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Show Them You Care (for free or not a lot of $)Part 1

As I am quite broke atm I decided to take a fresh look around the market place and stores inworld to find a few lovely gifts for Valentines day without breaking the bank. My first port of call (of course) was Dench Designs Valentine shop! Plenty of inexpensive quality items, clearly marked transferable or not. I couldn’t resist getting myself one of the animesh companions, group members get a 50% discount so it was just $75L ! She dances, she has her own AO and is a fantastic BFF to take out and about!

I also bought one of the GIGANTIC teddy bears ! He is SO huge and waves his sign up and down – just $10L and transferable.

While you are in Dench Designs, dont forget to collect your FREE Vday couch , single pringle & couple poses – I also bought my V day card for Player while I was there, great selection and only $30L. If my landmark takes you to the front of the store just touch the Valentine store board to tp there.

Dench Designs

Dress by Neve @ Fameshed

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Puppy Dog Eyes

FollowUs doggy NEW - FollowUs group gift Bench
I was wandering around the FollowUs store last week and I spied this adorable doggy ! I mean seriously – who can resist his puppy dog eyes, his sleek coat and darling paws ! He is just gorrrrgeous and I HAD to have him. Originally he wasnt for sale, and was just being used as a decor item – OHMYGOD! Happy ending is, you can now buy a doggy of your very own as Laurent has relented and put him up for sale yay! This version is just perfect for Valentines day no? Send him to your love, send him to charm a friend…

FollowUs Dog NEW!!  NEW decor items - frames & candles

There are two versions (yes I had to have BOTH !) The other one is behaving rather naughtily and chewing up a Barbie doll. He’s just 3 prims so wont eat up your budget either. I decided to make him a pooch corner and placed out some poodle candles and frames, which are new from %Percent, also low prim and sooper pretty. My outfit, incase you didn’t catch it earlier is newwwww from coldLogic, scoot down a post for all the info and landmarks !

Almost forget to mention, the bench in the first photo is also by FollowUs, and its a group gift. The group is pretty inexpensive to join but I did notice when I bought my doggy, there seems to be an offer for free joining ! (I bought him from the market place – not sure if that makes a difference or not)


coldLogic store

coldLogc market place


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Be still my beating heart

As the day of love fast approaches Ive got a few more items to share. Wether its for the guys to gather as gifts, or for us girls to treat ourselves..above Im wearing part of a set from Addiction Jewelry..amazingly its just 49L !! Im showing it with both versions joined together, the long & the short..butttt..inside the box are both versions also…so really three in one. If you want to purchase it as a gift, just drop the maker Atiya Masala a notecard, she will help you !

Another heart type neck adorment and this time form Caroline’s Jewelry, it sooper twinkly and can grab it in gold as above..

or in silver…one perfect heart is suspended beneath two angels wings…if you touch the heart it has a colour change option..which makes it just that little more versatile..only available at the Juicy crush on you event !

Last up…is a dollarbie from Pink Label for usual great quality and amazing value..for just one of your linden dollars, you will receive… a pair of beigey cream jeans..a tee and a sweet pair of matching slingback sandals! Thanks Talena xx

Addiction Lace Heart necklace: Addiction

Angel wing necklace : Caroline’s Jewelry @ the Juicy crush on you event

Heart pose : Eternal Dream Poses

Vday dollarbie outfit: Pink Label


Valentine by SF Design

The Valentine’s Day festivities continue! If you’re a member of the SF Design group you should have already received this gift that swaffette Firefly sent out of her silk shirt in a very Valentine red.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you’ll have seen my post about these silk shirts before and how brilliant they are. Well it is definitely worth repeating. This red silk shirt is amazing, lovely and shiny – extremely silky looking. The red is a gorgeous, vivid colour as well, perfect for this day. This shirt comes in two versions: the one with the full  length sleeves and awesome, slightly puffy cuff attachments that I’m wearing in the picture or a three-quarter length version with rolled up cuffs. The sculpted collar is also included and they all fit wonderfully well.

If you’re not already a member, the group you’re looking to join is the ‘sf unisex clothes’ group and there is no joining fee (which is a bonus). You’ll find this gift in the notices section of the group information page, just save the attachment and it’s yours, there’s also a female version of the silk shirt included and looks just as good as the male one. Oh and the balloon I’m holding in this picture is also from SF Design, it’s a freebie you can pick up and is transferable for you to give to your sweetheart.

Get the gear here: SF Design


PJs for V-Day

Yes yes, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and that means gifts. Chocolates, flowers, balloons and…PJs.

Zoobong has sent out this pair of red (of course) pyjama pants for us guys for Valentine’s Day. They’re perfect for lounging around on the 14th, the material is shiny and satiny looking, adorned with little white Valentine hearts. They ride low on the hips, exactly the way a pair of satin pyjama pants should be worn. They also come with a pair of slightly folded cuffs and a loose tie-string for the waistband.

So there’s my first Valentine’s gift of the year to show you all. If you’re not already a member of the Zoobong group you can join it and find your gift still in the notices section of the group information, all you need to do is save the attachment. Little warning though, the group is not free to join and will cost you L$300. It’s well worth it though as the gifts this group sends out are wonderful.

Get the gear here: Zoobong


The cutest Valentine ever ❤

Valentine gift from Jane !

Ohhh maiii lawwd ! No no no no…The first day I managed to leave home without my piggie tights on..and what arrives?..a biggg box of valentines piggies tights !! At least till Monday I now have a valid excuse to drift around in my newwww pigggies !

Sooo anyway..Jane sent out this uber amazingly generous gifty today for Valentines day to her subscribo group ! You will find two different hoody tops, and many many many pairs of gorjusssssss pigggies! *faintsdies*

Jane gifty

If you were not a subscriber (you really should be !!) pop over to Jane and join up now, once joined hit the subscribo again and select number 1 to receive your Valentines gifts!

thanks Janie…you ROCK!

Go get loved up : Jane