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The Creative Spark – modern or not?

Oh I love a bit of lounging about wear – and surprisingly this little set is a real keeper for me – I say surprisingly because this is actually from EBDesign, which is usually known for its period clothing – for me this is just beautiful and something Id wear anyway! Bloomers with a camisole top, the detailing on the frills and flounces is so fine. It comes in standard mesh sizes and I found a size M was perfect for my Slink Physique mesh body. Both items for just $60L during this round of the event – a little additional bonus is the slippers – they are the hunt item ! $5L per prize and although these aren’t specified for mesh feet – as you can see they fit my Slink flat feet well (with a little tweak using the resizer script). You’ll find a hint giver for the hunt in the main  hall of the store – its not hard to locate!


The Creative Spark hunt blog

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Vintage Fair!

Vintage Fair is open to all yay! I’ve got the scoop on the release from Neve – Fringed jacket with top and a million ways to wear it (well – almost !) This is Milla – oh gawd I do love it – so many options to play with, suede’s, pastels, florals and on and on – go take a nosey and check it out. (Main mesh body fits included)

Of courrrrrrse I could not show the pink option right! This top sits perfectly with Neve’s “Minnie” jeans, I also tried it on with the “Sass” shorts – brilliant fit ! New hair I grabbed from the market place – its by Doe and is at The Arcade – I couldn’t be fussed with the lag over there so shopped for it second-hand on the market place – just enter the name of the item you’re looking for in the search bar et voila – someone will be selling it. Thanks Neve team ❤

Vintage Fair North Sim

Vintage Fair South Sim

Vintage Fair Shopping Guide

The Arcade

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Jazz it up

kokolores Jazz hair - FREE dress -


I’ve been a right slacker the past coupla days, mostly due to the weather and work kicking my butt. Anyhow I really wanted to get this post completed as the event has now begun and its something not to be missed. Rhapsody is the event, its on from the 28th June till the 12th July. So many great designers are involved, poses, décor & fashion plussss hair yippeee ! This style is from Kokolores and for me is THEE best retro “do” Ive seen in quite some time. Think flapper girl, the roaring 20’s, its epic. The band comes with a colour change HUD, so you can really work it into a lot of outfits.

kokolores Jaz hair - FREE dress !

My dress is a freebie I found on the market place from from Volstead, it comes in two parts – the top and the dress, which can also been worn separately. I have blogged this before yearsss ago, but its a classic and worth grabbing !


Volstead dress market place link


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I’ve been fiddling about with the new range of hats by Eclectica for a little while…whilst I simply adore vintage and retro homewares, I’ve never really tried much in the way of clothing or accessories. However…when I tried this new cloche style headwear on, I was sold ! Each colour range comes with three versions, I’m wearing the blue pack. These are unrigged mesh, so you can re-size using either the inbuilt menu or by hand. You also get an amazing five hair colours to choose from or, handily you can opt to not show the hair and wear your own..clever huh?! The hat itself is a felt fabric, with a silk band and gorgeous metal brooch attached, two choices of metal for this. Pro-tip…Tiffy has left the base of the hat pretty neutral…and if you read the blurb on her market place store, she explains how you can also hand tint this slightly to better match your clothing if need be, brilliant! There is a demo instore to grab and play with. Btw my dress is a release from coldLogic from last year called Christie…lovely range of retro tones in this that I feel compliment the colour palette in the new solaria hats from Eclectica, check them out.

eclectica and paris metro_004

New in yesterday is Flora jewelry set…ohhhh I was so chuffed with this. Id been hunting in my inventory for something that would suit the warmer weather clothing that’s coming out voila ! Just look at the realism on that big central rose bloom…looks like you could stroke its tender petals doesn’t it? Tiny daisies cascade around either side of the central flower…and you have gorgeous daisy earrings . As is usual with Eclectica’s work…you get SO many choices in the menu to personalise these items its unreal. The strap, clasp,leaves, gems etc…this range is unrigged mesh, meaning if you prefer to edit by hand on a pose stand, you can. Thanks so much Tiffy ❤

Eclectica mainstore (demos are here)

Eclectica market place store

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

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Stuck at a Motel

I have such a beautiful complete outfit to show you from SF Design…it deserved a great location to show you it…and after a few false starts I think I found it. Do you recognise the motel? Have a little think about it…rummage about in your memory for a really famous Motel. “Ms Chevia” is the outfit…its so retro…and chiq. Various colours but I just adored this dark cherry red…

It comes complete with the fascinator hat, the peep toe heels, belt and bolero…and of course that classy little dress ! Any guesses yet where I am? Biggg clue is I’m holding a suitcase…and trying to leave ….

Last photo surely must know it now right? Ohhhh cmon…its Bates Motel ! It’s a wonderful spot to explore…apparently there is a drive in movie theatre down the road that shows films hurrah! I snooped in all the rooms and they are very well furnished , faithful to the era of that movie…  Kinda creepy but FUN at the same time…anyyyywayyyy…back on track..Ms Chevia is out…for the whole package its 500L…steal ! Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

Bates Motel