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Little treats

Hunt & group gift

The house hunt has begun and there are some lovely items to be found – they cost 20L a pop, brilliant ! This little table is by tarte, only 2 prims and will brighten up a corner in your home perfectly. The two other jars are a group gift from vespertine, you get two to hold and two to rez, the group is free to join btw.

The House Hunt - 22769bauwerk (20L fee)

My favourite hunt prize is from 22769bauwerk, “birdhouse in your soul” is a gorgeous wrought iron chair. Its filled with plump cushions and lots of poses so you can lounge about looking lovely. I think I’m right in saying its just 6 prims (or thereabouts) Btw you might want to be careful at “casita”, I found the hunt prize (its a little box with a heart inside) but it wasn’t set for sale – slip of the finger and I had bought a tree shaped shelf @ 150L I didn’t want – I really dislike when stores hide hunt prizes inside other items set for sale grrr)

The House Hunt Blog (lists participating stores with url’s)


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A Humph day RL & SL there is nothing worse than sitting waiting for a repair man to turn up or having picked up a load of SL goodies only to find they’re not that good after all.  All is not lost as I did find some free goodness yesterday from the Oneword Bimonthly Event, Vespertine and Shutter Field.


The wall lamp of a cloud is actually only 1 of the GG’s from the Oneword event.  This is a Bi Monthly event and basically people can suggest a single word and the one that is suggested the most becomes the theme. “Dreams” is the theme of this round so lots of dreamy stuff here..boom boom.  Clouds, floaty dresses, Kawaii bags & wings, jewelry and poses so basically a little bit of everything and all set out in a lovely shopping mall.

The Group is free to join and you will find the GG’s right next to the large Sub board.  There is more than this lamp waiting to be grabbed, wearable clouds, a ring, some poses and the cutest wearable cloud rezzer.  I normally don’t care for those things you wear and when you walk they leave foot prints, lights, paws prints etc and in this case little poofy clouds but I have to confess I wore them and took a run around my platform leaving little trails of clouds behind me and giggled a bit.


The Tea crate with the books, tea towel and cuppa tea is the new Shutter Field giftie, all linked and all so well textured.  Not had a chance to check out to see if there is any new stuff in Shutter Field but this is a really good furniture shop and if you’ve not been there it’s worth a gander.

stuff 2

Last but definitely not least the gift from Vespertine.  OH I’m so happy that they’re not only copyable but mod so the smaller one in front is the original size but I made a supersized one.  You actually get 4 in the pack, 2 wearable with poses, 1 wearable without a pose and 1 rezzable.  Blimey I’ve forgotten the name but it’s something like “let your dreams flow free”.  I adore Vespertine and I adore how you get such great gifts.

PS if you missed Vespertines FLF offer it’s out now and I SNAGGED IT! So if you need a retro sofa/side coffee table then check it out.

PPS The repair man is finally here Woo Hoo.



Shutter Field



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I Spy, cheapies, freebies and pretties.

I spy freebies, bargains and something new for my home.

mute shoes

Yup Mute is still putting out the 10Ld bargains and since I can never have too many SLink shoes esp when they’re just 10Lds I of course popped straight over and grabbed these.  A whole board of different colours and it was hard to choose so yet again I plumped for the beige/brown shade but there is everything from bright pink to emm these beige/brown ones LOL.  SLink so that means you need the High feet for these shoes.


I popped over to the Cosmopolitan Shop.  There is a large mainshop with a whole selection of clothes, shoes, poses etc from many well know SLshops.  Outside is a nice shopping mall and you will notice a lot of the shops have shopping trolleys outside and in them you will find a lovely discounted item.

In the main shop I found these goodies and I also grabbed their Group Gift which I completely forgot about.  The GG, free to join, if I remember correctly is a stool, high in height and with an industrial look to it.  However these boxes are a real find for me esp as I’m cleaning out and redoing my home a little bit and these will be perfect in my home/outhouse.  The box with the bottles and the one with the lid on are only 10Lds! and the one without the lid is a FREEBIE from Ex Machina and even the box with the bottles in ONLY 2 prims! and the other boxes are only 1 prims and copyable.

I don’t know too much about this shop, Ex Machina and tbh not a lot on their Marketplace Shop but when I get back inworld I’m going to have a scout around to see if they have more stock inworld.  Till then I’m chuffed with these boxes.


Since I saved so much more at the Cosmopolitan event and Mute I splashed out on this gorgeous candlestick which can also be found in the main shop.  75Lds and only 2prims for the main candlestick and a single prim for the stand alone one and yes it’s also copyable.

candles 2

I zoomed in for a closer picture.  Slightly kicking myself that I didn’t check out how it glows in different windlight settings but even in my Nams setting it looks so pretty. DOH forgot the name of the design/shop for this candle set but when you go into the Cosmopolitan main shop you turn left for the boxes and right for the candlesticks LOL.  They’re both placed on the centre stands.


Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town

Ex Machina

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Hint Hint.

Zoom in on the little Sailor out fit I’m wearing it should give you a hint as to what my next post will be but I just had to get these FLF offers in (Fifty Linden Fridays) as they’re just too good to miss and a extremely low primmed decor item.

Bloom BlackThe chair is and the abacus is not a FLF offer. A 2 primmed chair with a retro pattern some great single and couple poses (poses I have used are the actual single poses) what more do you want in a chair?  But now check out the abacus, 2 PRIMS! all that attention to detail and so low primmed and at 125Lds cheap.  Both come from the same place Zigana.

Bloom Black UseNom Nom Nom 3 prims, 50Lds and you get not just the tray but dark or light wood coloured tray, with or without steam and separate cups.  Be aware that this is Mesh. Comes from LISP.  I bought the tea set but if tea is not your thing then a very similar but chocolate set is on offer.


And last but not least and I wish I had more time to show you the texturing but again FLF are only out for a limited time and I wanted to get this posted quickly but this is this so low prim, so well textured features and a  flf from Vespertine.  Inside you have plenty of texturing and decor which means it is more than a plain box and of course you can see the big windows, door and the balcony and this is all for 50Lds and only 15 Prims.


LISP Bazaar


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Time To Garden

Wow Wow and more WOW.  I loved my greenhouse, loved it details and charm and texturing but wasn’t too keen on its prims (I’m such a prim biatch). The WOW is the fact that I’ve managed to replace the greenhouse I had AND fully furnish it with amazing plants and all at either free or cut price.


EoD does it again (that’s End of Daze).  This lovely basic, rustic greenhouse has enough details to make it attractive to look at without eating up your prims (10 prims).  The glass is slightly glazed and I love the slatted wood  floor.  Because you don’t just get the greenhouse you also get the work benches that you can see just inside (3 prims) and also some starter plants (2-4Prims), wood pile (3 prims) and the 2 tools (2 Prims each) out front this also come in a handy rezzer so no fiddling either and since items aren’t linked you want to free up even more prims then just remove a few items although they’re hardly prim eaters.  I’ve also included in this photo the amazingly small primmed herb pots from a previous post. This is one of the amazing The Birds And The Bee’s Hunt items, (each item seems to be priced at 45Lds)  I’m not going to tell you where the little bird is because I want you to have a good look around EoD as it is stuffed with clean cut, well textured unfussy retro modern furniture which I have blogged before and as soon as I’ve set it up you will also see their latest offering of a tea set and trolley.

Perga 2

This potting table isn’t included in the EoD greenhouse and in fact is an excellent FREEBIE from Vespertine. I know this shop well as I have some of their skyboxes which have been well used by both Faith and myself as backgrounds for photos but of course for most people they would make small/perfect/prim light/well textured atmospheric cosy homes. Downstairs are the chairs, tables, wall decor all with a lovely touch of uniqueness and upstairs is the skyhomes.

Amélie (amelie.knelstrom) has been so kind as to set up a lovely large cafe and landscaped her sim so lovely subtle and relaxing for all to use.  If your not in the market for a home or home stuff but just want a calm place to visit this is the place to go.

Perga 3

Both Faith and I went to The Liaison Collaborative and drooled over the lovely “English Garden Party” themed items and we both went shopping.  I snagged these Hollyhocks from BA (Barnesworth Anubis).

Perga 4Normally I usually use only the one light setting which is Nams skin and prim setting but since I can use windlight and I love it all the previous pictures were taken with a windlight setting but since I know not everyone can or wants to so I’ve taken this photo to show you the beauty of this Hollyhock in normal SL midday light.  Because this is mesh this is one seamless beautifully coloured plant.  The kicker is this is ONLY 1 PRIM! Then the icing on the cake is that the pack costs only 123Lds and for that you get 4 different shaped plants and 5 different colour choices and copyably.  You could fill a whole garden with these beauties for those prims.

EoD Marketplace

EoD inworld (find the birdie)


Verpertine Demo Platform

The Liason Collaborative