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Be Classy, Be Cheap! (Freebie(s)).

Queenz is a shop for classy big girls and so for once I’m happy to put my SLink HG bod on.

I don’t judge the shape you wear or the clothes you chose this IS YOUR SL but it’s nice to see a range of clothing for the more curvaceous shapes which are not just sexy but classy as well.

Although the dress on its own is a fab freebie the addition of this wearable stole just amps it up.  You also get it without this arm pose.  If I wasn’t such a lazy blogger I’d have added some bling to this look but I love any excuse to wear my fav pearly updo.

So now for the best bit.  There is a wall of Group Gift in the Queenz shop and you have seen them before because I have blogged them but I’m almost sure there is a new one, I could be mistaken but since the Queenz group is free it costs you nothing to check it out and while you’re there so may as well do the Valentines Hunt.

Don’t worry as you don’t have to hunt for very long as it’s only two teddy bears you’re looking for and each contains more than one gift. I’ve not tried on all of the outfits, only two of them so far and the only reason I’m showing you this one is I had the right coloured shoes on lol.

If you want the very easy hints, join the Queenz Group and check the notices and if I found them you can find them!



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I can log off now. (15Ld Hunt & Mention of Freebie).

Now that I’ve found my “Happy Place” which is finding excellent freebies or cheapies I can do a post then log off SL and settle down to a Sunday afternoon of watching crappy horror movies.

There are a lot of Paid Hunts going on and for a very cheap price you can pick up some excellent items such as this cross over jumper top……I rarely reread any post I do as they make even me cringe but I had this feeling I’d missed something and I had and that’s the price…15Ld an item.

This adorable cross over sweater comes in a patterned and a plain version and it comes from the smaller Seniha shop.  I suspect all of the shops on this sim are involved in this hunt but the shops which are will have a large poster board outside and the pictures and number of the heart you’re looking for.  So far I’ve only visited 2 of the shops and I’m looking forward to checking the rest out when I decide I’ve had enough of crappy horror movies.

As for the freebie it again is not something I usually blog and that’s my eye colour.  I’m not going to zoom in but if you want some really lovely eye colours then pop over to Euphoric shop, the group is free, and there is a selection of gifts mainly for eyes such as colours, lashes.

Valentine Hunt

Euphoric. (Free Eyes)

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Getting Shady.(20Ld Hunt).

This outfit is what I wear 90% of the time when I’m in SL so ignore it but check out the cute teddy with a heart.

This is an example of what you’re looking for in the “Seasonal Hunt” which of course is very Valentines themed.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to even find out what it is you’re looking for so to get this and the hud sent to you just makes it that little less annoying.

So at the LM you will see a big board for you to click on to get the hud and since this is a paid-for hunt there are pictures of the prizes and if you click on the shop logo you can TP direct to that shop.  The reason I’m not wearing any of the prizes is I haven’t even started it yet and also I suspect that there won’t be many clothes for my shape but there are some accessories I might be tempted with and since I don’t usually blog small things then I’m not sure if I will show you them.

All prizes are just 20Lds and I am hoping to find an item of clothing and if I do I shall return with an update.

Shady Sim, for the Hud.

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XOXO Hunt. (Freebies? & Bargains).

When I logged in a hud had been sent to me so I popped it on and it didn’t take me long to work it out. You can see a list of shops names simply click on a shop name and you can see at the top of the hud a picture of the prize you could potentially win and also the LM is given to you in local chat.

This is where you can sub and get the hud.

Once you’ve found a prize you’d like to win simply stand in front of it and profess your love by typing “XOXO” in local chat and you may be lucky in love and get it for free or in my case unlucky as I’ve won nothing.

You only get one chance once a day to profess your love but this event goes on till the 17th so get ready to XOXO a lot as if you follow the link I’ve given to the XOXO blog you will see some rather tasty prizes.  If you don’t have the time or luck but really want the prize then they’re all for sale for just 50Lds.

PS.  You may not win anything but at least it gets you into these shops so make sure to check out if there is any other hunt or group gifts out which is exactly what I’m planning on doing when I log back in.

XOXO Hunt Blog (Pictures).

Trievents (Get your hud here).

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Don’t give in.(Super bargains so read the blurb).

Just as I was about the throw the towel in and give up looking for “that” ooo freebie/gift etc I put on an old pair of Ricielli shoes and YES!

Ricielli always has one of those paid for (non) hunts, so basically there is a big board and on it is what is in each hunt item and for a piddling 15Lds you can buy yourself shoes, dresses, tops, pants etc

The hunt which is going on in the main shop is actually still the Valentines one, TBH I was expecting it to have changed to a Halloween themes one but more about that later.   The TEMPTATION is so bad as there so much and I know from all the stuff I’ve got in the past its bloddy good stuff but honestly, I could just go Bat Sh*t crazy and buy the lot but this time I just bought the top LOL.  This top comes in 2 colours this dark greay and a pink one.  The shoes I am wearing but obviously, you can’t see are old “hunt” items and then there are these pants.

The one thing a lot of people may miss about the Ricielli shop is that there is a secret shop STUFFED with ALL of the old hunt items.  In fact, there are old Halloween items there as well.  Some of them are pretty old now but it’s hard to know which are old and which are the newer stock because the Ricielli stuff just doesn’t seem to age.  I picked up these leather pants from the old hunt section and for 15Lds and I thought they came in a limited 3 colour palette but in fact, you get a really good colour hud option with the ability to change the belt and hoops as well as the main body of the pants.

The top and pants come in so many mesh fits honestly you will have no problem finding the one for you or of course if you’re a non-mesh person then you will easily find an alpha to suit.  I also think when you click on the item before you buy it tells you whats in it so you can check for yourself.

PS. I couldn’t help it plus I think “Bridget” the hair I am wearing goes great with this outfit but Bridget is one of the Mina Gacha hairs that I adore.  It only costs 100Lds a try and although obviously, the colour palette you win is a risk you don’t just get 1 shade you get a whole colour palette of that shade.  Again you can try the Demo out first and if you like Bridget but don’t want to risk the colours then check out Faith and I don’t mean Faithless Babii lol.  Faith is another Mina with that curly, hippy chic look to it.

Ricielli (Follow the signpost keep the black wall to your right and then when you get to the end it’s the shop there.)