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Like a Virgin.(Freebie).

Stop laughing at the title! I’m talking about the dress obviously!

A snow white dress from Snowpaws but it’s the “Third Life” group you join to grab this.  This is one of my fav free groups so again if you have space it’s well worth joining as notices are sent out on a reg basis.

The dress comes in standard mesh fits only which actually still worked out fine over my Mesh Bod.  There are other Group Gifts set out.

PS I know it’s TMI but I think curry for breakfast wasn’t my best idea and now I have a grumbly tum n bum!


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

An Embarrassment Of Skin


What does a normal person do when they wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep? do some Invent clearing of course. I came across an old Mother Goose skin which  because it was so pretty, sent me to the shop and what an “embarrassment” of FREE skins and LBs and Dollarbies and Cheapies along side the full priced skins, shapes etc A massive amount of LBs a total of 48. One of the things I like doing best is standing in front of a whole bank of boards and sorting through my notes or checking stuff out etc and grabbing as much freebies as I can and in the short time I stood there doing this blogg I’ve grabbed myself 12 new and hopefully pretty skins for nothing.


The 2 skins I am showing aren’t the LBs ones, I haven’t had time to unpack them and try them on, but Dollarbies.  As you can see in the first picture this one comes with a sweet toothy smile.  The second skin I had to get because it’s called after my name, Suzanne.  A pretty soft skin.  Although her shop is packed with so much freeness/cheapness even her full priced skins are a bargain price so for a little time and a little expense you could indulge in a new shape or skin and grab a whole bunch of free ones.  A win win situation.

Mother Goose

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Love The Skin Your In (SAH) Freebie

This is the Group Gift skin  not the SAH hunt item because they didn’t have it out at the time I grabbed this sweetie ( it should be out now).   In fact I got not just this skin but another 2 LBs skins and all of them have a totally creamy soft look to them.  The lips are exceptionally pretty as they have just a touch of gloss to them which makes them pink and pretty.

I’m being sneaky and using a smudgy effect to disguise the fact you can see my boobies but I wanted people to be able to see how lovely and creamy and amost virginal this skin looks.   If this is the quality of the Group Gift (group is free to join) and the Lucky Boards then I will be going back to get the SAH item because these are just so pretty and perfect.
Don’t panic men because Shiva has not only a large range of great skins for you but also Lucky Boards.