WooooHoooo there’s a sale on at Waffle ! Its to celebrate the owners real life birthday..and everything is 10L, yes EVERYTHING !!! I do have to say thanks to Faeth for this tip off, and can categorically say she is now redeemed from my little black book *winks*. Sooo I popped over and snapped up a few goodies..it seemed roood not too really..above Ive got the cute-as-a-button skirt & tee set on called “Too Hip to Hop* great prims no adjustment required…and all-around- pretty.. yours for 10L. (Like my Mary Jane shoes hmm? Hmm shall I tell you..I dunno yetttt )

Had to get the “Tribute” outfit…sooper ruanchy…leggings,spenders & a kini top…comes in racey red also…yours for 10L (ooo look there’s those mary janes again o.O)

Also nabbed a pair of the fine leggings on offer…you really can’t have enough leggings girls! Lovely design on them, I spied some snazzy animal print ones too! Sooooo ok…those Mary Janes huh? Arent they just slurpable…*laughs* ok ok ok…they are by Swan Ling of Argyle Anonymous…and they just totally ROCK my boat…they are in a special little sale at the moment for just 69L *gasp* (other colours available) You can get them here Oh My Stars – take a look around, there’s other gear there too !

The Waffle sale is only on for a couple of days…so grab your bags & cash and get over there before it ends (finishes 16th June)

Go grab the gear : Waffle!