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Opening Gift @ The Fiddlers Workshop

The Fiddlers Workshop Dollarbie vase 1Li $1L

I’ve been so excited the past few weeks, watching as Player Dagostino has been getting ready to open his store “The Fiddlers Workshop” – he has so much coming in the pipeline – such quality items and always with an eye on land impact. This oriental vase is the opening dollarbie gift. Beautifully made, 1Li up to 4m in height, two options given – one with a shadow, one without. Works as an inside décor item or, as I have here, outside on the patio.

Congratulations PD ❤

Vase @ The Fiddlers Workshop

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Pillow Fight (Freeness).

There is no way in Heck we have posted about these pillows before because I know I would have already had them out in my home.  OK RL rushing again but I managed to snag some SLing time and stumbled upon these brilliant and simple pillows/cushions from Trompe Loeil.


They’re so good and make great low prim decor items.  No pose in them but they are copy and mod which means you can , but then again what did I expect from this shop! Free but you will need a single Linden which is refunded back to you. You get the 2 versions, propped up on with a crumpled edge and a laid out flat one but of course they look great in any position.  They come in an off white colour and you can not only copy them but also change the texture which you will have to do yourself in Edit mode and not with any menu in the pillows.

The Vase is also a freebie but from Willow.  I popped into Willow and managed to grab their FLF which I won’t show you because I doubt it’s still there what I will show you it the vase with appropriately little Willow twigs in it.  A nice little freebie for your home.

Ooo as I was LM grabbing I noticed that Willow still has out it’s FLF offer which is a metal pipe with light bulbs, you have to see it to understand what I mean, and there are more Freebies there for you they look like wood plaques.  You will find them and the vase on the table to your right when you enter the shop.  Same with the Tromphe pillows, when you enter the shop turn to your right and there is a stand there.

Tromphe Loeil