shirts, with both sleeve length options, a pretty pink tie and a waistcoat! Beautiful touches are the limited edition tie & waistcoat buckle at the rear, little details that can really make an item!

Im impressed, go take a wander around and gorge on the newness !

Go get freshhhh: DCNY