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The Promenade – new round

The Promenade gacha Biasta - coldLogic jeggind knight

A new round of The Promenade has opened today and its full of sweet & adorable things. B!asta has a brilliant gacha lined up for you, chokablock with superb clothing. The poncho, boots and bag are all wins from their machine (The leggings & top are from coldLogic)

The Promenade - Gacha item Biasta -

The boots are for Slink high feet, there is also  a jewellery set to try and get your paws on. I managed to slip a mesh tshirt on underneath the poncho just by wearing one size larger – (Im also wearing this with my Slink Physique mesh body- but you don’t need too, just sayin!)

The Promenade

I was also rather taken with this dress and shoe / sock combo from M.I.X, I’ve got the red version on and as you can see it’s not your typical cherry-in-your face kinda tone – very gentle and I totally adore it. Heaps of other colours to choose from. The black & white and the peach tones are rare wins. Ohhhh musnt forget my little poodle! This is by Bye Bye Blackbird, sooper sweet and low prim, would make an ideal Valentine gift for someone. The board suspended from its mouth has different options on it too. Lots to see, furniture,décor, and clothes.

The Promenade

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Valentines freebies & cheapee’s

follow your heart hunt free bag FREE

Is cheepee a word? I dunno but I have some for you ! First up is this gorgeous little outfit from LC Designs, its their gift in the Follow Your Heart Hunt. Pencil skirt and cropped top in a delicate beige, the peplum waist having little hearts over it, keeps it right on trend for the day of lurve. The top is really nicely tailored and has a heart motif  embroidered on the front. My bag was a freebie from IZUMIYA one of many that are located on the upper floor of the store.

Valentines sweater 10L

Moving on, a sweater from Soulglitter, they’ve got a few in this style with different motif’s on the front. All the great bargain price of just 10L.

Citrus gacha rare NEW! Free tattoo Coca & Wolf

Citrus have this bunnygirl outfit in their gacha machine at The Thrift Shop event. It’s the rare win, the other prizes are bunneh head pieces that are SOOPER sweet and adorable. Ohh my tattoo, it’s another market place freebie I found from Coca & Wolf. I rarely wear tattoos in SL (although in real life I have a few!), but I liked this one, its small and well done .

The Thrift Shop

LC Designs

Soulglitter market place store

Coca & Wolf market place store


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Everyday girl

even.flow NEW! Breno bouquet NEW! Monso hair NEW!

Newness from even.flow, its been a while but this was well worth the wait. This is the “everyday sweater”, on sale at the With Love Fair. It comes in a variety of colour tones to choose from. As it’s almost Vday I thought red would be cute ! There is a big fat buckled belt that slides around your waist, and a white trim to the neckline. Lovely loose casual fit. What got me really excited is, you actually have two outfits in one parcel !

Even.flow NEW! monso hair NEW! Shoes by Slink Indra

Wear it as a sweater dress, or as above, with the jeans add-on. It’s all one piece, you just need to change alphas (both in the pack) How über cool is that?! I love that designers are giving us a lot more bang for our bucks these days, buy one item and get more yay. My hair is new from Monso, I love love LOVE monso and despite having quite a small selection of styles, I think I own all but one of them *grin*. This is available at Collabor88 only currently, and the sim is stuffed with people, might pay to wait a few days to go grab it.

[Breno] Collabor88

I HAD to treat myself to the bouquet of chocolate strawberries ! Why wait for a guy to buy you what you so so so want huh? I saw these on flickr a few days ago and just knewww there were for meee. You can use them as decor, my bunch is on a pouffe in my lounge (only 3 prims), or use them as a prop, add them and you’re animated to hold them, purrrfect! These are on sale at collabor88, so head on over and love yourself  ❤

even.flow @ The With Love Fair


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Creating the Atmosphere

CIRCA - NEW! PinkCherry NEW!

Soooo it’s almost Valentines day, and you need to make your space ready for lurrrrve huh? Well CIRCA has you covered with this beautiful new mesh lounge set called “Luxely”. It comes in a choice of fuscia or red, both brilliant shades for romance. If you buy the full lounge set (and its ginormous and such good value) before the 9th of January, you get a whopping 50% off ! The pancakes breakfast tray is actually a current group gift – so don’t forget to snap that up too.


Heres the matching chair, side table, love decor item and faux window. I so so SO love the window, if you’ve got a boring plain wall, slip this up onto it, et voila! Gorgeous Roman blind, a beautiful vista and a row of kisses on the windowsill. Have to say the animations in the chair, couch and pouffes are top totty, couples and single pringles included.

Circa New collection

Heres the biggy, the scene stealer…The sofa carries 60 positions, with 18 synchronized couple’s sits/lays and 24 single positions by pose menu , with 18 synchronized couple’s sits/lays and 24 single positions by pose menu.  The couple animations range from kisses, hand holding, massages, cuddles and chatting.  The matching chair has 16 single animations for male and female sits and the adorable heart pouffes have 8 sit animations each for the girls (all different). Love the low prim collection of framed prints – which btw you can edit and add your own piccies!  The coffee table is perfect, with its tokens of love scattered over the top, to which I added the tray & drinks .

CIRCA Decor detail

Close up view – as always with CIRCA it’s just so detailed and so pretty . You don’t have to buy the full set, when you arrive at the main entrance to the store, choose the second new items area to see the display , you can pick and choose which items will go with your space, perfect!

PinkCherry NEW! Argrace NEW!

Incase you’re wondering, my sexy new frock is from PinkCherry, such an unusual design , with its bib front style collar, great ribbed self sheen fabric too. Large range of colours to pick from so head over and take a gander.

CIRCA Mainstore

CIRCA market place store


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This is how you do it.

Burst3This is how you romance someone in SL and of course RL.  A simple laid out tray with chocolates, yummy pudding, Champers etc etc.

Burst4And if you do it right you might get this, if you peer through the mesh you can just about see me NAKED!!!  The lovely draped rose petals are a feature of a lot of his new Valentine range.

However if you really want to blow someones mind then check this out.


I WANT I WANT I WANT and not only in SLbut it in RL.  Sadly I allowed my ass to get lazy last year and my bike to get rusty and OMG yes I’ve been drooling over an almost exact bike in RL  and when I’ve dropped a few more kilo’s (don’t laugh Faith) I’m going to reward myself with one of these for the summer.  Stunning and surprisingly low prim  at 13prims.  This has a lovely gift bag on the handlebars but there are a couple of other choices and the one with the basket of roses is freaking awesome.


This is me in the summer once the 5:2 Diet has worked (I can so recommend it if you want to give it a go).  Boo Hoo only couple poses so us SL singletons will just have to use our own poses but I’m parking this baby outside my SL home as an incentive to keep to my diet and working away on my boring exercise bike.

As it happens Laurent must be a real softie as he seems to have packed all his Valentines items with some lovely and romantic poses, nothing smutty or crude but sweet cuddles and kisses.

Burst9But let us not forget Valentines is not just for the girls because  boys like to be treated too.


Sneaks this one in as a reminder of why when you find a good group you stick to it, Laurent83 Waco has a whole wall of his GG out and each week, month etc he sets out seriously discounted items and special offers for group members.

Follow Us (NEW Landmark)

Follow Us Marketplace

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Treat her like a lady

Reasonable Desires Pink Leah Lucky chair-Lingerie Eclectica 'Gathered Hearts' necklace & earringsSo …its almost Valentines days huh? What to do…what to do….Ive got a couple of things to show you incase you’re struggling for gift ideas. I was looking around for lingerie and Zan suggested I went over to Reasonable Desires…wow blast from the past, havent poked my snout in there for eons ! I headed over and much to my surprise found stacks of really inexpensive lingerie sets plus oooodles of lucky chairs hoooray! I won this “pink Leah” lingerie as soon as I arrived, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s just adorable, sets like this are also on sale inside the store and on the market place for around 50L …great value.

RD Lingerie eclectica jewelry_002

I added in a totally stunning jewelry set by Eclectica called “Gathered hearts”…(thanks Tiffy Vella !) I really love the brushed pearlised effect on the hearts…very sublte and classy. You can also change the textures on most parts, the main hearts, the little hearts , also the chains metal…makes this one super versatile collection. I’m wearing the larger more ornate ear rings…but in the pack is a slightly smaller pair incase that’s not your *thing*…it comes with a gorgeous bracelet also …I’m still wearing this now, with jeans and a blouse…so suitable for casual or glam wear. (If you like this collection, also take a peek at the “vintage hearts” set)

Reasonable Desires Lingerie Tamara 10L Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set

Another set out from Electica is the ” ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set”..if youre looking for w-o-w it is. The stones are surrounded by fern fronds…heaps of them…and despite being ever so eye-catching it remains also delicate…not easy to achieve.

Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set showing earring

You can change the stone colour via a simple menu, plus alter the tone of the metal…there are two sets in this range…the second set is more intricate and “showy”, I preferred the simpler lines of the first collection BUT…if you have both…they are totally interchangeable..brilliant ! This ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set comes complete with the necklace, earrings and also a fantastic dress ring. Check out the market place store for some top-notch photos and explanations of how they are made and work. Ohhhhhh btw…take a look at the tiara’s…to-die-for !

Eclectica main store

Eclectica market place store

Reasonable desires main store

Reasonable Desires market place store

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Trawled the market place this morning because there are just SO many amazing bargains to find lately…Noya has these racy red heels on offer for Valentines , at 1L you should snap them up. High & feminine..just the thing to add to any outfit..Seven are offering this smashing dollarbie dress, it comes with two styles of top. Above im showing the roll neck version, and yes I added some G Field  leggings because it’s SO short !

Here I have the mesh version of the dress on…very coolbeans both styles for only 1L !

CandyMetal have some new smeshness out yay! A dress “Marilyn” in various colours & patterns. I just love the plain classic appeal of the black – although it’s really more gun-metal grey I feel. Great clingy number, easy to wear and a steal at just 199L or all five tones for just 850L..thanks Emychan xx   Ohhh btw almost forgot..the necklace a new release from Addiction, its part of a set called *wisdom*, you get heaps for 55L (it was on for the last MoodyMonday..but I notice it’s still there at this special price, not sure how long so hurry!) In the set you receive earings, a leather strap necklace and a long version on a chain..subtle & lush looking..absolutly love the colour of the gemstone..thanks Atiya xx

Dollarbie dress: Seven

Dollarbie shoes: Noya

Mesh dress Marilyn: CandyMetal

Wisdom jewelry set : Addiction