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Free hair and Bigger Boobs

New VIP group gift from Truth is always a reason to celebrate! This is “Teanna” and is a gorgeous long style with a sweet plait – of course you also get a stylist Hud so you can wear it many ways. The VIP group is (I think) $250L to join and you get a FREE hair each month ! My outfit is by Beautiful Dirty Rich “Huntah”- its on special offer right now $100L for the dress, $150L for the shoes. So anyhoo after looking on flickr at all the glamour puss bloggers – i decided to pump up the bewbs and butt – what do you think? I’m undecided !

Deets: Dress

❥ Compatible with:
– Classic Avatar (Classic mesh)
– Maitreya Lara
– Belleza: Venus, Isis, Freya
– Slink: Physique, Hourglass

► Includes:
★ Fitted mesh overknee heels
★ Alpha mask + textures (Alpha it’s optional).
★ HUD Texture Options:
⊹ 15 base colors
⊹ 15 matching fishnet+sheer colors
⊹ 10 patterns
⊹ 5 ombre styles
– Front and back textures can be changed separately
– Front, left and right corset can be hidden via HUD (also there is an alternative version w/o corset included).

Deets Shoes

❥ Compatible with:
– Maitreya Lara
– Belleza: Venus, Isis, Freya
– Slink: Physique, Hourglass


► Includes:
★ Fitted mesh overknee heels
★ HUD Texture Options:
⊹x 18 colors x 2 patterns – BASIC HUD: There is no option for metals or sole.

✪ Permissions: Copy, No Modify, No Transfer.

Get Grabbin !

Beautiful Dirty Rich Store

Beautiful Dirty Rich market place



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Crashing through the snow!(His “n” Her Freebie).

Nope, you will never ever see me doing this!  I can barely stand up on the thinnest of frosts so the idea of “Dashing through the snow” makes me cringe.

I’ve deliberately cut my feet off because you will spot that I’m wearing sneakers/trainers because believe it or not I don’t have boots to go with this outfit, on my shopping list now lol.  You get only 2 fits but that’s a “his ‘n’ hers” fit and a really decent colour Hud, everything from black to white and combos.

Oooo again I’m glad I popped back to LM grab as I think this outfit is free for all but there is a pair of gloves right next to it and if you join the I-Mesh group they’re yours.  I didn’t grab them as my group slots are full but I will clear a space and pop back to get the gloves.

PS I promise in my next picture my nose and antlers will be gone.


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Desert me P2.


As soon as I logged back inworld my first place to return to is the David C Heather sim where I had just spent a most relaxing hour or so snapping some pictures off and just sitting there pondering.  I also decided it was time to join the VIP group because although for a lot of people 350Lds would be a lot to pay to join a group, that it until you see the amazingly detailed and cute bag which is this months Group Gift.  Unbelievably detailed from the tiny zipper teeth to the pose that comes with this bag.  In total you get 4 bags which comprises of 2 sizes for men/female/large or small AVs and pose or no pose options in those sizes.  The smaller one fits me perfectly and the pose, hand holding the strap going across your chest is subtle and doesn’t affect my AO but of course you can use the non pose bag if you wish.  This bag is for sale in the shop for 300Lds and you have a much wider range of colours than the Blood coloured Group Gift but I’m hoping that by paying the extra 50Lds I’m so going to reap the rewards in future Gifts from here.


I have a theory and it’s a simple one.  When a designer/shop owner/entrepreneur opens a shop in SL sometime the outside tells you more of the quality to expect when you go inside the shop itself.

David2 It’s as though a giant has been blown up and his limbs, although those legs are definitely feminine to me, and scattered across the sim.


A great place to either pose like me or just to stand alone and chill out.


And finally the shop itself.  That stunning bright red colour is like a beacon.  All of the photos were taken using nothing but the sim windlisghts setting which adds to so much to the sims atmosphere.

The clothes you will find here you will not find anywhere else, unique and fresh designs especially for men.  Not cheap prices but neither are they unreasonable and because you’re paying for the chance to stand out from the rest worth every penny.  Plenty of demos for you to try out.

David C Heather

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Schwarz handed out a real tonic for your post xmassy look..a sleek complete outfit…shrug,pants,gloves and tank…deelightful sparkly design on the tank and studded pattern on the gloves makes it a real stylish look…Magnifique poses have this new set out with bags..ideal for trawling around the sales ! Great poses ,each with its own bag set to wear…


thanks Gelsi ! (group join fee applies) When you join the group, you will get access to the VIP room…youll find a bunch of heavily discounted gear up there. The landmark for the VIP room is just by the entrance..

Clothing: Schwarz

Shopping bag poses & bags : Magnifique


Shiki Update !

oh la la   Shinichi Mathy designer @ Shiki has given me some great news! There is no longer  a joining fee for their group!  They want it to be  welcoming to all new & old residents..good news to start your Tuesday off huh? Head over and join join join..take a wander around and look at all the gorjussness ! Dont forget to pick up the March VIP group gift also …

Thanks for the head ups Shinichi !

Go be a joiner: Shiki


Baby Doll

Shiki baby doll

Flirty, floaty,rufffffly little baby doll dress is the newwww VIP gift from Shiki! Its super pritty and ruffffly…and if you don’t want to be a  twirly girly…you can wear it like this…

Shiki baby doll dress

There is a group join fee (I forget how much but it isn’t  alot!) Each month you will be able to go get your paws on a VIP gifty hurrah! Also, there is a VIP room where all the previous gifts are hanging for you to take also…and trust me..Shiki are really just one of those classic groups you neeeed to be in..great workmanship…lovely details…!!

Go get dolled up : Shiki


Be a V.I.P

Indie rose VIP gift January

Agessss ago I suggested you might wanna join the Indie Rose VIP group..there is a fee to join, however..each month you are sent some very very very fabulous gifts! This is January’s ,a complete outfit, high waist pants,shirt & scarf (with a few options on colour etc) It’s a classy look…easy to wear, and can be split into separates too! (Ive been swanning about wearing the scarf since I got it!)

Head over and take a look around, some devine shabby chic vintage feel items and also sleeeek couture ! It’s a newww main store for the new year andddd as you land you will be offered a gift yay!

Go be a VIP: Indie Rose