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Just a top a simple and yet pretty top. Stumbled upon Venomous Designs as I was map hopping and although there isn’t much in this shop as yet I spotted a wall of these Omega and SLink Physique tops.  This of course means do NOT buy it if you don’t have a Mesh Body and I of course have.


What can I say except I really like it and at 30Lds for each colour certainly cheap enough for a meanie like me.

Venomous Designs

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Lazy, quick and free.


The “lazy” is the pictures I’ve taken,  just a couple of simple shots but since this Easter Egg Hunt is finished on the 20th and I would hate you to miss the goodies so I thought I’d  pop in snap off a couple of simple shots and get them posted as “quick” as possible.  So rushed I almost forgot to say it’s the top that I found in an egg.


Another prize is this beautiful fat rose headband.  I did have to edit the band a little bit but easy to do.  I’ve not had time to unpack everything but I do know I have picked up at least one other colour of this hair band.

When you land you will see a large notice board click it grab the HUD and what you get is a picture of everything you can find in this hunt, everything from Mouthy Peeps to full gowns, all in mesh and all very bright and colourful in texture.  You will also see on the hud that you can click for a hint list which is sent to you in a note.

This is a new shopping mall to me and I can’t believe I’ve missed it.  For those who love to have an SL family there is a wonderful adoption agency set up, a delighful cafe and hair dressers which is not only for adults but there is an adorably cute set of childrens hair dryers station set out.  They even have one of those fishy pedicure stations.  A lovely pathed and garden area with a playground.  Although a lot of this seems to be aimed at children and their families this is an adult (not the sexy sort of adult) shopping mall so plenty for everyone to look at and do.  So not only some great shops with some lovely clothes, there is a dress in one of the shop windows that I would love to have, but also a great place to hang out with or without kids.  There is also a small selection of Lucky Chairs, Gacha’s and a Gacha Yardsale so basically everything I love.

Amo La Moda