The Seasons Hunt

The Seasons Hunt

 Spring into action for the Season’s Hunt has begun! Many great stores are involved giving away tremendous Spring related gifts and today I’ve got a Wavie Haller double for you guys: the hunt items from Valiant and Sacred Skins.

First off is the Andrew skin from Sacred. As you all know, I wear my Sacred skin almost constantly so I don’t have to tell you that I think this is a wicked store. I don’t see too many skins with ginger eyebrows and beards like this one. In skin tone and hair colour it’s very similar to my real life self. Alas, I don’t have the wonderfully defined but not overdone musculature you get with Andrew (and my hair isn’t that ginger). I can identify with the freckles as well, but what fair-skinned redhead would be worth his salt without some freckles? With this gift you get two versions of the skin, one with a ginger hairbase attached and one without and you get three tattoo layers to pick and choose from: an eyeshadow, rosy cheeks and a lip shadow gap.

Valiant’s Season Hunt gift is a cool pair of green three-quarter chino style pants. They make a great combination with the pale skin and ginger hair of Andrew with some lovely creases. I especially like the white stitching around the hip pockets, little touches that make them awesome. You get these pants on the underwear layer as well and you also get well-fitting, great-looking sculpted cuffs.

Both gifts are definitely worth hunting for, you’re looking for a little bumblebee and the ones in Valiant and Sacred aren’t awfully difficult to find.

Get the gear here:
Skin: Andrew – Sacred Skins
Pants: 3/4 Chino Style – Valiant

*Credits: Hair by Truth | Eyes by KMadd | Poses by BeScene (available on the Marketplace) | Thanks to Faith for the brilliant pictures*

The Seasons Hunt

Final Week

Even though there’s only five days left to go before the end of the MENstuff Hunt, never fear. There’s still plenty of time to get running and find some of the great gifts this hunt has to offer. To help with that, I’ve picked up a few more to show you.

The first, in the picture above, is the ‘Aviator RWK’ shades from Kalnins. Kalnins sunglasses are brilliant, I think the first pair of sunglasses I owned in Second Life were from there. The options with them are tremendous, you can change the colour, transparency and reflection of the lenses, they come with a built-in radar (that you can turn on or off) as well as the ability to change where they sit: either on nose as normal or up on your head. As Faith demonstrated to me when she picked these up, the Aviators look fantastic on women too.

The next items are the ‘Old Gold Fedora’ and ‘Bonaparte Sexy Pipe’ from [Kustom] and sur+ respectively. Both of these items are well made with amazing details. The textures on the fedora are gorgeous. The hat fits well, I would have liked to have been able to make it slightly bigger though. But I can forgive that because it’s a great looking fedora. The pipe is just something fun to wear and it gives you a chance to appreciate how well made it is, even the smoke looks good!

One of my favourite stores, Valiant, has contributed this next item the ‘Ripped n Rolled Pants’. As always they are great looking pants, a nice white with grey and white striped unders showing through the many, many rips and tears in the pants. The white rolled cuffs look good as well. You can also choose to wear these pants on the pant or underpants layers for more choices.

Last up for today is the “Treble Cleff Armband’ from Concrete Flowers. A cool little accessory to wear with all the other clothes you’ve picked up during the hunt. The treble cleff charms on the armband are nice notes indeed.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Aviator Sunglasses – Kalnins Fashion (Hint: The Roman God of Speed)

Picture #2: Fedora – [Kustom] (Hint: Small place, so not so difficult to find)
                      Pipe – sur+ (Hint: Sew, you’re looking for a shirt?)

Picture #3: Pants – Valiant (No Hint listed but not hard to find)

Picture #4: Armband – Concrete Flowers (Hint: you are looking for a shirt)


Last Second Seasons Hunt

I know, I know, the Seasons Hunt is only on for one more day but I was snooping around *Valiant* earlier today and once I saw they were in the hunt, I had to show what they were putting out. After all, I thought, there was still a day to go, plenty of time for you guys to run down and pick this gift up (not that you shouldn’t try getting some of the others while you can too).

The *Valiant* gift for this hunt is called the Men’s Cardigan in dark grey and it’s an absolutely gorgeous jacket. The details on it are wonderful, I especially love the white buttons and black lining to go along with the dark grey colour of the cardigan. There’s even a little safety-pin stuck into coat just above the top button that I didn’t even notice right away, those are the kinds of little things I like a lot. The coat itself is mostly prim, as are the cuffs, but they won’t give you any trouble.

As I said before, there’s only one day of this hunt remaining and I definitely think you should take a stroll over to *Valiant* and grab up this amazing coat while you can, it’s so worth it. You should also see how many other stores you can get to in the time remaining, there are some very good ones in this hunt. You’re looking for a little snowman to get these hunt items.

Get the gear here: *Valiant* (take a look outside, I think the poor little guy is stuck in something) edited by Faith to add “there is one snowman for butterdish and one for the valiant jacket..both seperate locations !)


Thankful for Sales

Even though I’m not an American, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good Thanksgiving sale and today I found out about one that’s better than just good. *Valiant* is celebrating Thanksgiving with a 50% off sale in their mainstore that will continue until the 1st of December. Who can resist 50% off? Not me. 

There is oodles of great gear that you can pick up at low-low prices. Full outfits are being sold for only L$100!! What I’m wearing above is an example of one of Wavie Haller’s full outfits named Outfit 6. It contains a great pair of dark blue, washed jeans and these alone come in 6 different types for varied wearing options and three kinds of cuffs to wear with them: comfort, straight and rolled. They are amazing looking jeans (I’m partial to the darker denims) with just the right amount of fading. The black patches on the back pockets look very cool as well. That’s not all though. You also get the soft black cardigan which does indeed look very soft and comfortable and an all-purpose white t-shirt. I say all-purpose because you know you can wear a white t-shirt with just about anything or just by its lonesome and it will look good. The t-shirt comes with a well-fitting bottom attachment that will give it that awesome hanging look. Both the t-shirt and cardigan come on multiple layers, this is one versatile outfit and each individual piece looks just as good by itself.

So there you have it, that’s just a taste of the quality you can expect at *Valiant*, there’s a lot more. Shirts, shorts and even socks and underwear! At 50% off until next Wednesday, you just have to go on down and grab some for yourself.

Get the gear here: *Valiant*


A *Valiant* New Store

Over the years I’ve developed quite a little collection of *Valiant* gear, the first time I came across their clothes was a giveaway board at another store and I loved the different spin they put on some of the more usual clothes (at least that’s what I thought anyway). So I was hooked and had to pay the main store a visit and since then I’ve always kept going back. So, when I found out that Wavie Haller and Ruby Sinclair had set up a new mainstore with new releases, of course I was going to go pay it a visit. Gladly I found that *Valiant* still have the same great look to their clothes at the same affordable prices, just in a new store so I picked up a little something to show you all.

It’s called ‘Outfit 1’ and a great outfit it is, featuring a tanktop and jeans which sounds simple enough but they both look so good it seems like much more. I love the black & white tank, it’s clean and cool looking and comes with a prim ‘bottom’ which gives it a great loose look. The black jeans have a slight faded look to them and the denim texture is awesome, as is the creasing. The jeans come with three different types of prim cuffs: a straight cuff, a rolled cuff and the comfort cuff which I’m wearing here (click the pics for a closer view). Each type of cuff comes with its own version of the jeans and within those  you can choose to wear them with a belt or without. Both the tank and the jeans come on multiple layers (jacket, shirt and undershirt for tucked and untucked options for the tank and pants and underpants layers for the jeans).

The jeans and tank aren’t the only things you get with this outfit, oh no. You also get a couple of accessories which are a wicked leather watch and bottle cap chain necklace, both of which are really well made and look awesome. So, there you have it, all this gear will cost you just L$200 which is a low, low price for these clothes and accessories. Get on down to their new store and check out the newness and you can also play a memory game there for prizes which aren’t available to buy (I was hopeless at it and lost boo).

Get the gear here: *Valiant*

Skin – *Sacred* Ethan Tone 3 Shaved
Hair – *Argrace* Baseball Cap “Curly” Dark Brown
Shoes – Gos [Docs] 8 Hole
Tattoo – Aitui Vintage Hawaii Faded


Ah August

*Valiant* Designer Showcase Autumn Suit - L$99

Yep, August is here and while we love the shiny start of every new month, I have special feelings for August. That may or may not have to do with the fact that I was born in August but anyway, I’m quite sure that’s not what you guys came here to find out about so I’ll move along. 

So, aside from me just naturally like Augusts, this one has started particularly well with me finding out about Valiant’s one month long L$99 sale. If you guys have never been down to Valiant before, you can now pick up a lot of their clothes for L$99 so it’s the perfect time to start. Wavie Haller and Ruby Sinclair, the owners of Valiant are working on some new projects and a lot of their current gear is going to be discontinued. That alone would be reason enough to run down there because they have some brilliant clothes down there and you wouldn’t want to miss out. The casual suit I’m showing here is called the ‘Designer Showcase Autumn Suit’ and seriously, how often would you get a chance to find a suit this good for just L$99? You don’t even have to fiddle with lapel and coat bottom prims and it’s just designed really well.   

Great as the suit is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg really. T-shirts, sweaters, shorts, jeans,  all in loads of different colours and styles. Valiant pretty much have guys covered. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I may have some more shopping to do 🙂 

Grab the bargains here:

Skin: Redgrave – Emil Tanned
Hair:[Uw.7R] –  Aj Oriental Brown
Boots: *Argrace* – Mid Leather Boots
Sunglasses: HOC – Aviator 

Pose by Long Awkward Pose