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NOT free but sexy AF (50Lds).

As soon as I spotted the corset and the price tag,1 click and it was in my invent.

The photo has been edited so TRY before you buy but trust me the colours and texturing and front and back details are amazing but again check out the demo first for yourself. I picked the pink and green version, other colours are available but bought separately.  Only 2 sizes and Alphas inc but I think you can see I had no probs with the fit and I don’t think many will.  The pasties are also inc the pack and can be worn as seperates.

There are other 50Ld offers in the Violent Seduction shop and you will find those in the GG and Lucky Board room.  The group isn’t free, I think it’s 250Lds so I will leave that for you to check out.

There is also some Gacha’s which cost 50 or 25Lds and I actually won an excellent red dress for just 25Lds but it was a rare and I didn’t want it, I actually wanted one of the hats so I passed the dress on and when I LM grab I might just try my luck at that Gacha because for 25Lds it’s worth the risk.

Violent Seduction.

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Sexy Drow


Going to be going from one extreme to another in this post. First is this amazing Drow skin which comes with perfectly matching Lola Tangos and Lush Applier.  “Drow” is something which I know nothing about but what I do know it’s I look FREAKISHLY SEXY! I don’t mean that Drow is “freaky” but this ash black skin is so unique and with the added extra boobage it’s stunning.  Because there are certain restrictions on the amount I can  show I’ve placed a more full frontal picture on my Flickr account.  This is a  subscription gift from Everian Malus (mizevangeline) and her shop is called “By Eve”.  A small shop in a rather large shopping mall dedicated to BOOBS of all sizes and brand names.  Now Everian has Appliers for all boob brands but if the item you have bought doesn’t contain the applier you need then she will send you one free of charge. Check out her profile for that detail and some other info.  So pop in check out the cute summer dress and make sure to slap the Sub board and grab this skin.

Flowery“Mirror Mirror on the wall who is fairest of them all” ME OF COURSE!! Still wearing the Essense Wednesday skin, Special offer from Violent Seduction is this Versailles costume for 70Lds.  Meshed AND Lola’d excellent. Love its Marie Antoinette styling.  Comes in only 2 sizes which are s/m and m/l.  Wears just as well without the Lolas so don’t let that put you off if you’re not into boobies.  A selection of sexy cute, Kawaii, Fantasy clothing.

Violent Seduction is on the CupCake Sim which is having a special reopening event going on which should sadly be ending today but rush in and grab this dress because Sgt. Pepper (iki.akiri) might be sweet enough to leave this out for a little bit longer or you might just get tempted by one of the lovely items here or even try the Gatcha or Lucky Boards.


By Eve

Violent Seduction