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My heart is for FREE.(Free hunt).

At first I thought I was too early as I couldn’t find a single heart but my desperation finally won me 3 of them.

I’m just showing you the top but I did manage to find 2 other hunt prizes and trust me they’re worth hunting.

The first hunt item I won, it’s a small simple heart you’re looking for, was labelled 12 so I know that there are at least 12 prizes if not more so I thought I’d log out and do a quick post because I will be making myself a large mug of coffee, having a pee, turning up the fire and nestling whist I hunt down the rest of the hearts because if what I’ve found so far is an example of the prizes I don’t want to miss the opportunity to add more to my invent.

PS.  I didn’t check but the Justice group was free and there are group gifts which I have blogged before so I won’t again but check those out as well.

WOO HOO, I’ve just found the link to the Justice blog and I will put the link to their hint page so that means I will be able to find all the goodies lol.

Justice. (Main Shop)

Justice blog. (Hints)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Romance is DEAD!(XOXO Hunt).

Boo Hoo! So far in this hunt, all I’ve won is Pizza and whats even worse is I can’t eat it!

This is the XOXO Hunt and you have to get the Free hud, either from the MP or inworld, check out the blog link for the details and more, you simply wear the hud and you can click on the shops you’re interested in and not only does it send you the LM but the image at the top changes to show you what the hunt prize is which makes it easy to pick and choose what goodies you want to hunt for.

What you’re looking for is a box of chocolates and tbh the shops I’ve hunted in have them out in very obvious places so even a useless hunter like me found them with no problem.  You stand close to the box of choccies and type “xoxo” in chat and you either get the goodies or a b*tch slap that your “romancing has failed” and you walk away with your heart broken and a tear in your eye.  You can try again but only 24hours later OR pay a small sum for the item, 50Lds.

Follow the blog link at the bottom for the LMs and Links for the hud plus there is a link to the pictures of the prizes and there is a nice mix of clothes, nails, and decor.  There is a couple of items I’d even pay the 50Lds for but I’ve been eBaying in RL and plant buying in SL and I’m broke! So I will slap that hud back on tomorrow and “XOXO” till I win the damned prizes I want.

PS.  This pizza came from a shop I’ve not visited in years, Lost Junction, and it’s full of great and funny decor items and other odds n sods so it’s well worth a visit as you can’t get this stuff anywhere else in SL.

XOXO Hunt Blogg 


99 red balloons

G Field sweet heart hunt Balloon Dress red

Managed to fit in a little hunting yesterday and zipped over to G Field for their Sweet Heart Hunt ! J’adore the red balloon dress, that is a 0L prize, you can hunt it out in red andddd

G Field sweet heart hunt Balloon Dress pink

in PINK yippeee! Absolutely beautiful, such great texturing makes it look soft and strokeabubble…love the huge bow at the front too! Both dresses also have a matching bag to be found..also 0L

G Field sweet heart hunt red heart bag

I run out of time before finding the pinky one booo !

GF sweet heart hunt Flower Pumps Eve -chocolate- 50L

Some of the prizes do have a small price tag on like these chocolate coloured pumps..but at 50L So worth it !

Allll the prizes to be found

Heres a photo of all the prizes, they aren’t hard to find at all..Happy Hunting! (you’re looking for a little teddybear clutching a heart)

Go get loved up : G Field