You want style?

VS Style has got it in spades ! I caught a couple of dollarbies on the market place…

Above is the Fall special promotion, gorgeously detailed chocolate-brown sweater with bunchy cuffs and a raised prim hem to flash your midriff…over stunning prim cuffed pants…I love this..its been on my bones all day !

VS Style special Winter promotion 1L
also this , the winter promotion tube top over high-waisted tweedy pants. Absolutely love high waisters and the delicate shade of the knitted tube shirt is devine !

VS Style Kat dress new subscribers gift
Nowwww if you’re super smart, when you find these little gems on the market place , always always alwayssss go check the main store ! I liked the two outfits I found sooo much I hurried over to see what else the designer made..I wasnt disappointed! A really classy fresh collection of pants, shirts & outfits, and reasonably priced..decided to slap the subscribo so I could stay up to date with newness and received this sumptuous Kat dress as a gift! Holy Gramoly…great day!

Go get styled : VS Style

Links for the two dollarbies as follows : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VS-Style-Special-Winter-free/1962807