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Vintage Fair!

Vintage Fair is open to all yay! I’ve got the scoop on the release from Neve – Fringed jacket with top and a million ways to wear it (well – almost !) This is Milla – oh gawd I do love it – so many options to play with, suede’s, pastels, florals and on and on – go take a nosey and check it out. (Main mesh body fits included)

Of courrrrrrse I could not show the pink option right! This top sits perfectly with Neve’s “Minnie” jeans, I also tried it on with the “Sass” shorts – brilliant fit ! New hair I grabbed from the market place – its by Doe and is at The Arcade – I couldn’t be fussed with the lag over there so shopped for it second-hand on the market place – just enter the name of the item you’re looking for in the search bar et voila – someone will be selling it. Thanks Neve team ❤

Vintage Fair North Sim

Vintage Fair South Sim

Vintage Fair Shopping Guide

The Arcade

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I failed!(Freebie n Dollarbie n New Mina).

Although I did manage to clear out some of my invent with so many offers coming through from the freebie groups I’m in thatI had to go and check them out and ended up with more stuff in my invent.

KEEPERS for me and I say it in plural because you get the skirt, top, sunglasses, bag and flippy flops and then times them by 2 because you get this set as well.

I’m not actually sure which texture is my fav so I’m keeping both.  They come as separate and in all mesh and non-mesh bods.  The flip flops also come with if I remember a 6 colour hud option but sorry can’t remember the feet they are for and yes I rezzed the bag even though it comes with a wearing pose, not used, as it makes for a great decor item and again if my memory is correct it was about 6 prims.

There are other Group Gifts but although this little number is in the DM shop you have to join the free “Ficamos Lindas” group, just click on the image and you will get the link to join.

I also spotted that the pictures on the floor leaning against the wall are all set as Dollarbies and I grabbed this one.

This boobie flashing cheeky little number strikes a bell with me so I don’t know if Faith has blogged it a while ago or it was sent out in a previous notice and I just didn’t follow up but anyhow here it is.  The top comes in all sizes and also a colour hud and the panties are in an Omega applier as well as the system clothing layer.

Now for the New Mina hair and I think you can tell from the styling that this is available at “The Vintage Fair” and is called Betty.  The fringe on both sides have big fat pin curls which give it that “retro” look.

As you all know I’m not into techie stuff but the one thing with all the big and busy events that now take place I have become more acutely aware of that little box that pops up to tell me what my “avatar complexity” is, and just to test it out I’ve popped a non Mina hair on and it’s sent the numbers rocketing through the roof and that often can cause you to lag or for other people not to be able to see your AV fully formed, is this when you become a Jelly person?  I’m not really sure if I have any Mina hair that even scratches the surface of being lag causes but she has always included a “Material” and Non-Material” version in her packs.  The non-material simply mean that they’re just slightly not as complex and therefore someone who has a computer that struggles with SL or busy places might find this is a better version to wear.  She’s now made it even simpler and there are now 2 tabs on the side of the hud for you to click to whichever option suits you so you don’t have to take one hair off to put the other version on you just click the Hud.  BUT again I have to say that for all their details and texturing I cannot think of any of her hairs even the material version comes come even close to making you have issues.

As Alway check out the Mina Mainshop for the Demo but don’t worry as this is such a large event the couple of times I’ve been over it’s been busy but also quiet enough for a nice saunter around.  The LM takes you close to her shop it’s simple just one of them on the corner so easy to find.

DM(Dakota Modas)

Mina@Vintage Fair

Mina’s Mainshop

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Vintage Fair

The Vintage Fair is on and as soon as it gets a little less busy I will be in full shopping fever mode! Gawd there is some really lovely stuff on offer. I’ve got this to share with you from %percent and its to.die.for! The “Sarah” sofa comes in at just 3Li *faint* and is really superbly done. Twelve velvet and twenty-four damask textures included plus twenty-eight single poses, five friend poses andddd fourteen couple animations – and the poses are truly adorable. Some rez props as you can see above. The letters are an oldie btw from Dysfunctional designs landmark below (not sure if they still do them?) The 1920’s inspired pendant light fitting is also on sale at the event, its only 2Li and comes with twelve textures.

The Vintage Fair

Dysfunctional Designs

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-Roulette -1975 NEW!!


Oh my burgeoning inventory ! I’m afraid I just couldn’t resist buying this container styled home at the new round of Roulett3. It’s by [Since 1975], a store I have been keeping an eye on for a while. This quite simply is irresistabubble – Low Li (62) and just $374L at the event – who can resist. You get a HUD too, which you can use to alter some of the colours – such as window frames etc – nice touch. It does come as seen above, the base, the stones and of course the roof garden with vines and soil patch.

Percent NEW!

I’m in lurve with this gorgy retro patio set form %percent! Its got so many delicious colour tones in the menu – even Tiffany blue *faints*. So so so what sets it apart for me is the wonderful selection of animations and FOOD ! I’ve seen a lot of tables with food offerings in my almost ten years of SL – but this is different. Not the usual stuff by a long shot and each meal is so beautifully presented with fabbo eating animations. There are , of course, other poses – talking,reading etc for both males & females. This will be available in the upcoming Vintage fair – starts June 10th!

The Challenge NEW - bauwerk

Meanwhile in the latest round of The Challenge bauwerk-22769 have set out these wonderful decor items. The gramaphone actually does play a oldtime record which is sweet, all verrrrry low Li and superbly detailed.

bauwerk 22769

The Challenge blog

The Vintage Fair blog – starts 10th June



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Aunty’s sofa and go-go styling

Cleo Design has shared their items for the Vintage Fair with me…I played around with these for hours ! I adore this retro set…especially the basket weave chairs ….they have colour change…so can look funktastic in your home no matter what ! The record player has such a sweet song in it…go give it a whirl…(gawd is it ageing me that I recognise the clock? My nana had one exactly the same lol)

Another collection that’s out for this “auntys sofa set”…you get all that you see here..sofa,table,decor items, lamp, rug & framed print. Now the really interesting thing is..the sofa holds a secret! mhmm…not only does it have colour change options…(on all parts not just the whole thing yay!) if you choose the “lay” poses that L-shaped end piece slidessssss out…and then when you want to sit…it slidessssss back in…how coolbeans is that! Have to say…you’ll be really impressed with the animations in this…there are just SO many..even exercises ohlala…

I think one of the reasons I admire Cleo Design’s handywork so her knack of putting together a collection of pieces that light up a space…take this set above “piano corner”…pretty and functional….and will make a corner or side area of a room just full of character. The piano is crammed with music..seriously check it..loads of songs, it plays beautifully and has the animations for you to lounge or play….absolutly adore the old fashioned chair…as  is usual with Cleo designs can use as much or as little of each set as you isnt hard linked…so depending on your prim budget…use what you want. If you havent been to the Vintage Fair yet…go take a peek and have a play on the furniture…thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Designs @ The Vintage Fair

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Vintage Me

As Faith showed you guys earlier, the Vintage Fair is on and in full retro swing and SF Design is right in the thick of it with this gorgeous 60’s Mod Suit for us menfolk.

I’ll tell you how good this suit is: Faith and I were looking at it last night and we were finding it difficult to believe that this is not a mesh outfit. Honestly, it looks amazing, every texture and every detail is executed really well and works so well together that it is fairly seamless. The single tone in blue is amazing also. I usually like some contrast but here it just works so well.

This suit comes with sculpted bottom for the jacket, cuffs for the suit pants as well as cuffs and collar for the suit and shirt and the tie and they all fit pretty much perfectly. The only thing I had to fiddle with was the tie but that was a matter of seconds and so well worth it. You really have to head down to the Vintage Fair and stop by SF Design’s stall and score yourself some sixties style.

Amazing as that suit is, that’s not the only thing you can score from SF Design right now as the Menstuff Hunt has kicked off yet again and yep, you guessed it, SF Design has a gift for us guys.

Called the Tyler Outfit, this hunt gift is a simple, basic black outfit of a well-made shirt and pants. The capper on this outfit comes from the so sweet turquoise blue vest, tie and matching cufflinks, they really bring this outfit to life. You can wear this outfit in any number of ways because there are a heap of different layers to work with here. For my shot above, I’ve got the black shirt untucked and the vest over the top but, as I said, there are a lot of options here and that’s just the way I like it. With the outfit you get the sculpted, tucked in tie or a flexi tie, collar for the shirt as well as cuffs for the pants and shirt. All this and it’s free! All you have to do to get your hands on it is track it down. Get to hunting.

And as always, you can pick up Monday Mania while you’re down at SF Design hunting. This week’s release is the lovely, easy-to-wear blue Saville suit (it must be a blue moon at SF Design). It will cost you L$25 to pick up, only from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section. Thanks so much swaffette!

Get the gear here:
60s Mod Suit: SF Design @ The Vintage Fair
Tyler Outfit: SF Design

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coldLogic do the sixties

I was all twirly when I found out that coldLogic were in the vintage fair…I waited with bated breath to see the goodies…and boy-oh-boy…goodies they indeed are. Gawd..seriously…well…hubba hubba…I received a little package…and then just sat back and feasted my eyeballs on the dresses. I love this retro look..its fun…its spunky (yes, I can say spunky cause that was a term apparently used in those days – so there !) If these pieces don’t make you smile , youre made of stone!

This is “Brady”…and I so so SO adore it…retro wild green…with a darker slash of colour at the top..thin belt clings around the hips..underneath the most darling ever self spotted peter pan collar blouse…how can you just not love the flavour and design of this perky little thing? It made me feel like dancing ! (other colours available)

Then we have “Montgomery” (you seeing the pattern in the names yet hmm?) I was lured to the green again…its just so evocative of that period…oranges and greens featured a lot, even in furniture…similar to Brady..but losing the girly spotted blouse for a plainer one…I bet some of the fun-young-things of the day would’ve marched up and down the bright lights of the streets in London in this…fabulously fashionable. (other colours available)

“christie” is a firm favourite of mine…I choose the latte & chocolate version…another great retro shape…classic pattern for that period, the short turtle neck..sleeveless..and slightly fared out at the hemline…I have photos of old family members actually wearing this sorta thing ! It holds true today as a timeless design…Id SO love this to be part of my real life wardrobe (oh,  if only I had christies hips!~le-sigh~)

Say hi to “Partridge”…you have got to recognise that name , no matter how young you are..right? This is one of my favourites of the collection for the Vintage Fair…and I just HAD to build myself a little retro pad to flounce around in whilst wearing it…I also looked up sixties music..and found this little gem which made everything  hilariously funny – I had no idea this was a 60’s hit ! Yakety Sax , however my sound track for this blog post HAS to be by our 1960’s heroes The Beetles..heres a classic for you to listen too whilst perusing the photos Twist & Shout yay!

Sooo back to the gear (sorry for the musical diversion !) Heres “kitt”…I was fascinated by this dress…presumably named after Eartha…now Eartha spanned a vast period in time, she was a diva of magnitude!…this dress is definitely a cocktail essential – in the black & silver tones (jewelry by Amerlo Manga for the Vintage Fair)..however..swap it out for…

the pinkish one..and youve got a far more fragile delicate look…in the lighter shades this comes in you can see the exquisite detailing on the peplum waist  a lot clearer, plus the fabric on the bodice really shines through…one thing I did notice with the styling from, the 50’s through to the early 70’s, is it really was a mish mash of looks…hippy chic, swinging 60’s, mods and a few Grace Kelly style hangovers from the 50’s ! Theres much much more than I’ve had time to show here… a vast array of funktastic colours…thanks coldLogic team ❤ (Dont forget the Vintage Fair opens on the 4th August)

coldLogic at the Vintage Fair

coldLogic blog

coldLogic on the market place

Amarelo Manga at the Vintage Fair

Hair by Wasabi Pills & Tram

Skins by Modish & WoW

Decor by Lisp Bazar & POST

Mesh home “Romantic Loft space” by Designer Prims

Wall decals by Wall Candy