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$1L Offers – do it now!

Not sure how long MH Unique Design is going to leave the $1L sale on for – it states just for this weekend and its now Monday – but its still a weekend here in the UK! (Well its a long holiday weekend) This is the Aria Beach Collection, dead nifty top and kini bottoms, separate pieces so really useful , plus a whopping Hud with lotsa colour and pattern choices for both top and bottom woooo! Check out the main store page for the other dollarbies – some real gems there too.

Fits inc:

►Clasic Avatar
►HUD 10 Colors

Aria Beach Collection

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Thank you VeNuS(Freebies).

I was just about to throw the towel in as my hunting for goodies just wasn’t going very well at all, add to that PumeC, the skins I wear 95% of the time is having a SALE(with 2 other shops) OMG! So even before I TPed over I bought a load of Lindens then hot footed it over and of course it’s PACKED to the rafters and LAG HELL!  So I gave up till it’s quietened down. But then to my surprise, I actually managed to TP to the latest round of The Arcade woo hoo and although I did splash some cash there is CAKE for all and by that I mean in the middle of this event is a giant cake with pressies on it for everyone (I was in such a rush I’ve forgotten for which Birthday it’s for).  I’ve not started to unpack them yet but some of the top shops have given us goodies so that’s going to be a really nice way to kill a lazy afternoon.

Then the icing on the cake was the notice from VeNuS about these NEW Group Gifts.

Humma Humma Humma theses have made up for such a poor morning of hunting as they’re such good quality.  You get so many mesh feet fits I’m gonna be lazy and not list them.  There is a whole load of shoes waiting to be grabbed and if you have time to kill then there are Lucky Chairs loaded with even more shoes and you can NEVER EVER have too many shoes!

Since I will be spending a lazy afternoon unpacking my The Arcade goodies you might see them in my next post but I will add the LM so you can also pop over to get them as soon as you want to.

Plus of course, you might be able to get into “The Multistore Sale” event when it’s quietened down.  There are 2 other shops in this sale, Sintiklia and Chain and I will confess I know nothing of these 2 other shops but what I do know is I ADORE PumeC skins and although I think that full priced they’re worth it and they’re really pretty reasonable price and on and on so to get my mitts on some new skins for “upto 75%” off is just too good to miss.


The Arcade

The Multistore Sale

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I derezzed my home! One misplaced click and I ended up standing there surrounded by sofa’s, lights, rug, pots n pan and no walls, cursing my Nooby stupidness! So I’ve rerezzed a new house but not amount of editing will get it back into the exact place it was so now I have to spend time realigning all my stuff back into place.  Add to that I lost the details of the lovely dress I was going to show you I decided to throw the SL towel in for the day but not after I’ve shown you some great basics.

First I must say that even if you don’t like or need a pair of shoes like these still go over to the Venus shop because there is oodles of Free to join Group gifts.  TBH if you’ve read this blog for a while you will probably recognise most of them but if you haven’t or forgot to go get eme go get em now.

These shoes, and there is a bloody pair of Halloween boots I’ve not seen before, are new.


These high court shoes come with a pretty big hud which allows you to change the shoe, platform, heels, sole and even the logo.


You will find these and all the other Group Gifts on the platform behind the reception desk, you will see exactly what I mean when you get there, but make sure to turn to your left and start walking as there are 4 Lucky Chairs, I won a pair as I passed by, and then go a bit further for even more Group Gifts.  Enough shoes/boots for anyone’s invent.

A nice touch is the “ankle lock” that you get in each pack.  For those who take a lot of pictures or who spend a lot of time relaxing in SL when you sit down that nasty ankle bend you get with so many poses really gets on my T*Ts but you simply add the ankle lock and it stops that happening.

Just a heads up because tomorrow I will be back on full steam, you have been warned lol.  My OH has been off work for not just all of the Christmas period but well into the New Year and tomorrow he returns to the grindstone,woo hoo, which means I am FREEEEEE to SL….OK free when I’ve done my own RL work LOL but I will have more time to do more and I find SL and freebie hunting is my form of relaxing.

PS I’m back at the gym tonight and it’s the first session I will have had since a week before Xmas, pray for me!

PS, Sorry because I decided to “throw the towel in” I didn’t double check but I’m 99% sure these come for all the big mesh feet and thats the same for all of VeNuS products.



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For the Venus in all of us, FREEBIES.

Some very stylised wedges for your invent and these come with not just a massive selection of mesh feet fits so you’re almost guaranteed to find a pair to fit but a massive colour hud which does seem to be pretty standard for the paid for shoes so to get them in with freebies is really nice.

This pair called Sophia come with not just shoes to fit all or at least most of the mesh feet but a massive colour hud which in the VeNuS shop does seem to be pretty standard for the paid for shoes so to get them in with freebies is really nice.


Same shoes but I’ve changed the colours.


The hud is pretty well packed and you can change everything from the wedge to the metal on the buckle.

I swear I not only changed from the Sophia shoes into the Sophia boots  shoes but also the pose’s but it doesn’t matter really as it’s a good pose to show off this gladiator style shoe.


As you can see almost identical to the first pair but of course with straps all the way up the legs.  However this pair doesn’t come with a hud and only in the colour shown but again the pack does contain all of the top mesh feet fits.

These 2 are NEW Group Gifts but there are still OODLES of other Group Gifts still waiting for you but make sure once you’ve been greedy like me and grabbed the lot then continue checking out the rest of the VeNuS shop as there is yet another selection of FREEBIES but also Lucky Chairs and a Discount section.


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She said it was sexy

Stars NEW! Complete outfit inc Boots & mesh body fits $99L

Stars Fashion has another complete outfit at a rockbottom price for you ! This is “Noadya”, and you get the shorts, the lace-up top plussss the fabbo boots all for just $99L – limited time promo.

Soooo whats in the box? Deets:

Boots: Standard, Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Freya, Isis, Venus
Shorts: Standard 5 sizes, Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Freya, Isis, Venus
Top: Standard 5 sizes, Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Freya, Isis, Venus
HUD with textures

Stars NEW! HUD

Four colour options for all the pieces, mix & match or go solo. The whole outfit fitted perfectly, I was seriously impressed. Demo available plussss , get this “This outfit has a 15 days refund guarantee so don’t worry about anything.” w-o-w!

Stars Fashion store

Stars Fashion market place

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Oh Josie


Stars Fashion - Josie complete outfit mesh body sizes & standard with colour change HUD for each piece -PROMO $99L!

Fancy a complete look for $99L? Well Stars Fashion has it for you ! This outfit “Josie” includes boots, skirt and jacket, plus a HUD which allows you to chop and change the colours of each piece. Pretty flirty skirt in some lovely spring tones and a tightly belted jacket which really shows off your shape. The boots are simply delicousssss! Here are the deets:
Fitmesh boots: Maitreya,Belleza Freya,Isis,Venus,slink physique
Jacked: Standard 5 sizes, Maitreya,Slink physique
Skirt: 5 standard sizes, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink
HUD with textures

Stars Fashion - Josie outfit HUD

Take a look at the HUD – its got gorgeous tones to fiddle about with so you’re sure to be able to find a few variations you totally love. This promotion is limited so dash if you’re interested.

Stars Fashion market place

Stars Fashion store