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Vanity be thy name

New round of Tres Chic has flung open its doors and Chez Moi are right there in the line up. I’m primping infront of the “Watercolour vanity & closet”, and gosh can you do a LOT with this. At just 16Li its a big piece of furniture with a whole heap going on. Here’s the deets:

16 animations – brushing hair, drying hair, painting nails and toes, blogging, on the phone, moisturizing and more.

Rezzing Auto Props – assigns when an animation is chosen.

Control by menu

Adjustable Poses

Specifications: 16 LI | Copy | Modifiable

This set is exclusive and available for the Tres Chic event.

All that you see in the closet is part of the set PLUS depending on which pose you choose, more items rez right before your eyes! Its fantastic and I’m trying to find a space for it in my SL bedroom!

Tres Chic

All clothing by Neve

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Lets do percentages

Percent for The Home Show

Never a favourite of mine in maths…percentages made my brain hurt ! However its an altogether different story with the store of the same name %Percent has some adorable gear and for the Home Show event this terrific *Gingers vanity* set. I’m a sucker for vanity units, I own quite a few…but this shabby little darling made me squeal with delight! Beautiful worn green wood..a retro lil chair with fantastic poses and oooodles of pretties to scatter around. I sooo love the wearables that you can also get for some of the poses, such as the hair dryer, which has two poses sitting & standing…actually youre really spoilt for choice with the animations, go check it out, you wont want to leave without it, trust me. There are bottles and lotions, cosmetics and brushes to place on the vanity…and on the mirror there’s even tatty old photos stuffed in between glass and wood *happy sigh*…thanks Plato ❤

%Percent @ The Home Show

%Percent main store

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Youre so vain

Dutchie Vanity- mesh 12LI

Player bought me thee most fantastical V Day gift this year…it’s a mesh vanity unit from Dutchie. Gawd I love it…not only is it amazing to look at..all baked shadows and rich wood..but its also low prim. At just SIX prims its a real must have for anyone who loves to sit and pamper themselves. The top has a scattering of bottles and lotions and cosmetics …and there are eleven single animations for things such a drying your hair, putting on makeup,painting your toenails etc..PLUS..heaps of wearable goodies to go with the poses…as you select each pose you are automatically given the wearable item…topnotch ! Available on the market place (with lots of photos to see) and also in the mainstore.

Dutchie mainstore

Dutchie Vanity on the market place

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Youre so vain

I love vanity units..I always have. My mother has always used one…so they remind me of her. Seeing her sitting at her vanity, applying creams and lotions, doing her hair, were childhood memories of her getting ready to go out with my father. The room  heavy with her Estee Lauder perfume (Youth Dew mostly) I would be laying out on their bed, watching her get ready…happy days ! For me they are a rite of passage…something I associated with being “grown up”, sadly I’ve never actually owned one in real life, the logistics of a small cottage doesn’t allow me… Second Life, my bedroom always has a vanity yay! The one I’m sat at above is from Cleo Design…and its truly gorgeous. Soooo many options…even with the colour of wood & texture of the dear little pouffe…the poses just made me SO happy…applying cream, lipstick, brushing your hair…all the things I love about vanity units! Unbelievably this is the gift from Cleo Designs for the Falling Leaves Hunt !

Check out some of the decor items that come with this collection, I just adore this lamp…its a real keeper for me…

plus the bottles of lotions & potions, nail polish, all the pretties you will need for each pose in the vanity…perfect! You need to find a small orangey brown sculpted leave to claim this prize…good luck ! Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design