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Love this. (!g0 Group Gift).

It’s time for me to paint my RL face with makeup and head on out to a cold and harsh outdoor in RL but there was no way in Hell I was going to log off without showing you the new !g0 Group Gift.

I appreciate the fact that this comes in, not just my beloved fit, three pieces so you get the skirt, cardie and the ruffle which can be worn as seperates.

Since my time is running out so quickly all I will say is 50Lds to join the group and it’s worth every penny plus use the TP to check out the older freebies/discount department…..Byeeeeeeee


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V- Day on the Isle Of View (Free gifts to send)

If, like me, you’ve been in Second Life for a few years you will already know that the Lindens build a Valentine themed island each year. Its called the Isle of View and its definately worth a visit. You’ll land at this pretty structure, there are kiosks that you can choose and send gifts to people from – all free ! (I sent Player a teddy bear of course!) There are hugging booths and the classic “Dunk a Linden” booth – I tried out a few shots to test my skills before its live naturally.

Take a walk around the island and you’ll find many beautiful spots to sit a while in, my favourite place was the swan rides. Just rock up and wait for a swan to arrive, then hop aboard. Lovely little ride around the island, look out for the fireworks and the canons that fire out tiny hearts ❤

Isle of View

Blog with all the info 

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Sanarae – What did I Buy?

Popped over to the latest round of Sanarae and bought this sweet little item from Frangipani Garden. The Valentines Treat box comes in three differing colour versions – and is only 1Li ! Not only does it look adorable but…

…touch it et voila! You are given an option of a lollipop or a chocolate for you mouth – they attach automatically which is super. Only $100L for an individual box or a fat pack for $150L.


Worthy Dress by Neve @ Tres Chic

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Grab that bag!

Yay its the weekend! Pink Label have just the thing for it too…”the weekend grab bag”, comprises of 2 tube tops with a really pretty heart design across them..andddd a jaunty short skirt.

For the whole set you’re only gonna pay 10L !! mmhmm and right beside them are a pair of my all time fav Pink Label shooz , the “dita” pump..just 25 L *faints*.Now Talena is all set up in her shiny new store..take some time to’ll find a fantastic V day gift set out..wont spoil the surprise but..I knoww you will love it ! Also if you missed out on any hunt gifts, take a look on the left as you walk inside..there they all are for you to buy hurrrah! Thanks Talena xx

Pink Label


The cutest Valentine ever ❤

Valentine gift from Jane !

Ohhh maiii lawwd ! No no no no…The first day I managed to leave home without my piggie tights on..and what arrives?..a biggg box of valentines piggies tights !! At least till Monday I now have a valid excuse to drift around in my newwww pigggies !

Sooo anyway..Jane sent out this uber amazingly generous gifty today for Valentines day to her subscribo group ! You will find two different hoody tops, and many many many pairs of gorjusssssss pigggies! *faintsdies*

Jane gifty

If you were not a subscriber (you really should be !!) pop over to Jane and join up now, once joined hit the subscribo again and select number 1 to receive your Valentines gifts!

thanks Janie…you ROCK!

Go get loved up : Jane