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Crazy Lady. (Freebie).

I’ve been “peopling” today and I don’t like people so tomorrow I’m not going to answer the front door, emails or texts and slob, SLOB like the QUEEN OF SLOB that I am and of course SL.

This time I’m matching the sim to my outfit lol.  At some stage, I’m going to learn how to use these uploaded windlight settings because some sims not only have stunning settings but they make your AV look so good as well.

I TPed into the Vanity Event, grabbed this and then TPed out as it is packed and just like I can’t face “peopling” I can’t face lagging as well lol.  This is a Scandalise gift at this event so you join the Vanity event group for free.  I’m just about to check out the Seraphim blog to see if they have any pictures of whats for sale at this event and then I will return when it’s calmed down.

Lots of fits inc the new one, Legacy.

Vanity Event.

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It’s another Scandal(ize).(Freebie).

Vanity has opened it’s doors again and again Scandalize has a stunning freebie out for us at this event.

Top & bottoms & lots of fits & a colour hud for the belt.

I say “bottoms” as you get this pink pair, cropped at the ankles, and a patterned pair and the belt is what I think the exact same texture or close enough to the texture of the second pair of pants.  Also, the back of the top is completely open to show off your back.  As always with Scandalize another damned fine top quality freebie.


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Vanity Vanity all is Vanity.(Freebie).

I was shocked that I actually managed to get to the Vanity Event as it’s so busy but once I’d had a quick cam around and of course grabbed the gift set out for the Vanity group I decided to TP home and go back another day.

You get 2 versions of this dress, this long one and a short one and I’m not sure so I could be wrong but you either get one shade and an ombre shade inc but the thing I am sure about isssss…no SLink Physique fit, I’ve angled it so you can’t see the gaps. Ignore the headdress but check out the necklace as that is included and it’s really nice, it’s pink chains and happily, for me, it actually fits.  BTW I will check out where I got that fabulous headdress from as it’s not from my usual accessory shop and it’s gorgeous but I have a feeling it’s a Gacha win but you know if I find any freebies in that shop you will be the first to know.

I did treat myself to a backdrop out of a Gacha but I ended up walking away with more LM’s than actual purchases as there are a few shops I don’t recognise the names and one of them is so new there is no shop as yet but I have high hopes.

Ooo UPDATE, sorry I now know where the headdress comes from and it is a Gacha win BUT I’ve just had to mention that the necklace, which even for a non-jewelry wearer like me, is a keeper.  You actually get a hud to change the colour and something called a “string” which is basically a Foo Foo cover and if I had known that I could have change the pose.

Vanity Event (PS It’s busy and you just want the freebie, it’s on the wall just inside the entrance).

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Dancing in the nude.(Freebies).

Clickbait title because the only “nude” in this picture is the shade of the fab and free outfit….not the ballet shoes though.

The top/panties are another Scandalize gift and although in this case they only come in the one shade they do come as separates and in so many sizes and all of those quality touches, ie a bow at the nape of the next the corset straps which I’m pretty sure are add-ons so if you don’t want to wear them then you don’t have to.

I must mention the ballet slippers because I’ve mentioned them before but sorry, sadly they nor the Pointe feet I’m wearing are free but hey ho we all have our dreams and a few Lindens, ok a lot of Lindens, and I can pirouette like a dream and not crash around like the reality lol.  The shoes come from Mosquito’s way and they do come in lots of mesh bod fits and a hud which allows you to change everything from the slipper to the ribbons.  I don’t have the link to the Mosquito’s way shop but I’m pretty sure yous (sic) will already have it as there are regular gifts put out for us as well as Lucky Boards with prizes worth loitering for.

DON’T go to Scandalize to pick up this gift because you will find it at the entrance to the Vanity Event and there is another tasty looking gift of what looks like quality lingerie and once I click “publish” I will be pirouetting back over to the Vanity Event to check something out again which I’m sorely tempted to buy so I will recheck that out to see if it’s worth the price tag.

Vanity Event