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ArisAris Boots Promo – Vision Group gifts

ArisAris Boots PROMO $99L Vision free store credit

ArisAris have a promo on these “Vega” booties at the moment. The Hud with them is really huge and you can go for plain leathers or like I have, western style printed leather. Just $99L! My jumpsuit is from Vision which I bought with my hunt credits, but wait up in case you missed it if you joined the group you can collect some very cool group gifts whilst there – a very small group join fee of $19L I seem to recall. The ivory leggings are a real essential and a fat pack- dont forget to grab them!

Vega Booties


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You don’t need to “Shop ‘n’ Hop”. (500Ld for 18Ld).

I went over to the Vision shop to spend my 500Lds worth of credit and thats where I spotted that the Gift Board is also in the shop and not just at the “Shop ‘n’ Hop” event.

So for only 18Lds to join the Vision Group you get 500Ld worth of shop credit to spend on whatever you want.

Since it was shop credit and not a shop card I couldn’t pass it on as I usually do so I bought these 3 items, sweater, jeans and boots for myself. Each is an individual purchase and there is also a discount sale going on so instead of each item being 250Ld they were only, I think, 175Lds. I already had some credit with Vision which is why I went over the 500Ld mark and as it happens I still have more credit with them so I will be returning for these pants in the tomato red colour.

Lots of tops, bottoms, shoes, lingerie, bikini’s, dresses, fat pack and many colours to try on I’m just showing you what I bought for myself.

There are also some Group Gifts you may as well treat yourself to and they’re on the wall to your right as you go in.

Now for the PAY ATTENTION part as the credit has a very short cut off date, it’s either the 1st or the 5th, it will be on the notice board. AND to use your credit then right click on the item you want to buy and you get the menu wheel up and you chose emm the top option…easy to use as its a system used by many.


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I’m keeping the credit. (350 Credit & Group Gifts only 18Lds). UPDATE.

Normally when I get a gift or credit card I pass it on but since this is a non-trans shop credit I have to keep it.

NOT that I’m complaining as I can happily spend much more than 350Ld in the Vision shop and so I’m going to go on a shopping spree when I return and I haven’t seen a cut of date for the use of your credit, check the group though as I may have missed it.

Basically, it only costs only 18Lds to join the Vision group and not only as you can see do you get the credit by slapping that board on a wall near here are some SHOP QUALITY gifts.  I’ve snagged a couple which I didn’t recognise as having been blogged by us.

Since I suspect this is very time-limited as it’s the 31st today and it may finish tomorrow the 1st..go now!  Then head upstairs as there are a few Lucky Boards.

PS.  I don’t see a cut off day for using the credit.

Thanks to Faith I now know that this free credit is available till the 18th.


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Noooooo! Really? (Freebie).

I’d seen these boots in all the freebie group notices but because they’re from Gos I ignored them because Gos used to be a paid for group so I assumed they were free but just to group members but slap me with a stinky fish because it turns out that Gos at some stage went from an expensive, but worth it, paid for group to a FREE ONE!

Don’t worry if this isn’t a colour you like because you not only get all the mesh bod fits but also non-mesh bod fits a colour hud, so you can have this green or beige or pink or…..(fill in a colour of your choice here). Bloody brill and I almost missed it.

The sign says it all lol and yes that’s another one of the Rezology marketplace sale hairs and don’t it look fab! A blousy siren look I just love these “wiggy” hairs so if you do too check out my previous post for some fab offers.


BOOGER! So I decided to pop over to Vision which is where I got the skirt I’m wearing in the Gos pictures just to see if it’s still out as a freebie and to my joy I found a new freebie for us of a super sexy dress, not shown, and this top in the same pack.  Great detailing and I do believe a colour hud and so why the B*tch Face?

Not my SLink size!  I can wear the SLink Hourglass top even though it gives me Gazunga’s but no matter what I did I couldn’t get a good fit with the dress BUT it’s just such a great gift I decided it would be a shame for you to miss it, so TP over and try them for yourself.

PS. There are more gifts but I don’t know if they’re for the Vision VIP group which is a paid for one or for one of the other Free groups but this dress IS for the FREE Vision group and grumbles aside the top and the dress are really lovely.



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Good Morning Monday.(Freebies ‘n’ Bargains).

Blimey, I’m going to have to check out that new place Faiths just did a post about!  Until then here is my usual rambling post.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  Legendaire is once again a free to join Group and although there are new freebies I’m not wearing those. What I am wearing is a pair of the super bargain boots which she has out for us and at 49Lds not only did I buy this pair but I also bought the second pair of boots simply because they’re excellent.  I’m not showing you all of the detailing with buckles and zips plus both pairs come in all the main mesh fits plus 10 colour hud and again just for 49Lds each pair!  As it happens I was almost just about to TP back to Legendaire to buy these when one of our readers sent me a Gift Card for Legendaire! So that was such a sweet thought and turned out to be perfect timing.

At the front door to the Legendaire shop is where you will find some of the gifts and offers BUT you have to go into the shop on the left because that’s where you will find the newest Legendaire gifts but for the boots they’re on the wall at the back of the shop along with other offers.

When I was trying to pull a look together for these boots I came across this skirt in my invent which has been blogged before but it’s still out and it’s still excellent so LM at the bottom for that. I do believe there are 2 groups the cheapo one and the VIP one and this is for the non VIP group.

The top is I’m pretty sure a gift from one of the recent events I’ve been too but it’s also in the Sorumin shop as a GG.  You can change the colour of it by touching the top but it wouldn’t work for me so I simply clicked on it in my “worn” tab in my invent and the colour hud popped up so woohoo for that.  There are other gifts in this shop and I esp love the wearable notebook and Kawaii bag.   It’s not a big shop and seems to be mainly made up of Gacha machines.

Before you run off to try on your new goodies either use the Lm or simply walk out of the Sorumin shop across the pretty snowy bridge to the shop on the other side called “Yokai” and there you will find more freebies for everyone to buy at 0Lds.  You can’t see them but I am actually wearing a pair of pretty bead earrings in the shapes of hearts that I picked up from this shop apart from the pretty candles I can’t actually remember what else is on the stand but I do remember that this is yet another shop stuffed with Gacha’s because I splashed out on a couple.

Before you TP to the last LM either use my LM for Yokai or leave the Sorumin shop and walk across that pretty bridge to the Yokai shop.  A selection of free for all gifts just next to the reception desk and although you can’t see them I’m wearing earrings which were one of the many gifts.  This shop has even more Kawaii Gacha’s that its neighbour and be warned they’re full of temptation.

Legendaire(Go to the left side of the shop and thats where the new freebies are and on the wall at the back is where you find all the offers/discounts)



Yokai(Earrings & other freebies)

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Go To Discount.

Here’s some random SLing.  I was just checking out some old LM’s and as you can see the shop I was wanting to visit has now moved but someone kindly left this log pile seat and after I had paused for a while to go through some notes I came across one from a shop I don’t really know.  The note was pretty standard but what grabbed my attention was a Marketplace Special offer and yes I spent Lindens!


I had to jump down off my log pile to take these pictures but it was worth the leap.


As you all know it takes something special to make me spend my Lindens and as soon as I spotted this I thought what a great “goto” outfit for when I get sick of wandering SL in the latest demo or freebie I had picked up, I’ll let you into a secret because on my log seat I was actually wearing not 1 set of demo undies but 2 and both of them were naff!

This is a 100Ld offer and for that you no NOT get the full colour pack of the jacket you just get this pretty light pink shade but what you DO get is a pretty decent sized colour Hud which allows you to change the shades of the strappy top and the fur.


As you can see the fur is also an add on so happily as I’m not into fur of any sort I can just take it off.


Gratuitous Boob shot! Actually I doubt you would wander SL with all you nips showing it’s not that sort of outfit but if you have a top that you would like to wear instead then you just click the “Hide the top” tab.

This is ONLY a Marketplace offer and it’s just for the pink shade jacket there are other shades available but at the full price of 220Lds and there is a fat pack which does come with an ouchie price tag LOL.

The Link takes you to the MP shop and I’ll add the in world shop one so you can have a mooch around there. Make sure to check out the description in the MP as you can see all the colours in the Hud and although you can’t change the actual jacket shade you get so many colours for the top and fur it’s pretty extensive.  You will also see that it comes in all the standard mesh sizes plus 3 Belleza and 1 SLink size.

Vision Marketplace

Vision Inworld