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Fast or slow. (New Belle Epoque Gift(10Ld) & Other Stuff).

(NOT the dress).

I’ve usually logged out of SL by this time then I’d remembered I’d not checked the 30Ld Sat list and so I checked the Seraphim blog and as soon as I saw both the 30Ld & Saturday Sales offer I had to log in to try them out. I didn’t end up buying any of them, I’m still working on my 500Ld limited spend for this month, and I was going to just TP out when I spotted a NEW Group Gift.

It’s this very dramatic veil. I dug out this Junbug one as I know the skirt is big so it was a test to see if the veil fits over it and it does.

As always I’ve put the link to both posts on the Seraphim blog so you can see the excellent offers and rush inworld to buy them but if you just want to treat yourself to this veil then there is no rush as it’s now on the wall with the other Group Gifts.

PS. Remember there is a BIG Anniversary Event going on at Belle Epoque and every hidden Birthday cake is FREE!! You have till the 30th so plenty of time if you’ve not got them as yet.

Belle Epoque

Seraphim blog. (Pictures of the 30Ld Saturday Offer).

Seraphim Blog. (Pictures of the Saturday Sales Offers).

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

This is how I feel!(Freebie).

Urgh I’ve just spent the morning dealing with a Call Centre and paperwork and now I’m finished I’ve finally managed to log inworld and log out of real world and this is how I feel!


On the good side this little find of mine has allowed me to be a bit arty farty with my picture.

Basically I was doing the 25Ld Tuesday and I picked a couple of basic things up but mainly props for my use but when I was in the Sweet Kajira shop I spotted a giant pumpkin which only means one thing, an old Halloween prize and I snagged it.


Rest assured that inworld you can see the details in the veil perfectly well and you get 2 of them in the pack and it was so easy to find a hair that fitted snugly under it and I’ve been after a veil for so long so to get one for free is a bonus.

When you rezz at Sweet Kajira just walk inside and go towards the left, the Pumpkin is so big and orange you can’t really miss it.  There is also a Boob flashing GG’s in another room and upstairs is the 25Ld Tuesday offer and 30Ld Saturday offer and 2 lucky chairs if you want to kill some time.

Sweet Kajira