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Worst Hunt Ever!!!!

Why worst hunt? simply because the giant pumpkins you’re looking for are unmissable so basically as a “hunt” its rubbish but OMG what brilliant stuff.  Each pumpkin cost only 15Lds and trust me the contents are not cheap.  Shop quality mesh goodies and if that wasn’t enough to get you there the poster in the entrance of the shop show you the items that are in the pumpkins and even the number so if your down to your last 15Lds and there is something that you really want you can go straight to that pumpkin and buy it (then come back later and snag the rest because you’d be a fool not to).  Although this is mainly mesh there is a lovely set of make up and a rather creamy yummy skin on offer as well.  Once you’ve checked out this quality and their reasonable pricing you will be LMing this place for sure.

I’ve previously bloged the top before but it deserves special mention because I LOVE it. Non mesh and perfect.  As usual I stuck to the safe cream colour but they have such a pretty choice.  Love this shop and if the LM doesn’t take you straight to the top then have a lovely time wandering around (and if you still can’t find it just drop me a note inworld and I’ll take you there). Actually don’t because I’m wandering around now and I’m so tempted by so many things.  Some lovely high fashion and yet wearable clothes here so for the sake of my remaining SL budget I’d better TP outta here!

Ricielli Halloween Hunt

Vogue Sissel Top

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Free, Free and Freer..

Yes I know there is no such word as “freer” but I was so excited to get this sexy little number and the other Freebies my brain sizzled.
First off is CONGRATULATIONS to Etchaflesh for their 1000th Subscribers and in Shaodie Park’s excitement she’s dropped her purse and if you find it in the shop this is what you get.  A tight, sexy bunny mesh corset.  Sadly couldn’t find a pose to show off the bunny tail and I forgot the ears but even without them this is seriously well detailed.  The butterflies on the undies stand out and the lacing on the back is a vibrant colour with excellent tie details.  And wow they have been so generous not only with the outfit it’s self but it comes  with boots and they’ve as  included 3 different Alphas meaning you can wear as much or as little of this outfit that you want PLUS all the sizes so for those ladies who like to have boobs that are “generous” in proportions you will find a corset to fit.  How good is that!

Vogue in name and style.  This is a high fashioned shop however this bag is FREE for all.  When you zoom in on the flower detail you can almost see each little bead.  Lovely shading on the bag not a flat colour and it comes with a carry AO.  Loads of non mesh clothes which don’t stint on the styling.  Casual and elegant clothes.

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NiNight Creations because it’s their 2nd Birthday and still going strong.  Now if you’ve followed my last Blogg items and grabbed those washing line freebies you may notice that opposite !igO is  NiNight Creations.  A shop stuffed with masses of Meshness. Not only great clothes but great homewares.  Looks like there is a burgeoning shopping mall being created here which will be great as I can imagine that they will be filled with shops that offer unique variety like NiNight and !igO.  So to celebrate their SL Birthday they have a Scrabble Hunt going on and around you will see some really large Scrabble Tiles and some of them cost you 2Lds.  TBH I only bought a couple before I stopped because WOW they contained so much I had to stop and get them blogged. One tile contained almost a whole home in a box (who needs a kitchen/bathroom).  Fully rezzed it’s comes to a total of 87 Prims but how nice that they have also included each piece of furniture on its own, a total of 25 items inc that lovely lighted window, so you can just rezz one or two pieces to fit into your own home!  These are shop quality items as well and I should know as I’ve bought some of these items myself.



NiNight Creations

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VoguE it girl

Ok just one more With Love again Hunt gift..I couldnt resist after opening it…its a gown from VoguE called ” Isabella “..and hubbidy hubba what a gown it is. Layers of jet black, lace..a dainty shawl to cover your shoulders and entice with a hint of bare skin beneath..fabulous ruched body that snags your body in tight…its so right…and so MINE ! Wellll…it could be yours too, if you stump up a mere 10L …steal ! Thanks VoguE  ..

VoguE Main Store

Hunt web site with url’s and hints : With Love Again