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Lag Free ViP. (2Ld Group Gifts & Mention of Freebies).

Just a quickie.

The Vip Group costs only 2Lds to join and for that, you get this dress in both a bold red and dark black and also a pair of black strappy shoes and a foo foo cover.

There are also 2 “Stay at home club” gifts as well as some freebies for other free groups.


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Not just a dress.(10Ld goodies, mention of a small hunt and message for Moz).

You will have probably seen the newer Masoom GG as it was in all the blogs, inworld free & cheap groups, flicker etc etc and so I didn’t bother popping over which turns out to have been a mistake because there is more than that GG and this is just one of them.

Remember it’s just the dress, not the bag, shoes etc.

This dress looks pretty simple from the front but it’s the back which is the standout.

Such details like this, as well as the quality texturing, makes this dress a “shop quality” one.

I can’t remember how many actual gifts there are but for that piddling amount, you get a lot of choices. You will need to check the pictures to see what sizes are inc as it seems a bit random, for example, this dress comes in Maitreya, SLink and SLink HG while the sexy bodycon dress next to it comes in more sizes but not SLink etc  Having said that I still grabbed that dress as it’s super sexy and I knew I would find a fit which was ok

MOZ & Everyone else.

I did waste quite a bit of my SLing time yesterday trying to get a picture of a dress that quite frankly I couldn’t get to fit but God knows I tried.

I’m still in the Free to join Yasum group so I got the notice about a mini hunt going on.  Not really a hunt as it took me 2 mins to find both the “his ‘n’ her” gift.  You’re looking for a large yellow smiley emoji above the gift and you have to not only be in the VIP Group, that’s free to join, but also pay a single Ld for the gift.  The woman’s gift only comes in the 1 size and it’s not my SLink size it’s probably a Maitreya fit.  It’s a sexy form-fitting dress with a slash up the front and back and since it’s on the wall with the other but full priced dresses I can imagine there will be a demo for you to try before you buy.

There is also a gift in the men’s section so this bit is for Moz or the SLink men in your life.  A pair of suede, grey joggers.  I have to say they do look pretty good and the styling of those means no male AV should have much of an issue with the fit.

Just a reminder that the LM takes you to a TP room and not to the main shop and it’s from there you TP to the various DPs inc “Homme” “Femme” and the VIP room.





The gift of lingerie…

Indie rose glitter silk lingerie gift VIP gift

oh yummmmy, a gift of lingerie. Indie rose sent out this glitter silk set for its VIP group members yesterday! You have a choice of nipplage or no nipplage,multiple layers plusss the cutest pair of pink ballerina slippers-awww ❤ The stockings have theeeee most divine sheen to them, like real nylons, and the corset is just to-die-for..head over and join the VIP group (it does cost a few Lindens but it’s SO worth it!)

The subscribo group also received a gift yay! See below..

Subo Group Gift February

cute-as-a-button ballerina shoes !

Go be a joiner: Indie Rose